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Name: Martin J. Hall (Scotty)
From: Indio,Ca. (Near Palm Springs)
Time: 1999-06-01 00:12:38
Comments: Class of 1971...Left Japan (Tachi) in 1971. Joined the Army and spent 10 1/2 years on active duty.Left the Army to become a police officer.(Banning P.D. & Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.) Presently working as the Surveillance Director at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, Ca.(For anyone that may pass by on the I-10).Ham Radio operator WB6CKA...and monitor the Tram repeater: 145.480 (-) 107.2...if your are passing through on the I-10.

Name: Walter Maroney, Wally
From: Yamato High School
Time: 1999-05-31 23:44:32
Comments: great to finally find my roots.

Name: Monte Porter
From: Class of 73
Time: 1999-05-31 07:41:42
Comments: Just wanted to share these pictures with you G.H. ites! Apparently, John Paulauski is still in Japan and happened upon a web page from a guy who was a security guard at Grant Heights -- and liked it! At any rate he has a web page (in Japanese) and has pictures of the old base. Can you find your house in the aerial shot, is the link. If you go to the bottom of the page and click the second button they will be more pictures of Grant Heights.

Name: Dan McNeill
From: Edwardsville, IL
Time: 1999-05-30 19:48:12
Comments: It's good to see the site up and running. This will be the big 30 for me and the rest of the class of 69.

Name: diane roberts atherton
From: atlanta
Time: 1999-05-28 05:04:46
Comments: Hi everyone but an especially big hello to YHS grads from the class of, May 28, marks 35 years since that wonderful moment in time......hope to see all of you in Oct so we can celebrate our many successes!!!!!

Name: Jane Oshima
From: Honolulu, HI
Time: 1999-05-26 23:09:02
Comments: Although I really wasn't a part of the school, I attended Yamato for a few weeks and had the privilege of designing and drawing the Katana '72 year book cover. Thanks for that.Does anyone know the whereabouts of Chumley Schmuck (George :-) le) I never got to thank him for "just being there" when I needed support. I was a mess and George always seemed be where I'd need him to be, with the right words to say (or NOT to say). Thanks a million, "Chumley"!

Name: Sue Smith Hoshimiya
From: South Pasadena, California
Time: 1999-05-26 16:29:27
Comments: Boy it sure has been a long time since my days in good ole Tachi! I can hardly believe that this reunion will represent thirty (30!) years since I would have graduated from Yamato--that is if my father hadn't retired after my junior year. I can hardly wait to see and catch up with many familiar faces! I look forward to seeing and/or hearing from anyone. -- Smitty

Name: Kenny Shiba 73
From: Chino Hills, Calif
Time: 1999-05-23 23:35:34
Comments: Wonderful website, I is nice to read about the wonderful memories that everybody had at Yamato. I went to Yoyogi, Grant Heights, Camp Drake, Narimasu, and then graduated Yamato in 73. I hope more people see this website. Kenny 73

Name: Jayne Price Meadows
From: Charles Town, WV
Time: 1999-05-23 18:32:21
Comments: Class of 1966 - My sister Polly and brother Fred told me about reunion. Sounds like fun! I married Bob Meadows (in Air Force at Tachi)30 years ago. Have two children and one granddaughter. Spend much of my time still in school - am Principal of elementary school in Virginia. Hello to Susan Jackson and Chris Towne and all other Warriors - especially the 1966 bunch.

Name: Chip Harris
From: San Antonio, Texas
Time: 1999-05-23 13:26:16
Comments: I'm a 1960's graduate. Anyone out there from that class; drop me a note!

Name: Al Scott III
From: Carrollton, IL 62016
Time: 1999-05-22 15:31:14
Comments: Only attended Yamato my freshman year, 1962, before our family was transferred back to the States, but the 2 years of jr. high and one year of high school at Tachikawa AB were the greatest! Bill Roy Bobo sure could play football. Our Little League baseball team was the best, especially with Tim LaPointe pitching! “Hi” to Bill Anglin, Fritz Freese, the Tournquist brothers (bumped into Larry in 1973 when we were both assigned to Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand, with the USAF), and anyone else who might remember me. Go, Tachi Marauders!

Name: Chris Towne
From: Ojai, CA
Time: 1999-05-20 21:46:02
Comments: Delighted to find the Yamato homepage, and hope more of us wander in to reconnect. I graduated in 1966, and would love to chat with old pals. Has anyone seen Sue Feldman, Judy Durbin, Shields Jones, Johanna Beck, or Pat Sugimoto since graduation And did anyone else experience a jolt returning to the States after our years in the cocoon Drop me an email....... (P.S. My last name now is Drucker.)

Name: Harald Halseth
From: Hinesville, GA
Time: 1999-05-20 13:07:46
Comments: I was a Narimasu Dragon - class of '65 - but the years in Japan make me feel close to all who were there. Besides, our last two classes '72 & '73 went to Yamato when Grant Heights was demolished. Great looking page, anyone interested, please e-mail me, and we can reminisce about the 100 yen yakitori and the pachinko parlors.

Name: Jeanne L. (Bagley) Franklin
From: Deer Park, WA. 99006
Time: 1999-05-19 20:54:42
Comments: Both my brother (Walter Bagley) and I attended Yamato High School. My brother graduated from Yamato in 1962 but I only went to Yamato for my freshman year and then my father got stationed in Hawaii. We lost my brother, Walter, in 1980 due to complications from diabetes. My husband and I live in Deer Park, Wa. (north of Spokane) where we own an Accounting Practice. Would like to hear from anyone of you.

Name: Dirk Self
From: El Paso
Time: 1999-05-15 20:18:56
Comments: Great Site!!!

Name: Connie (HICKS) Erwin
From: Fairfield, CA
Time: 1999-05-14 11:10:28
Comments: Don't know if my previous signing went through, so here I go again. I attended Yamato for my fresh and soph years, 1961-63. It was absolutely the BEST years of my high school career! I would love to hear from anyone who was there memory (unfortunately) is fading, and I want to be reminded of all the fun it was! I'd also love to track down some friends who have faded from my life. This site is great, and I bless those who got it started! Thanks!

Name: Ronald Childers
From: Eureka Ca.
Time: 1999-05-12 10:59:00
Comments: I was in the class of 1962 but left before graduation. Have not talked to anyone from school for 30 years. Just retired from the Boeing Co. and moved to California. Married 25 years with four kids and three grandkids. Life is great.

Name: Beverly Molter Sundock
From: Germany
Time: 1999-05-11 15:20:07
Comments: Hi All! Can hardly wait for October to get here. This should be a blast. Still searching out the Stouffers and Bentons. Bob, glad you're looking for the Seaths. Hope we can find them all.

Name: Mildred Gelardi Bodwell
From: Glendale, CA
Time: 1999-05-09 19:04:18
Comments: Hello! Just heard about the Reunion in Las Vegas in October. It sounds like a terrific idea, especially since we live "nearby".

Name: Susan (Skipton) Gibson
From: Parker, CO
Time: 1999-05-09 14:51:03
Comments: Would have been Class of '66 but left the summer of '63. I am planning on attending the reunion in October with my sister, Cheryl (Skipton) Runyon.

Name: Linda Givens Marshall
From: Denton, Texas
Time: 1999-05-09 09:14:16
Comments: I am looking for Tom Hoffman. He and I were good friends while we lived at Green Park. I attended Chofu H.S. in 64 & 65. does anyone know where Tom is now and how I might contact him Thanks.

Name: don trent
From: sometimes this universe
Time: 1999-05-04 16:39:54
Comments: greetings there you... any one know the whereabotus of the following warriors from the 70's.mike jacoby,kevin williams,jim,john and mary bayer,,pat and shanon rose,gary sugino,suzanne gilkeson,terry jacoby,sandy johnson,johnny johnson,larry grant,,later on don

Name: Chuck
From: Springfield, MO
Time: 1999-05-03 21:25:02
Comments: Went to elementary school in Tachikawa '68-'72, looking for former classmates & friends. Also attended Misawa from '75 to '78 (8th thru 10th grades).

Name: Bob Clifford (65)
From: Washington
Time: 1999-05-03 05:49:22
Comments: Hi. I am getting ready to search for: Steve Seath (68), Larry Seath (66) and Denis Raab (68), And figured I'd try the guestbook, before making phone calls, writing letters, etc. Any recent (or even old) information on these guys would be appreciated. Thanks. Bob Clifford (

Name: Judy Huntington Millner
From: Tampa, Florida
Time: 1999-05-02 11:56:22
Comments: Went to Tachi Jr. High 60-62, Freshman in 63 at Yamato.....Looking for Karen Hatcher, Cathy Almquist...have been in contact with Cathy Hooker and Kathy Abel through the that I have been on the site...need to locate my old Katana! I see my big brother is going to Vegas! Maybe I will too!

Name: Polly (Price) Figueroa
From: San Diego, California
Time: 1999-05-01 19:55:43
Comments: Just adding an update to my E-Mail address. It's good to see so many new names and messages. Each time I check in to the site I recognize another "fellow" Warrior. If everyone keeps looking and old friends get the word this will be REALLY GREAT by reunion time!!

Name: Jazzbo
Website: The Dragon's Roar
From: You mean where was I born Live now Went to hi school College Geez! I forgot the question!
Time: 1999-04-26 18:42:47
Comments: Stop by the funniest Brat E-zine on the Web: The Dragon's Roar. Well, not just jokes, there's nostalgia too. It's all about growing up (fast!) in Tokyo in the early '60s. Stories from a bunch of then-16 year old Brats (and that word was never better used!) and hundreds of photos of Tokyo then & now.

Name: Marty (Monroe) Rader
Time: 1999-04-25 19:30:41
Comments: I attended Yamato 1959-June 1960 and returned to Lockbourne AFB OH, graduating from Grove City HS in 1963. Have kept in touch with Linda Moore, also would have been Class of 63, but would love to know whereabouts of Amy Palman, Barbara Schutt and Kathy Green. I am district manager of the SSA Office in Gallipolis OH and will retire in 11/2000. Great memories as I reviewed the Guestbook, recalling names, etc.

Name: Glenna (Morrison) Wetmore
From: Air Force (but ended up in Wisconsin)
Time: 1999-04-25 17:39:41
Comments: I'm so used to having no retrievable past that it took me a while to realize .... I belong!!!

Name: Rick Cooper
From: Albuquerque, NM
Time: 1999-04-25 09:55:05
Comments: I read about this site in the local newspaper and had to check it out! Hard to believe so much time has passed since I attended Yamato High. Although I didn't graduate from Yamato, it is certainly a place that won't be forgotten and the people there still hold a special place in my heart. I attended Tachikawa Jr. High '65 - '66 and Yamato High '67 - '68. Should anyone recognize me, please drop a line and say hello. I would love to hear from you. - Rick

Name: Johnny L. Marchand
From: Texas
Time: 1999-04-22 20:18:56
Comments: Just want to say Howdy to all you Yamato Warriors!

Name: C liff Huntington
From: Ruston, Louisiana
Time: 1999-04-22 17:02:35
Comments: Cool site! Hope to see some of you Las Vegas.

Name: Mike Peterson
From: Long Beach, CA
Time: 1999-04-17 15:21:42
Comments: Got together with Dave Yoshida, Loren Collett and their spouses for a super Japanese luncheon in Orange, CA on 17 April. This is my first look at the Web page and it IS impressive. Am looking forward to the reunion in Vegas.

Name: Pat Vaughan
From: Augusta, GA
Time: 1999-04-14 15:16:55
Comments: Hi, fellow Warriors-Although I did not graduate from YHS (left in winter of '68 in the middle of my junior year) it will always be my high school of record! Great website!

Name: Beverly Molter Sundock
From: Germany
Time: 1999-04-14 11:42:12
Comments: Hello Fellow Warriors! This has been a great few weeks chatting with old friends and neighbors. Polly, if we find Martha and Maura we'll just have to slip off to the Tea Room for sustenance and old memories...

Name: Don S. Waltmire II
From: Sacramento, CA
Time: 1999-04-13 16:57:14
Comments: Hello from a member of the class of 1963. Drop a line if you have the time. Don

Name: George Garman
From: Las Vegas
Time: 1999-04-12 10:13:33
Comments: This site is great. Hopefully by the reunion we have found most of our classmates. I would happy to make suggestions on things to do in Las Vegas for those of you who have not been here before. Polly Price let me know if you have luck finding the Benton's or Stouffer's. See you at the reunion.

Name: Shirley Paoa Barstad
From: Pearl City, Hawaii
Time: 1999-04-12 02:15:57
Comments: Aloha, everyone! I am looking forward to hearing and contacting some of you guys. I've chatting with Valerie S., and enjoying our memories of the year spent at Yamato.

Name: Polly (Price) Figueroa
From: San Diego, California
Time: 1999-04-11 17:49:57
Comments: Hey fellow Warriors!! I was just informed of the Yamato web site last week by my big brother Fred Price. My older sister Jayne (Price) Meadows class of 65, Fred class of 68 and I (would have been class of 70 but we came stateside in 69) are all alumni. It has really been a lot of fun reading about everyone. I currently live in San Diego, CA. I am a senior manager with the U.S. Customs Service, I have been w/ the service for 21 years. I would love to hear from any other Warriors who were in my classes or are w/ the USCS? Does anyone know the whereabouts of Donnie or Maura Benton or Betsy or Martha Stouffer? Looking forward to hearing more about all of you & to the reunion......Polly

Name: william hoy
From: amarillo, texas
Time: 1999-04-09 05:07:20
Comments: Hi everyone! Please note email address has changed but don't let that stop you from dropping me a line. Looking forward to the reunion in Oct.

Name: Fred Price
From: Dallas, Texas
Time: 1999-04-07 00:38:23
Comments: Proud to be a class of 68 Warrior. Never thought this would be possible. Fantastic web site, no suprise there it was created by MIGHTY MIGHTY YAMATO WARRIORS.

Name: Bob Mutu
From: Colorado Springs
Time: 1999-04-02 09:00:20
Comments: Konichi wa Tomadachis! Just in case I miss any of you in the regular mail....I am looking for any alumni who did not graduate but want their picture on the web site. Loren Collett has a page set up for non-grad alumni. Email me and we will get you pictured. Thanks to alumni I have most of the pictures from all of the yearbooks either on zip or available via email. I am still looking for Mike Jerman We are also looking for pictures of how you look now. Send them to me and we will get them formed to fit the site and loaded! See ya in Vegas!

Name: Susan McGunagle
From: Seattle
Time: 1999-03-31 23:11:56
Comments: My brother Bill McGunagle graduated from Yamato in 73 he is looking for Bill Hughes if anyone knows where he is and how to contact of him please E-mail me thanks Susan

Name: George Garman
From: Texas
Time: 1999-03-31 11:41:33
Comments: Finally glad to see Yamato H.S. has web site. I graduated in 68 and would love to hear from old friends. i'm currently in Las Vegas, but will be relocating back to Aruba where my wife and I have lived the last 5 years. Life is good.

Name: Matthew Smith
From: Engladn
Time: 1999-03-27 17:23:42
Comments: just checking out various DoDDS Alumni sites....

Name: Beverly Molter Sundock
From: Heidelberg, Germany
Time: 1999-03-25 06:52:01
Comments: Yamato Warriors: What a great way to find those people with whom we shared our "formative" years...Lived at Tachikawa from 1962 - 1967. Attended Yamato my freshman year, 1967. Love to hear from you.

Name: Connie (Porter) Blake
From: Kansas
Time: 1999-03-16 14:04:39
Comments: It is great having this site.

Name: Loren Collett
From: New Mexico
Time: 1999-03-14 07:26:44
Comments: Lots of new folks signing the guest book, but email addresses are no good. Please make sure that your email address is correct. Does no good to put a bad email address in the guest book. If you don't want your email address there leave that box blank. If I find bad email addresses, when I write to you, I will be deleting those entries. So take your time make sure that you have correctly entered your email address so that we can contact you. Thanks

From: Kennesaw,Ga
Time: 1999-03-13 09:50:27
Comments: This is a great site to bring back the memories. I graduated in 1972 and would love to hear from any of the old crowd. Now that I have a daughter who is a senior, it makes me remember all the fun we had.

Name: Linda Jackson
From: Watertown, NY
Time: 1999-03-12 15:29:29
Comments: Hi again, just wanted to know if anyone knows if Jimmy Kimoto , Debbie Inge and Nancy Huston has a e-mail address.Would be happy to hear from them.

Name: Dan Phillips
From: Springfield VA
Time: 1999-03-12 10:09:31
Comments: Forgot to leave my e-mail address in case former Narimasu, Drake JHS or Grant Heights dwellers would like to exchange contacts or just stay in touch. or I still correspond with a few people every now and then (Diz Rease, Terrise Colaprete, Gary Puffer, Tullias, Kathy Hautula and anyone else who happens along). Glad you Drakesters remained Warriors!! Saw Mr. Pinkerton at Yokota JHS in late '94, he was still teaching 7th grade math and retiring within the year. Also visited former site of GH when I was flying F-16s at Misawa. Recognized the main gate and several old roads, the cherry trees still lined the streets. Saw the tall smoke stack and even spent the day at Toshimaen. Still very depressing but fond memories. I remembered Emma Lai from skimming across the Yamato Yearbook. Looks like a nice class! Wish I could have been part. Anyway thanks for indulging me and I look forward to hearing from any of you, whether I know you from the past or not. Is it possible to scan in the classes of '74, '75, and '76 as well Would add a nice finishing touch.

Name: Linda Jackson
From: Watertown, NY
Time: 1999-03-10 15:14:45
Comments: Hi everyone, My name is Linda Jackson, I attended Yamato in 1970 then graduated at Chofu in 71. I like to think Yamato is my class cause there were so many nice people and I think I made alot of friends. I was quite shy and wasn't as open as most of the kids and I surly regret that now, so if any one remembers me, fondly of course, write to me, I'd be happy to reply.

Name: Susan (Abele) Fischer
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Spokane, WA
Time: 1999-03-08 22:01:56
Comments: I was at Yamato as an 8th grader and freshman in 1960 and 61. Anyone else from that age and era

Name: Valerie Fuentes
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Denton, Texas
Time: 1999-03-07 23:26:06
Comments: Hello, Yamato Alumni. I have just recently dicovered the WWW. I went to the Yokota High School Reunion in July '98. It was great!!! Anyone that remembers me, please contact me at If you know of the where-abouts of Jimmie or Lisa Tucker, or Daniel, Rebecca, and Kaziko Scott please let us know. My family lost contact with them many years ago. 'Bye, Valerie

Name: Gary Miyazono
From: San Diego
Time: 1999-03-07 11:43:57
Comments: Just checking out the site again. Hopefully I will be able to go to the Las Vegas Reunion. I've noticed that a lot of people has signed since the last time. Still looking for more '73 graduates.

Name: Dan Phillips
From: Springfield VA and Colorado Springs CO
Time: 1999-03-05 13:31:49
Comments: Attended Narimasu Elem (Grant Heights) and Drake Jr HS (Camp Drake) from 65-68. Viewed many familiar faces in 72 and 73 (my year) yearbook. Genei Azama (same baseball team - remember 8th grade French class), Masato, Joyce Chida (looks like you didn't change much), Cindy Burton (remember our forgetable date at the GH movies), Nadine Kaizawa, Kathy Ozasa, Debbie & Fred Montgomery (glad to see you guys made it back -- remember the situp record Fred and Clancy Williams), Joy Tamura, Duane Nagata (baseball). Jerry Lowe (you Tachi guys always beat us it seemed like). Check out the Narimasu homepage and you can see pictures of Kathy (& her brother and Nadine's older sister. You guys don't know how lucky you were to have stayed and graduated!! Lived at Misawa and ventured back to that area--doesn't look the same. Have run into some people from those days some may remember -- Wayne Calloway, george Kailiwai, Emmett Tullia, Greg Dewolfe, Marsheine & Deb Newman, Paula Hay, Hazel Cox) Just a few names. Miss those times --they were great!

Name: Karen (Jinx Holloway) Larson
Referred by: Net Search
From: St. Louis, MO
Time: 1999-03-03 12:35:06
Comments: After 35 years of technology I feel like I'm having my first class reunion, albeit virtually! Quick update: Summer of '64 returned to Waco, TX and visited a few times with Cheri Cunningham (class of '64) in Austin, TXbut she was busy as a wife\mother so lost touch quickly. Moved to Scott AFB,IL in '66, where I spent a few years partyin' with Jean Ann Miller (class of '64) - lost touch some 30 yrs. ago. Ran into Skip Abel during that time period, think he was going to college somewhere in the area. Danny "The Burner" Goans (class of '62) stayed in touch by phone for several years - last I heard from him (late '70s), he was a forest ranger in Montana (Great Falls, I think) with a few exs and 1 son. Didn't know Bob Leinhop very well but he came into where I was working one day in St. Louis (late '60s) and we had a short discussion about the joys of being back in the world but no further contact. The present - I live in a suburb of St.Louis, married my best (first) husband just 4 years ago, no kiddy-os. We both work and spend our leisure time fishing (bass!) and counting the days to retirement! Jinx, Class of '64

Name: Tom Meisenhelder
Time: 1999-03-01 14:12:46
Comments: Hi . . . anybody remember me

Name: Karen Trent - Davies
From: Columbia SC
Time: 1999-02-28 11:30:26
Comments: this is a great web site you all did,,,, I was the class of 75 but as you all know Yamato close in 73.. I have a few names that you dont have and i have there email will send them if you want them can you make a page for the classes of 74 and 75.. like the other you have,,,,

Name: Doris Tuck Thornton
From: Florence, Ky.
Time: 1999-02-25 10:11:41
Comments: I am really enjoying the Yamato website. Will look forward to the new chat room and the reunion

Name: Carol (Dyson) Benton
From: Tacoma, WA
Time: 1999-02-19 14:56:35
Comments: Thrilled to hear from all the Warriors. I've lost sleep viewing the guestbook entries. Would love to get e-mail from anyone in the classes of '61, '62, '63, or '64. I've always counted my years in Japan as premium ones, especially because of the friends I made.

Name: Tim Morley
From: San Mateo, Ca
Time: 1999-02-17 05:02:56
Comments: I attended Yamato from 1959-1961 (Graduated in Mass in 1962). It is quite a charge to review the guest book and other parts of the site to see the names fondly, easily and barely recalled. Kudos to the architect!! Like most in the crowd I would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me. However, I will dutifully go through the site, scrutinize the Guest Book and say hello to those I knew. My post college activities began as a computer programmer in Detroit Michigan. One too many winters in that vacation playground of Southeastern Michigan, catapulted me to the West Coast in 1974. I've sold computer and network related products to pay the mortgage and address other self-serving pursuits. I sincerely hope, that all those I knew from that adolescent era are healthy, happy and satisfied. Damn, this is fun. I see a lost weekend on the horizon.

Name: Jean (Furuta) Sugino
From: Pearl City, Hawaii
Time: 1999-02-16 07:27:22
Comments: Would have been YHS 1969 graduate, but a YHS '69 graduate at heart. This is such a great way to find the people who were part of my life that I won't ever forget. Thanks Joe for hooking me up to my past and the future.

Name: Bob Meisenhelder
From: Kalamazoo Michigan
Time: 1999-02-15 16:26:42
Comments: Moved from NY and spent my senior year at Yamato (Class of 61), but it turned out to be a great time and place.

Name: W. Brian Thornton
From: Russell Springs, KY
Time: 1999-02-14 15:06:46
Comments: I am Doris A. (Tuck) Thornton's son; class of 1961.

Name: Jeff Hooten
From: Broomfield, Colorado
Time: 1999-02-10 18:09:26
Comments: It was fun to find this web page. I'd sorta figured all the Yamato Warriors had blown away like tumbleweeds with the school. Anybody from 1971 or 1972 who remembers me, send me an e-mail.

Name: Terry Andrews-Vela
From: Tampa, Florida
Time: 1999-02-06 21:11:51
Comments: This brought back many memories. Went to Tachi Middle School and Yamato 1964-1968. Where are you...Barbara Lee, Coleen Johnson, Cindy Self, Jan Fukuda, etc.? I'm a nurse, married twenty-eight years, three kids, four grandkids. Hope to hear from more Warriors on the web.

Name: Lorraine Vela
From: Tampa.Fl
Time: 1999-02-06 12:06:17
Comments: Just stopped by to check out your web site . My Mom went to Yamato High , Class of 1968(Terry Andrews) =)

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: class of 1969
Time: 1999-02-06 00:31:14
Comments: Looking to trade someone for some Military Funny money from the 60's. I have lots of Tachi Material to trade with, Base newspapers, Tachikawa base maps,Welcome to Tachikawa Air Base booklet- 60 pages, stars and stripes issues, all three Clubs- newsletters, and i have copies of "All" the articles that were written about Yamato High School that were printed in the Stars and Stripes Far East paper from 1960 - 1973 when the school was closed.A total of 34 articles were in the stars and stripes paper during those years.

Name: Jeanie (Loofbourrow) Bennett
From: Seattle, Wa.
Time: 1999-02-05 03:38:12
Comments: Class of 63. I attended Yamato 60-61. I've been a flight attendant with Northwest Airlines for 33 years Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!

Name: Anita (Greenblatt) Rainwater
From: Class of 60
Time: 1999-02-04 06:57:09
Comments: Hi fellow alumni - never thought in a million years that I would find a Webpage for YHS. I am an RN living half a year in Kettle Falls,WA and the other half in San Diego,CA. Would love to hear from any classmates, especially Pat Porter and Billy McKinney.

Name: Nancy Noble Engle
From: Vacaville
Time: 1999-02-02 03:51:40
Comments: Updating my e-mail address (home). Hope everyone is doing well. If you have contacted me recently and I have not responded, please bear with me. Busy with my parents; both of them have been very ill. My best to everyone. Also, wanted to let you know that I was in contact with Dixie Dale Gordon recently - one of my dearest and oldest (in time!) friends. What a special treat! Dixie says she is not much of a computer person but wanted to share her e-mail address with all of you - Dixie lives in Oklahoma City. Know that she would enjoy hearing from you.

Name: Nancy Noble Engle
From: Vacaville
Time: 1999-02-02 03:46:58
Comments: Updating my e-mail address (home). Hope everyone is doing well. If you have contacted me recently and I have not responded, please bear with me. Busy with my parents; both of them have been very ill. My best to everyone.

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: class of 69
Time: 1999-01-29 02:04:11
Comments: I am putting together a photo album of pictures from Tachikawa Air Base to bring to the reunion, i am looking for any pictures color or black and white. looking for: Main gate photo,headquarters building,runway shots, planes landing or taking off,hangers,bx west and east side, baseball fields, churches,schools elem. and jr high,photos of any base housing, american villiage, base hospital, movies east and west side, officers club, nco club. civilian club,teen club, all the pools or any shots that you would like to send me. please send them in jpg format via e-mail or mail copies to me at 4204 south chestnut ct broken arrow oklahoma 74011 or call 918-455-0808 thanks mike skidmore

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: Class of 69
Time: 1999-01-29 01:50:08
Comments: Talked to Mr. Don Jardon today on the phone he is planning on attending the reunion and would like to hear from anyone, his tel# 308-928-2279, he is living in Alma Nebraska. He went to Yokota High after Yamato closed down and stayed until he retired in 1990 with 33 years civil service.

Name: Wanda (Buster) Mitchell
From: Vancouver, Washington
Time: 1999-01-28 04:49:27
Comments: I have been living in Vancouver, Washington for 32 years with my husband, Richard. We have 1 daughter, Lisa. I am looking forward to hearing more about the reunion in Las Vegas. Wanda (Buster) Mitchell

Name: Kalfred Sony Wong, Jr.
From: Honolulu, Hawaii
Time: 1999-01-27 07:09:59
Comments: Thanks for the outstanding Yamato Homepage! See you all at the Yamato Reunion!

From: gladewater, texas
Time: 1999-01-27 02:05:48
Comments: Class of 1972

Name: Doris Tuck Thornton
From: Florence, Ky.
Time: 1999-01-26 15:30:35
Comments: Hi everyone in the class of l961. It has really been fun going through this web page. Ihave had some messages from Phyllis Sims Thiot and hope to hear from others. I will definitely look forward to the reunion.

Name: Jack Marr
Referred by: From a Frienb>: From a Frienb>: From a Frienb>: From>: 1999-01-26 03:43:05
Comments: Howdy...I see a few familiar names. The mention of Mr. Arlton brings back a memory or two...I still have one of his circular slide rules in my desk drawer. Jack, '61

Name: Anita (Hightower) Inzer
Referred by: Net Search
From: Vancouver, WA
Time: 1999-01-24 17:03:17
Comments: Hello Classmates! Happy I found you, my brother told me he was going to enter my name and I don't trust him (meaning what he would say) so I thought I'd beat him to it. I'm from the class of '64. Good friends were Becky Coyne, Lee Porter, Lauren Correll, Paul Reinhart, Greg Kirkland and others. I lost contact with everyone I ever knew! Not intentionally.

Name: Neil Alterman
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Fairfax, VA
Time: 1999-01-24 01:43:05
Comments: Las Vegas here we come!!!! Now that we have a firm date I can mark it on my calandar and look forward with great anticipation to seeing and greeting many old and new friends from Yamato. Had a wonderful chat with Muriel Haug the other evening. When we got done talking my wife commented that she hadn't seen me talk on the phone to anybody that long in years. I received a long letter from Stan Arlton and will be sending him information on the reunion when it becomes available. He is very interested in attending and sends his best to all. For those who are interested, he can not be reached by e-mail, but his home address is as follows: Stanley Arlton, 1046 Westside Drive, No 1, Fergus Falls, MN 56537. He would really love to hear from some of his former students. Well, I have babbled on enough. Time to let someone else talk now. Go WARRIORS.

Name: Jeri Dixon Steele
From: Atlanta, GA
Time: 1999-01-23 01:53:59
Comments: Ditto! I can't agree with Barry enough that I look forward to seeing who signed on. Tonight I saw the message from Bill Gale. His family and mine were neighbors in a Japanese neighborhood, and we were friends from the time I was 7 or 8 until I was 14 or 15. It was very exciting! Let's keep looking for more Warriors.

Name: Barry L. Klein
Website: Barry L. Klein
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Atlanta
Time: 1999-01-23 00:33:10
Comments: One of the highlights of my day is to come home after a long day in the office and to see who has registered on this wonderful site. It has been a real joy. I would love to hear from my classmates. Warmest regards, Barry

Name: William H. Gale
Website: Cariad I (this is my yacht)
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Tokyo, Japan
Time: 1999-01-22 03:16:17
Comments: Hi, I'm Bill Gale, class of '73. I got the URL from my sister, Grace Nagamine. As I'm still livining in Tokyo, Japan, I'd appreciate it if you'll keep me posted on what's going on with the rest of the Yamato classmates.

Name: Diane Roberts Atherton,
From: atlanta
Time: 1999-01-22 00:37:54
Comments: Well, the word is official.....Oct 22-24, 1999 Las Vegas at the Gold Coast Hotel.....this was just confirmed yesterday.There will be much more to follow in the next few weeks but start planning for Reunion 99......the reunion committee will finalize all costs associated with this in the coming weeks so watch your email and tell all your friends!!!!! Like dandelions we will pop up anywhere. See you then. I need pictures/slides/ memorabilia- land address: 5257 Durham Lane, Lilburn, Ga 30047.

Name: Ron Furukawa
From: Fairfield CA
Time: 1999-01-21 17:20:03
Comments: Congratulations on a great web site! It' a hoot to see all the old yearbook photos. Currently, my home is in Fairfield, California, the home of Travis Air Base, just a few miles from the Napa wine country. I'm an optometrist (eye doc) in private practice here. It would be fun to hear from any Yamato alums who remember me. I am planning to attend the reunion in Las Vegas this year.

Name: Doris Tuck Thornton
Referred by: Net Search
From: Florence, Ky.
Time: 1999-01-21 02:40:53
Comments: This is a great web page and I would love to hear from other people who were in the class of 1961.

Name: Judi Ann Neto (Birch)
From: California
Time: 1999-01-20 23:58:08
Comments: I was supposed to graduate in 1960 in New Jersey. But we shipped out before I could graduate. I then enrolled at Yamato just to get graduation credits. You will find my photo in 1961. I only went to school for about 6 months but was just as attached to everyone as a full senior. I never got a prom, year book or graduation- just my diploma, This site is a dream come true. Judi Neto (Judith A. Birch) I would be very much interested in a class reunion, year book and anything I can do to help with those items. Thanks! Judi

Name: Ellen Coviello ( GRANT)
Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook
From: Lake Camanche, Calif
Time: 1999-01-20 06:08:17
Comments: Would love to hear from anyone from the 1960 graduating class,...even 1961. E-mail anyone!!

Name: Chuck Schultz
Referred by: Net Search
From: Fairfax, Va
Time: 1999-01-20 00:41:29
Comments: I went to Tachikawa Middle School, 1968-70, and to Yamato High School, 1970-72. Class of 1974. Junior year spent at Central High School, Cheyenne Wy (FE Warren AFB) and senior year spent at Deming High School, Deming, N.M. I enlisted in USAF in 1975. Obtained BSEE from Arizona State Univ 1984. I was commisioned a USAF Officer in 1984. Got MSCS from Univ of West Florida 1989. Currently a Major stationed in Washington DC area. Great to see some of the Warriors in all their glory.

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: class of 1969
Time: 1999-01-19 22:05:15
Comments: Talked to Pam Driggers-Williamson class of on the phone, found her at miltary brats web site. Welcome to the group Pam.

Name: John Bolduc
From: Concord, MA
Time: 1999-01-19 14:39:05
Comments: I went to Tachikawa Middle School, 1970-71, and to Yamato, 1971-73, before returning stateside.

Name: Kathy (Urata) Hawkes
From: Hacienda Hts, Ca
Time: 1999-01-19 03:12:05
Comments: Great web page!!

Name: Ronnie Sanders Peralta
From: Henderson, NV
Time: 1999-01-16 08:37:21
Comments: I attended Yamato '60 to'63. My Dad extended so I could graduate from one school and then they opened Chofu and I was transfered. So many of the '64 pics I remember and I should have been a part of that list. Would love to hear from anyone from '64 class. I am married living in subs of Las Vegas. Have been in nursing for 30 years now. I am a midwife ready for a career change so am now going to U. of Phoenix for information systems. What is everyone else doing Ronnie

Name: Carol (Patterson) Ceplenski
From: Southington, CT 06489
Time: 1999-01-16 03:51:59
Comments: I know this is very past due. Bill Thompson has been threatening me for over a year to sign in, but don't ask my why it has taken me so long. It's a cold icy night here in CT and the phone rang about an hour ago. It was Linda Allen ('63). Bill had talked with her last week and Linda and I sent an E-mail but to talk was just very special. Last year Paulette(Haug)and I made contact for the first time in I can't tell you when and to think that she and I went to nursing school at U of Md and she was even in our wedding, all of this post Yamato HS. We are still in CT where John and I have been for the last 25 years and after today we are seriously looking for a warmer climate.(Bill always busts us about the weather here, but golf the other parts of the year are exceptional). Anxious to hear about the plans for the reunion. It just blew me away to hear from Linda.

Name: Jeri Dixon Steele
From: Atlanta, GA
Time: 1999-01-16 00:43:50
Comments: Thanks again for this great website. I 've passed on information regarding this website to couple of my friends, Caroline Hamasaka '73, and also to another friend here in Atlanta. Carol Cox Buddenhagen '61 had told me several years ago that she had graduated from Yamato High in 1961. At that time we were amazed that we had both gone to the same high school in Japan, thinking what a small world. Also, about 5 or 6 years ago, Linda Sims '73 called me to say she was in Atlanta. I don't know where she is now, but Atlanta seems to have its share of Warriors. I hope the '73 Senior Class will be complete soon. I was at Yamato in 69-1970 as a freshman, so I am anxious to see my former classmates senior pictures.

Name: Jeri Dixon Steele
From: Atlanta, GA
Time: 1999-01-16 00:41:24
Comments: Thanks again for this great website. I 've passed on information regarding this websisite to couple of my friends, Caroline Hamasaka '73, and also to another friend here in Atlanta. Carol Cox Buddenhagen '61 had told me several years ago that she had graduated from Yamato High in 1961. At that time we were amazed that we had both gone to the same high school in Japan, thinking what a small world. Also, about 5 or 6 years ago, Linda Sims '73 called me to say she was in Atlanta. I don't know where she is now, but Atlanta seems to have its share of Warriors. I hope the '73 Senior Class will be complete soon. I was at Yamato in 69-1970 as a freshman, so I am anxious to see my former classmates senior pictures.

Name: Monty Taylor Kaiser
From: Krotz Springs Louisiana
Time: 1999-01-15 23:12:34
Comments: Graduated from Yamato High School in 1969. Would love to hear from long lost classmates. I am married have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. I am a lab tech at a refinery called Valero. I have worked there for the past 13 years. My husband is an elementary school teacher. This website is fantastic.

Name: diane roberts atherton
From: atlanta
Time: 1999-01-15 21:59:27
Comments: hi again.....just passing this along....several newspapers across the country, including Alaska, have run the article re: Military Brats and the Internet. As a result several more of "us" have been located.....I have received several emails from YHS students and it has been fun reconnecting! I would bet that by the time this reunion takes place many previously unknowns will be found!!! You never know where we will pop up...just like dandelions!!!! What a fitting logo for this group...for reunion Nov 5-7, 1999 Las VEgas.

Name: James Billingsley
From: Eagle River, Alaska just outside of Anchorage
Time: 1999-01-13 05:51:48
Comments: Found thru military-brats. Found military brats by news paper article. Graduate from Yamato High School in 1965

Name: Michael Savuto
Time: 1999-01-11 22:30:18
Comments: Just wondering what happened to all of those people I remember so fondly. Earthquakes, teen clubs and riding the base buses to all of those exotic places like Chofu and Green Park. More happened on those buses than will ever be revealed. Hopefully we can stay in touch after all these years. 'Course we're all old and fat but old age is the great equalizer. Having never been able to attend any class reunions other than that of my wife's, I have always felt left out. Need to rectify that soon. Maybe Aug '99 in DFW!

Name: Cathi (Heming) LaBonte
From: Buda TX
Time: 1999-01-11 03:22:19
Comments: Isn't technology wonderful (when it works) for all of us to keep in touch after so many years since we've left the land of the Rising Sun! Buda TX is just outside the city limits of Austin TX, the music capitol of the world! Would love to hear if anyone is attending the Dallas reunion in Aug 99. YAMATO RULES! My previous job had me working with a Chofu rivalry (Class of 1970)! The reunion in Washington DC was fun visiting with the DoD faculty (Mr Annibal, Mr Hill, Mr Jordan, Mr Curtis, Ms Hope, and others). Still connected with the military working Civil Service at HQ AETC Randoplph AFB TX as a GS-13 Training Program Analyst in Flying Training the last year. Hopefully, will be able to retire in six years and play golf! Love to hear from my classmates! CUL8R Cathi

Name: Bill Booth
Time: 1999-01-11 00:34:24
Comments: Hi to all.. Just getting my name in the listing.

Name: Jan (Jackson) Magdaleno
Time: 1999-01-10 08:21:48
Comments: Corrected e-mail address!

Name: Jan (Jackson) Magdaleno
From: San Diego CA
Time: 1999-01-10 07:36:55
Comments: Spent my freshman and some of my sophomore years (class of 70) at Yamato - fabulous experience! My sister Susan graduated in '66. Would love to hear from fellow classmates. Where are you Kathy Allen, Rosemary Churchwell, Sheri Vlaanderen, Glenna Seldidge, Patrice Yamakido, Colleen Hogan (all class of 70). Sue Bartels, Craig Roth, (class of 69) Thanks for the memories!!!

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: class of 1969
Time: 1999-01-10 04:32:01
Comments: I found 2 more Yamato veterns, they both would of been in the class of 1971, but left in there junior year. Mike Williams tel# 505-523-6213 and Sue Campbell- Barnwell tel# 305-256-7817

Name: Fred Burdeshaw
From: Sharpsburg, Georgia
Time: 1999-01-09 01:31:07
Comments: Missing Warriors where are you During the last week or so, since I found out about this site, I have had such a great time reconnecting with old buddies! My wife is now accusing me of being obsessed! I have spent a lot of time in cyberspace and on the telephone with great friends like Skip Abel, Bob Lienhop, Archie Jordan, Jan Garrison, Dave Yoshida, Muriel Haug, Larry Hess, Kathy Klinger, Mary Phaneuf and others. It is so fantastic I get "plumb-teared-up" thinking about it!(That's Georgian for emotional) But, we have to find these people soon because I am running out of heartbeats: Paul Berube, Bill Cutforth, Jim Reda, Karen Stettler, Peggy Poston, Kenny Holiday, Jim Ranes and all the others. Yamato, I love you. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Coder
From: Atlanta, GA
Time: 1999-01-07 20:09:45
Comments: I hope there are alot of alumni that check in here so we can renew friendships of long ago. I am a headhunter so if anyone is looking for a job or people let me know.

Name: Loren Collett
From: Santa ana
Time: 1999-01-07 16:23:41
Comments: A call for help in locating an old friend of a Yamato Student. Just got a call from a Sybol Gibson, who is looking for Jennie Betcher her best girl-friend from long ago. Sybol has not seen or heard from Jennie since 1960 and would very much like to talk to her again. They both lived in the Paddies close to each other. Sybol was only at YHS for the 8th grade 1960, but Jennie was there for a couple more years. I could not find Jennie's pictures in the senior rogue gallery so I don't think that she graduated from Yamato. But any help would be appricated if you know of Jennie's where abouts. Please contact me and I will forward this information on to Sybol and try to put these two ladies back in touch with each other. Thanks Warriors.

Name: don trent
From: catonsville maryland
Time: 1999-01-07 00:35:01
Comments: hey yamato,ites,,,, all of you who got that message concerning the disney's a SCAM..... it's been around for a few years never find out exactly who from disney released this information. i'd like to know that disney's contact name,title, and phone number...but it;s never given,,,, remember the military bathroom never was true... later on don

Name: Steve Svenvold
Website: Isle of View
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Seattle
Time: 1999-01-06 02:50:09
Comments: Hi Warriors! I graduated in '65 and left that June. Came back in '69 as a sailor assigned to the USS Snook, a nuclear submarine and the first nuke vessel to enter Japan (boy, you shoulda seen the demonstrations in Yokosuka that night) and managed to sneak a quick trip to Tachi and visit the W. Side BX, still remembering where to pull the buzzer cord in the bus to get off. Talked to a couple of Yamato lettermen. Found out that football wasn't very good that year but Mr. Hirosi was still there! Left and finished my stint in the Navy and after that joined the Kent Fire Dept. (15 miles S. of Seattle) where I still am. Been married twice, divorced twice. Got great kids and a grandson. I sell real estate on the side and still pitch hardball in an adult league, still strum the guitar and still play the accordion, yah shur. I'd love to hear from some of you, so feel free to email!

Name: Roy M. Glantz
From: Tokyo, Japan
Time: 1999-01-05 11:37:57
Comments: I graduated from Yamato in 1969 and also attended Tachikawa Junior High School, Chofu Junior High School, junior high and elementary school at Washington Heights (Yoyogi Elementary School), and also spent my first few years in Yokohama. I've always wondered where various friends have gone. One always keeps in touch with one or two, who keep in touch with one or two others, but it always seems next to impossible to get all of the pieces put togeher. Thanks very much to Loren and the others who have put together a great web site. I look forward to renewing old friendships and even making some new ones. If anyone makes it to Japan, please give me a call. My number is (813) 3584-6089. ----Yes, I'm one of theones who ended up back here, and have been here since 1984.

Name: Charlotte Pleggenkuhle (Blake)
From: California
Time: 1999-01-05 06:35:03
Comments: Updated e-mail address.

Name: Richard C. Elliott
From: San Antonio, Texas
Time: 1999-01-05 05:45:55
Comments: Yamato H. S. Class of 1961

Name: Gerry Erb
From: Tokyo, Japan
Time: 1999-01-04 13:48:13
Comments: What a great way to rediscover friends with whom we shared a very unique time. As the years go by, we appreciate more how special our friends and experiences were from this period, and how its had a positive impact in our personal growth and outlook. I look forward to this journey of rediscovery surprises and all.

Name: Loren Collett
Website: Yamato High School
Referred by: Net Search
From: Southern Californai
Time: 1999-01-04 03:00:31
Comments: Hello, all you Warriors, this is the year of the Big Reunion in Las Vegas. The reunion committee is working on on getting us all a good seat for all the activities that they will be planning. I have a favor to ask of you, would you please sign the ListBot with the necessary information so that we can make the Master Data List, and keep it up to date. It is really good hearing from all of you and we would like to find the rest of the lost warriors. A couple of the Warriors have had a newspaper article published about them and this had helped in finding several more "kids." So keep up the good work. So please help us by signing the ListBot on the Home page. Thanks

Name: Geri Gough LaVallee
From: San Francisco
Time: 1998-12-31 00:55:27
Comments: Hi everyone. I really enjoyed the pictures. Hope to see you at the next reunion. If your in the San Francisoc area give me a call at the Richelieu Hotel---I am the controller. (415) 673-4711

Name: Fred Burdeshaw
From: Sharpsburg, Georgia
Time: 1998-12-30 16:02:00
Comments: Hello Yamato, especially classes 61-63! Diane Atherton who was featured in the Atlanta paper re: Brats, steered me this way and I am indebted to her. I have enjoyed reading all the posts and hopefully will be able to chat with many of you. After Yamato, I went to Auburn (Archie Jordan and I were roomates first year), went into the Air Force, retired in 88 and now teach AFJROTC near Atlanta. I live in Sharpsburg, Georgia. Have been married for 32 years and have two grown young'uns. When I was in the AF, I occasionally ran into people from Yamato and old opponents from Narimasu and Johnson. I saw a good bit of Tom Nettles (N), John Bergen at ACSC. Saw Don Jensen about 87-he did well in the AF. Never been to a reunion, always seemed to be too far away. "Give a yell, give a yell, give a big substantial yell and when we yell, we yell like hell and this is what we yell: alaman, alaman, alaman diego, San Diego, hocus pocus, dominocus, sis boom baa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yamato, Yamato, rah, rah, rah!!!!!!!!

Name: Keith Carson
From: Norfolk, VA
Time: 1998-12-30 14:59:46
Comments: I was at Tachikawa from 1966-67 and went to Yamato as a freshman that year. My father was transferred over to Fuchu in Spring of 1967 and so I was transferred to Chofu to finish out my freshman year and I spent the next 3 years there graduating in 1970. I am interested in hearing from any other members of the Freshman class from 1966-67.

Name: Le Roy Evans, III
From: San Antonio, TX (Chofu)
Time: 1998-12-29 03:25:37
Comments: Although I did not attend Yamato H.S., I thought it would be fitting that I sign your guestbook since I was graduated from Yokota '75. I attended Chofu 2 years and Yokota for my senior year. Those of us who went to Yokota from either Yamato or Chofu can identify with what it is like to go to a new school, especially in your senior year; it isn't any fun. When I went there in '74 it was the schools second year in session, so that made it tough for us new kids on the block to establish any position in many of the school's extrcurricular activities. Nonetheless, I made my senior year as fun as possible. From viewing your guessbook, I did recognize a couple of names. Also, for both the Yamata and Chofu websites, it seems as if it is more popular with the people from the 60's than those from the 70's. The Yamato students of the 60's seem as if they were just as wild and crazy as the Chofu students of the 60's, or I was just out of touch with my peers or the in-crowd. You guys have an excellent website!

Name: marla dey warner
Referred by: Just SurfedSurfed On In
Time: 1998-12-28 01:41:28
Comments: Just surfed on to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season...and also to thank Loren again for this terrific web site. The editors of the Johnson Flyer are also appreciative that Loren has provided from the YHS a link to the JHS site.

Name: Diane Roberts Atherton
From: atlanta, georgia
Time: 1998-12-27 01:54:39
Comments: Hi everyone and Happy Holidays! I signed on so long ago I'm not sure anyone knows I'm here. Thought I would let ya'll know that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution paper has done a story about military brats on line and how they find each other.....yours truly was one interviewed and article has pictures....will let you know when it runs. Seems this electronic connection has generated much interest. Hopefully the pictures will be visible enough to allow the reader to discern the Yamato website on the screen....may you all have a safe and joyous New Year! sure you make those plans to be in Vegas.....there are some surprises planned for your WON'T

Name: Ed Mueller
Website: Ed & Pattie's CyberStop
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Hampton, Virginia
Time: 1998-12-25 21:23:45
Comments: Just surfed in to wish all a very merry holiday season. Keep up the good work Loren ... the web site's really lookin' good. It'll be interesting to see the "How we look today" page fill out.

Name: Neil Alterman
From: Fairfax, VA
Time: 1998-12-24 18:53:00
Comments: Back once again. This time to simply wish a beautiful Christmas and a happy, healthy, and wonderful new year to all. To Jeanne McClain, still waiting for the pictures of your wedding. To Loren and family, have a wonderful holiday and keep up the great work on the home page. To Sharon, Charlotte, Dianne, and Becky - stay as beautiful as you are, and to all Have a wonderfully safe holiday and continue to enjoy life. Still looking for Lynn Riebe, Ron Greene, and several others. Please keep in touch either by email ( or by phone at 703-846-2160 during the day or 703-321-9252 in the evening. I live on the east coast, so keep time zones in mind. GO WARRIORS.

Name: Grace Gale-Nagamine
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: California now - Warriors '76
Time: 1998-12-23 01:05:53
Comments: Thought I'd use this site here to send out a "Season's Greetings!" to those that I don't have addresses. Hope everyone has a wonderful, fun-filled holiday season! Happy Holidays! Have lots of fun, but please stay safe! Yeah, Warriors!! Class of '76

Name: Kathy (Burns) Brown
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Sierra Vista, Arizona
Time: 1998-12-17 02:06:29
Comments: Graduated from Yamato Class of 1970. My husband,Chris, was at Tachikawa as a dependent but had already graduated from High School. He remembers many of my classmates and is trying to find them online. His sister, Bev, attended Yamato but only one year before her Dad was reassigned to Okinawa. She graduated in 1971 from Kubasaki. I would like to get in contact with Sue Fussell, Sue Yach, or Debi (Griggs) Hoezle.

Name: Neil Alterman
From: Fairfax, VA
Time: 1998-12-16 15:48:56
Comments: Wow, there sure have been a lot of people added since my last message. Have had conversations with Jeanne Scribner, Sharon Wolfe, Charlie Moy, and several others since my last message. Loren, you're doing an absolutely excellent job with this web page. I am really enjoying signing on everyday to see who else has come on-line. I was sorry that I missed the on-line reunion, but my oldest daughter and grand-daughter came home and wanted Grandpa to take them shopping. Have seen the pictures of the mini-reunion, and Charlotte Pleggenkuhle (Blake) and Sharon Wolfe are still as beautiful as they ever were. Can't wait for the big reunion. My kids still think I am nuts, but that's OK. Still looking for Lynn Riebe. Also would like to get in touch with Ron Greene. Anybody knows their where- abouts, please send me an email at or call me at (703) 846-2160. Go WARRIORS.

Time: 1998-12-16 06:32:37

Name: mutu-san, Bobu
From: Colorado Springs
Time: 1998-12-13 01:21:09
Comments: Just looking at all the new guests since I surfed in months ago. What a great collection of old friends I have been able to connect with. Still looking for Mike Jerman...anybody know where he is The holiday page is super! Loren did a great job! I have heard from lots of you allready. Anyone can just drop me an email, I really enjoy talking to you and look forward to next October! Anyone remember the Warriors Den next to the train station How bout that great little bar outside the Nakagami gate where the mamasan had the collie How bout the 65 trip to Nikko Lots of memories for the reunion.Mata Ashta! Mutu-san

Name: Marv Bryant
From: Miami, Fl
Time: 1998-12-10 02:17:53
Comments: Hi Folks. It is a pleasure to see so many familiar names on this website. I graduated from Yamato in 1964. Upon returning to the States, I went to Southwest Texas State for my degree. After graduation, I was an Air Force pilot for five years. When my active duty service was up, I went into commercial flying. Currently, I fly for American Airlines and am based in Miami, Fl. I'd like to hear from any of my Warrior friends. My E-mail address is

Name: Ed Diaz
Time: 1998-12-09 04:09:51
Comments: New email address. Hope to see you all very soon.

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: CLASS OF 69
Time: 1998-12-08 23:23:55
Comments: After looking for my old girlfriend for 15 years, Kathy Burns class of 70, I found her today. What a nice birthday present for me....

Name: Monte Porter
From: Alabama
Time: 1998-12-08 01:54:06
Comments: Class 0f 73

Name: Edward P. Mueller
Website: Ed's 3rd Rock
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Hampton, VA
Time: 1998-12-07 12:23:10
Comments: Yamato H.S. Class of 1971. Finally, Yamato H.S. has a presence on the web. Keep up the good work.

Name: Jazzbo
Website: The Dragon's Roar
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: L.A.
Time: 1998-12-06 21:36:36
Comments: The URL didn't show up in the previous heading. Wonder why Try again.

Name: Jazzbo
Referred by: From a Friend
From: El Lay, CA
Time: 1998-12-06 21:34:13
Comments: "The Dragon's Roar" - Here's a review from about it: "The Dragon's Roar" is a cyber-zine about growing up (fast!) in Tokyo, Japan as a military dependent from 1958-60. It's a funny and entertaining look at a bunch of 16 year-old military brats who tried to stretch their chafing military/paternal bonds to the breaking point. Their school life at Narimasu American High School is given short shrift, whereas their adventures in the neon lights of Tokyo's bar districts, pachinko parlors, Yakuza gangster joints and motorcycle rental shops made much more sense (to them) when it came to absorbing a foreign country's culture. The phrase "military brat" was never better applied. For those of you who always did what Dad said, these were the bad examples he was warning you about. This is, however, an interesting trip down Memory Lane for anyone who lived in Japan during that period, with many photos of people and places of the time, in addition to many photos from modern Tokyo to show how it has changed. Allowing for picture (and lots of animated GIFs) loading time, this cyber-zine is a full three hour's read. The Letters to the Editor pages ("Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You" .. with it's own theme song .WAV) are as funny as the rest of the material, so be sure to read it cover-to-cover, all 60 pages, at last count. Look in your attic, they're looking for more material for the next issue. Oh, and because most of the writers have (grown) kids who might stumble onto the site .. their names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Name: Sherry Nibblett Ivey
Referred by: Net Search
From: Present location: San Antonio, Texas
Time: 1998-12-04 00:24:10
Comments: I was only at Yamato for my freshman year, 1960-1961, but I made some good friends and would like to see some of them again. In particular, does anyone know Bruce Stephens I found his brother Larry's name in the Memorials section and was greatly saddened. I ran into Larry again when I was at UT Austin and he was an Aggie - tradition enemies, just like we were when I was at Narimasu during my sophomore and junior years! Hey Georgia, Cindy P, do you remember freshman gym class together Are you out there

Name: Sharon (Coffin) Woods
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: California
Time: 1998-12-01 17:19:51
Comments: Reunion in Las Vegas - Fantastic!!!!! I went to Yamato from 1962 until graduation in '65, cept missed the ceremonies as our go home flight left at 10 the night before graduation. The '65 yearbook has Rosamunde Hooper's name under the wrong person. The last I heard (long ago), her last name is Greer and she lives in one of the Carolina's Victoria Bell's last name is now Carey. I work for a school district in the Accounting Dept. We went from Tachi to St. Louis Mo & then to Florida. I have been married to the same guy for 26 years, have 3 boys and 2 grandchildren. I would love to hear from anyone by e-mail or regular mail. 19270 Reavis Way Prunedale, CA 93907 or

Name: Jeri (Geraldine) Dixon Steele
From: Atlanta, GA
Time: 1998-11-30 04:01:44
Comments: Attended as freshman 68 - 69. Moved to Okinawa and graduated from Kubasaki High School in '73. I was born in Japan, and went to the following schools, Yoyogi Elementary (for Kindergarten), Green Park Elementary (I remember Judy Takahashi, and Cynthia Rowry as friends there). Also Tachikawa Middle and then Yamato High. My brother Charlie Dixon '72, and I went to school by train, and walked to school from the nearby train station. My friends that I remember were Caroline Hamasaka (I still get Christmas cards from her yearly), Lolita Rios, Diane Desaki, Bill Gale, Aileen Shimomura, Nancy Houston, Linda Boyle, Stan Yamaguchi. I live in Atlanta with my husband and 3 kids (16, 14, 11). Would love to hear from my former classmates. Jeri Dixon Steele

Name: Engle, Nancy Noble
Time: 1998-11-25 02:40:30
Comments: Had to change my e-mail address - had my work address listed and spent too much time having fun! So now at my home address. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. My Best Regards

Name: Sheryl Tullis Hayes
From: New Orleans
Time: 1998-11-24 18:52:22
Comments: As a 1967 Yamoto High School graduate, it was a pleasure to visit a part of my past. I would really enjoy hearing from old friends.

Time: 1998-11-19 15:16:59

Name: Helen Goodwin Ahn
Time: 1998-11-18 15:39:00
Comments: I was a junior at Yamato in '73 and then graduated from Chofu in '74. Great memories. Was it really 25 years ago

Time: 1998-11-17 14:36:02

Name: Marla (Dey) Warner
Time: 1998-11-15 17:42:56
Comments: Thanks to Mike Skidmore who referred me to this site. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from my days at Johnson High School and Yamato High School, where I graduated in '69. I can't believe that next year marks the 30th anniversary of my graduation from high school! I'd love to make contact with those I've lost touch with over the years! Marla

Name: Patricia A Marchand Ritter
From: Acworth Ga
Time: 1998-11-11 04:29:49
Comments: I think this great to be able to reach people you went to school with in another country. Those were great years for me.

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: Broken Arrow Ok.
Time: 1998-11-10 18:40:07
Comments: looking for Kathy Burns and Bob Maze both graduated from Yamato in 1970. i was at Tachi twice from 1958-1962 and went back in 1967 and graduated in 1969. those were the happiest years of my life, if i had a wish, i would do it all over again....with a few changes....haha. "SKIDS"

Name: Rebecca Coyne Mangnall
Time: 1998-11-08 14:59:31
Comments: Gee whiz. What to say I'm still in Colorado, still teaching Spanish at Glenwood Springs High, retiring in four years max and moving to Boulder area, divorced due to a divinely inspired act, a grandmother, tough mountain mama (chuckle), and caretaker of canines and equines. I would love to hear from you! Becky

Name: Dolores A. (Carbonaro) Cervone
From: Napa, CA
Time: 1998-11-05 21:38:10
Comments: I attended Yamato in the 8th Grade, then moved to Narimasu for the 9th and 10th Grades. My older brother Stephen attended Yamato, he was one year older than I am. Stephen passed away in May 1988. Please contact the Webmaster for this site, if you would like my phone number or mailing address. I am not currently connected to the internet. Hoping to hear from any Yamato Warriors that remember me or my brother. Loren also has the addresses for Kay (Cowan) Stricklin and Dixie (Dale) Gordon.

Name: Jan Garrison Johanson
From: San Rafael, CA
Time: 1998-11-02 01:34:52
Comments: Just reading some of the "memories" of former Yamatoites." They brought back some memories of my own: Driving 35! miles an hour on the perimeter road from East to West side of base. Being frightened on that road on May Day when rocks were thrown at my car. Bowling on the East side and doing homework in that library (the West side was impossible). Midnight movies, stealing sailors hats (I still feel guilty). Of course the Teen Club. I lived right next door. I loved the dance contests and local bands and Sat. nite when Top Twenty came on. I loved eating pizza and Chinese food in Tachikawa City. And that's just the beginning of memories.

Name: Dolly Powers (Margaret Conway)
From: Colorado
Time: 1998-11-01 01:53:08
Comments: Hello fellow Warriors! This site is unbelievable--I thought it was great that I have come across three fellow Warriors (Martha Corum, Paul Maruyama and Bob Durham) in all these years but now look at all of you out there. I have always been in touch with my closest friend from Yamato - June Sprague Walker. I don't know how many of you remember that the year YHS opened - the 8th grade was there. We were kept separate from all the high schoolers--in a separate wing. The next year no 8th grade so we were still the "babies". I had to leave in May 1963 and didn't get to graduate..always a disappointment. I wouldn't trade those years for anything. I now work for the United Airlies pilot training center here in Denver. Had to go to work for United so we could still travel. My husband has been retired from the Air Force for 10 years and I can't get used to being in one place for this long. We have two children - Tammy 25 and Jim 23. No grandkids - yet. For those of you who put this site together - Thanks! !! My year books were ruined in a flood while we were stationed in Italy. It has been fun to look at them online!! I doubt any of you would remember me I was pretty quiet back then. If I do remember right, tho, Skip Abel had a boxer named Patsy and lived across the street from my friend June--I was scared to death of that dog and she always came running over to visit--not scared of boxers anymore. Also, Paul Maruyama said Xavier was living in CA. Look forward to the reunion in Las Vegas.

Name: Terrance M. Davis
Referred by: AOL
From: Midwest City, Oklahoma
Time: 1998-10-28 21:28:12
Comments: Johnson High School, 1961-1964 (Yakota AFB)

Name: Mark A. Marshall
From: Colorado
Time: 1998-10-28 07:33:48
Comments: Yamato 68 - 69. Hung around Tachi thru 1971. Pretty good times back then! Hangin in Colorado these days...bout the closest I can get to Mt. Fuji.

Name: Judy Noakes Madison
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Bosie, Idaho
Time: 1998-10-25 12:00:47
Comments: I graduate in 1963 from yamato, and remembered alot of the people from 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, cause I was there from 1961-64 and I have missed alot of my friends, I have been intouch with Loren Collett and talk to Danny Iki, Charlie Moy and a few more you. I am attending the mini reunion next month and the one in 1999 also, please e-mail or my # is 1-208-331-0715, address is 2760 E. Red Cedar Ln. #303, Bosie, Idaho 83716-6655. Will be glad to see you all later, Judy

Name: Neil Alterman
From: Fairfax, VA
Time: 1998-10-25 02:24:36
Comments: First of all, congratulations to Charlie Moy on the recent birth of his newest grandson, Charles Moy II. Got the pictures Charlie and their beautiful. Next, Loren and Harriet have done a marvelous job on this web page and I am on it every day to check in and see who has come aboard. Have recently been in touch with both Patricia Bale, English teacher, and Stanley Arlton, Math teacher, and both are still teaching. Mrs. Bale lives in Colorado Springs, CO and Mr. Arlton lives in Fergus Falls, MN. Both are doing well. They were my two favorite teachers when I graduated in 62. Have recently been in touch with a number of people from both Loren's and Charlies spreadsheets and look forward to updates right after the mini-reunion. Have been in touch with Barry Klien, Penny Skordas Haskins, Chris Hardy, and several others. My wife is getting pissed about my phone bill, but it is worth it. If I haven't called you yet, I will. My kids think it's funny watching dear old Dad looking up people on the web, but they are young enough and close enough to many of the kids they went to school not to understand what it means. This web page and guest book bring back memories that will be etched indelibly in my mind, what little there is of it. Would still like to find Lynn Riebe, Jeanne Scribner, Peggy Poston, and Xavier Maruyama. If anybody knows their whereabouts, please give me a call at (703) 846-2160 during the day, or (703) 321-9252 at night.

Name: Garrett Polhamus
From: San Antonio, TX
Time: 1998-10-22 01:27:22
Comments: Attended Yamato 64-66 as a Soph/Junior. Current address: 104 Grand Oak, San Antonio, TX 78232, tel. 210/545-2013. Married 22 years to Hattie Tangman of New Orleans -- 2 kids, both freshman -- 1 in high school, 1 at U of TX. Retired from the USAF in 97. Currently with Litton TASC doing research at Brooks AFB. Loren and helpers, great job on this website -- looking forward to making contact again with some old buddies.

Name: Tom Hoffman
From: Sunrise, Florida
Time: 1998-10-20 14:11:10

Name: Bob Estrada
From: Boston
Time: 1998-10-16 21:39:18
Comments: Attended Yamato 62 & 63. Class of 65. Became an avid sports fan thru our championship football and basketball teams. Glad to have found Yamato's website. You've done a great job with it.

Name: Charlie Moy
From: Greensboro, NC
Time: 1998-10-14 05:55:12
Comments: Hi, Warriors from far and wide! It's amazing that so many of you have gotten to be so old. Maybe I am having residual effects from oxygen deprivation from four climbs of Mt. Fuji, the last of which was Mr. Arlton's expedition with his world-famous bicycle. Or I might have been in the Yamato AS darkroom too often and developed high toxicity. At any rate, I must be fairly close to the mean age, because I did graduate in 1963 - with the best class in school history, I must add. After two years of college, I embarked on a 20+ year career in the Air Force, picking up a couple of engineering degrees and a commission in the process. I've been an engineering and program manager with AT&T/Lucent Technologies/ General Dynamics since 1986. I've been married to my best friend for 33 years and have a wonderful family: a son, two daughters, a grandson, four granddaughters, and another grandson due at any moment. We enjoy golf, tennis, travel, reading, music, and still a little photography. We are very excited to renew contact with fellow classmates and look forward to the reunion(s)!! Write or call any time - 900 Haddington Court, Stoney Creek, NC 27377, (336) 449-9049.

Time: 1998-10-14 04:07:58

Name: Kathleen M. Klinger
From: Tualatin Oregon
Time: 1998-10-13 16:05:38
Comments: Hello Warriors! I graduated with the class of 1962! Where are all my classmates! Please e-mail me! Or call me at 503-692-5721 I would love to here from all of you! Yes, I plan on going to the reunion in 1999! Sounds like a lot of fun!!!!

Name: Chris Hardy
From: Occoqaun, VA
Time: 1998-10-13 15:42:32
Comments: does any one know where Tom Hoffman is Thomas H. Hoffman ('64). please e mail me..chris

Name: David E. Klinger
Referred by: Net Search
Time: 1998-10-12 21:51:20
Comments: I attended Yamato High School from '61-'63. My freshman and sophomore years. We left Tachikawa AFB the summer of '63 and I graduated from Vanden High School (Travis AFB) in'65. I spent 9 years in college (long trip,another story) but have been teaching the last 19 years at a prison for boys, on the wet coast, in Washington State. I still watch sumo on the satellite from Japan and saw an ad for IBM in Yamato. So, I started a net search and came up with this wonderful site. There was a sumo named Yamato who retired this year. For all the people who have worked on this site, kudo's. Yes, I do plan on attending the reunion in 1999. My sister, Kathy M. Klinger, graduated in '62 from Yamato HS. I have some wonderful memories from Yamato, Tachikawa and Japan! Anyone who remembers, please e-mail. By the way, just who did steal the VR-7 anchor and put it in the Officer's swimming pool at Tachikawa AFB And who else necked in the overstuffed chairs in the kids room at the Tachi AFB theater And just what was the reason they closed school when the wind came from the wrong direction

Name: Susan Blake
From: Danville, California
Time: 1998-10-10 23:44:17
Comments: Go Warriors!

Name: Dr. Chris Hardy
From: Occoquan,VA
Time: 1998-10-09 14:35:11
Comments: Carl Hardy (my older brother) and I were contacted and told about the Yamato web page. If any one needs to contact him, you can e mai me. Carl lives in Shreveport, LA; I live in VA. Chris

Name: Jan Garrison Johanson
From: San Rafael, CA
Time: 1998-10-08 04:20:05
Comments: I received a postcard from Loren and found out about this site. I am a Nurse Practitioner and run a GYN clinic for the County Health Dept. It is fun and BUSY. I have recently taken up golf and am obsessed. I also play tennis, hike and bike some. It is fun to hear what people are doing now.

Name: Harriet Kaufman-Collett
From: Southern California
Time: 1998-10-08 04:10:34
Comments: Hi everyone. I told Loren that I wanted to be the 100th person to sign the guestbook and here I am. I have already met many of you through emails that I answer in order to help Loren. Believe me, maintaining this page is a tremendous amount of work and a true labor of love. I am really proud of the beautful page my guy has created.I hope to talk to many more of you in the next few months and look forward to meeting lots of you at the mini reunion and in Vegas next year. Harriet

Name: Sheri Sutton Watson
From: Pensacola
Time: 1998-10-08 02:08:16
Comments: I went to Yamato in 1970 and 1971 I graduated in 1974

Name: Skip Abel
Time: 1998-10-06 21:33:41
Comments: Let me correct this email address asap. It is

Name: Nancy Noble Engle
From: Vacaville, CA
Time: 1998-10-06 03:27:38
Comments: How great to be in touch again! Thanks to those of you for your hard work in putting this together! I graduated from San Rafael HS in 1965 (left Yamato after my sophomore year in 1963). I moved from Texas to California in 1989 and remarried. Tim is my husband and between us we have 4 sons and 3 grandbabies - Fun! I work in Davis for an international nonprofit, Freedom from Hunger, as the Personnel and Benefits administrator. Tim works for the State of California. We spend our spare time keeping up with my parents here in Vacaville and traveling to Texas to see grandkids. I would really enjoy hearing from everyone. Address: 850 Morissette Way, Vacaville, CA 95687, (707) 447-3008.

Name: Diane Roberts Atherton
From: atlanta
Time: 1998-10-05 23:57:16
Comments: Hi.....just adding to my original...hello to everyone who has signed since I first answer Skip Abel...I have addresses for Lauren and Holly but not Freddie. Email me if you would like them. I tried to email you using the above address but was unsuccessful. Maybe this route will work. :~)

Name: Skip Abel
Time: 1998-10-05 22:08:55
Comments: Hey - does anyone know where either Freddie Correll or Linda Allen are

Name: Greg Hartman
From: Fountain, CO
Time: 1998-10-04 05:08:50
Comments: I went to Chofu High School, but my brother, Clifford Hartman went to Yamato High School. He was in the class of '64. I'll call him and see if he is interested in contacting you all.

Name: Yo Aizawa
From: Hamilton, New York
Time: 1998-10-03 19:44:43
Comments: I'm here, thanks to Chuck Moy. I'm in touch with Ernie Singer, so I'll try to get him on board, along with may be two or three others, namely Jim Stills and Gloria Lynch.

Name: Chuck Jordan
Time: 1998-10-01 23:38:28
Comments: Hi again...checking in. Not online yet, working through a friend's computer. Hope we get this reunion together. Looking forward to seeing the So. Cal. people at the Orange CA mini-reunion. Thanks a bunch, will check in later! Chuck Jordan (BNA)

Name: Paulette (Peacher) Lathan
From: Sacramento, California
Time: 1998-10-01 08:05:00
Comments: Looking forward to another reunion. Attended the one in 1987 in Colorado.

Name: Gwen Robinson Simpson
From: 286-11 Eschelon, Voorhees Township, NJ., 08043
Time: 1998-10-01 05:17:57
Comments: Hi everyone. I do not have access to e-mail yet. You can e-mail me thru Jan Garrison Johanson or write to 286-11 Echelon Rd., Voorhees Township, NJ., 08043. Tel: 609-772-5906. I would love to hear from people.

Name: Steve Svenvold
Website: Isle of View
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Seattle, WA.
Time: 1998-09-30 03:53:16
Comments: Nice job! It takes a lot of work and dedication to build something like this and I'm sure that all of us warriors are grateful. Keep up the good work and I hope to hear from some of you!

Name: Joseph Roussin
Time: 1998-09-29 05:58:52
Comments: Attended YHS from 66 thru 69.

Name: Larry Berman
Website: Chofu Talk
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: San Antonio Tex
Time: 1998-09-26 03:27:00
Comments: Chofu High School Forever

Name: joe anderson
From: CHOFU..Vikings now Sacramento, CA
Time: 1998-09-25 23:21:07
Comments: Just another Chofu Viking spying on the enemy! Great site you have, thanks for the hospitality. Joe '71

Name: B. Houston
From: San Francisco Bay Area
Time: 1998-09-25 11:00:03
Comments: Followed a link from Yokota HS site to get here. Thank you for setting this up! Went to Yamato HS soph/junior 68~`70 (Pres. of Amateur Radio Club) Went to Chofu HS fresh. 67~68 What ever happened to the base where Yamato was If you know me, try the site board or:

Name: Jan Garrison Johanson
Referred by: SimpleNet
From: San Rafael, CA
Time: 1998-09-24 01:10:38
Comments: Hi everyone. This is the greatest thing since grits!! I am so excited about re-establishing contact with so many dear people. I am a Nurse Practitioner and run a gynecology clinic. I have been married to Buz for 27 years. We have 2 kids, ages 25 and 23. We have one granddog.

Name: Steven Liljedahl
From: Moreno Valley, Ca.
Time: 1998-09-23 05:06:37
Comments: Any plans on a reunion

Name: Tom Cozine
Website: Tom Alyce and Kevins Homepage
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: San francisco, CA
Time: 1998-09-21 18:34:31
Comments: Would love to hear from anyone who's attended Kubasaki Nine on Okinawa, Yamato, Chofu or Zama HS. I've attended all of the above and would love to know where some of my classmates have gone!

Name: David Peacher TallEagle
From: Lancaster CA
Time: 1998-09-21 04:00:25
Comments: I'm from 1st class of 1960. Teaching now for 30 yrs great job looking forward to getting togethjer with warriors . thanks Loren David

Name: Bill Hoy
From: amarillo, tx
Time: 1998-09-21 01:28:45
Comments: Practicing attorney,married 29 years to Marianne with two children: William A Hoy,IV a practicing attorney in Chicago, and Katherine, a senior in college at TCU. An avid racquetball player, photographer and long time player of golf as well as a fly fisherman. Would enjoy catching up with old friends.

Name: Diane Roberts Atherton
From: atlanta
Time: 1998-09-20 10:30:26
Comments: Hello all from the home of the Braves, CocaCola, Tara, and CNN.....isn't this great Been here since '71. Two grown sons and two granddaughters. I am an RN-Legal Nurse Consultant and photographer. Sharon Wolfe and I have remained good friends and travel buddies. I still keep tabs with Bill Hoy and John Kennedy, and, recently found Joel Mills address. I can hardly wait for the next reunion. Would love to hear from others....

Name: Terri Sutton Springfield
From: Boaz, Al.
Time: 1998-09-20 06:40:22
Comments: I was class of "73". Hoping to find old classmates.

Name: don trent
From: behind your mind
Time: 1998-09-20 01:36:18
Comments: the world is our oyster..we lived in some good places and lived in some slimy places

Name: Paulette (Peacher) Lathan
From: Sacramento, California
Time: 1998-09-19 07:03:16
Comments: Class of 1961. Participated in band and choir. Looking forward to the reunion. Heard from Phyllis (Sims) and would like to know if anyone knows where Wanda Buster, Cecilia Curtis, Ellen and Bea Scanlon and members of choir and band might be.

Name: RaAnn Smith Hillis
From: Dickson, TN
Time: 1998-09-19 02:24:05
Comments: Yamato High School Class of 1972

Name: Frank Roberts
From: Austin, Texas
Time: 1998-09-18 05:10:50
Comments: Yamato High School, class of 1971

Name: Neil Alterman
From: Fairfax, VA
Time: 1998-09-17 14:40:24
Comments: Graduated from Yamato in 62 and came back as staff assistant in 63. Now living in Fairfax, VA. Married to the same wonderful lady for almost 25 years. Have five beautiful daughters and a 19-month old grand-daughter. After returning to the US in 64 went to the Univ of MD and got into engineering. First classes were programming and was asked to assist professor in teaching it. Have been in computers ever since. Now going on 35 years in the data processing environment, I wouldn't know what else to do. Have been in touch with Stanley Arlton, now living in Fergus Falls, MN, and still teaching math and sciences. I am trying to find the following: Ron Green, Xavier Maruyama, Lynn Riebe, Jan Garrison, Paul Berube, Carol Edwards, Jim Holland, Archie Jordan, Berty Klos, Peggy Poston, Katrina Wehking, Linne Royal, and Jeannie Scribner. If anyone knows where they are or has any information, please let me know. I can be reached at (703) 846-2160 from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern time, or at (703) 321-9252 after 6:00 PM eastern time. Loren, I think your doing a great job and I really appreciate the way in which you are pulling us together. Call me if you need any help from the east coast.

Name: Jazzbo
Website: Dragon's Roar - Narimasu '58-'60
Referred by: From a Friend
From: El Lay
Time: 1998-09-17 01:34:57
Comments: Great web site, Loren! The annual photos are ichi-ban! Looks like lotsa Narimasu folks went to Yamato in '60 and '61. Stop by & check out my humor cyber-zine, "The Dragon's Roar" at Lots of pics of Tokyo from 1958-60, some from the class of '70, a bunch from Tokyo today. Plus lots of stories about a wild bunch of brats on the loose!

Name: Cheryl Ogan Johnson
Website: Welcome to the World of Massage Therapy and Reflexology
Referred by: AOL
From: Virginia
Time: 1998-09-16 05:52:40
Comments: So nice to see a homepage for Yamato High School. I'm also looking for graduates of Narimasu High School, especially the class of 1962.

Name: Mike Wargo
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Friday Harbor, Washington
Time: 1998-09-16 05:10:28
Comments: Great Idea! I attended YHS my last 3 years of high school, graduating class of '71'. I've lived in western Washington since 1977 and would love to hear from anyone else in the Seattle area. Anybody ever hear from Don Gaddy '70' or the Cook twins (Marta & Marsha) '72'.

Name: Rick Yamada-Lapides
Time: 1998-09-16 04:33:10
Comments: Yamato '69

Name: mike skidmore
From: class of 1969
Time: 1998-09-16 01:23:22
Comments: at the mini reunion, would like to find kathy burns and bob maze both from the class of 1970, mike skidmore

Name: Robert Goodwin
From: Kaiserslautern, Germany
Time: 1998-09-15 14:56:37
Comments: Great to see these websites. I started off high school at Yamato in '72-73, just in time to see it close. In any case, what a great time. Hope to make contact with old friends and see how everyone is doing.

Name: david strausser
From: winston-salem n.c.
Time: 1998-09-15 12:38:01
Comments: Hello Warriors. Most of you don't/won't know me but I will post this anyway. I attended YHS from 71-73 when the school was closed for good. I went to Yokota high school for junior and half my senior year and graduated from a high school in NH. I was in the navy from 75-82 and I am a product designer, automotive group,AMP inc here in NC. I attended a reunion with overseas brats in DC in 96 with some people who attended YHS in the early seventies. I was married for the first time in 94 and am the proud papa of twin girls, seven and a half months old.

Name: Roger Young
From: San Antonio, TX
Time: 1998-09-15 11:03:17
Comments: Class of 72

Name: Tom Spalding
From: Boynton Beach, Florida
Time: 1998-09-14 20:45:30
Comments: Bill Thompson told me about this website and I'm glad he did. I graduated in '63 and after college and the Air Force I moved to south Florida where I've been in the tropical plant business ever since. My wife and I have two kids 25 and 28 with no grand kids or prospects.I attended the Colorado Springs reunion and I've been after Bill to do another one ever since.

Name: Ed Diaz
Website: VUSD Child Nutrition Services
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Ventura, CA
Time: 1998-09-14 19:52:37
Comments: Grettings to all classmates of YHS, and especially class of '64. I am living on the beautiful Gold Coast in Ventura with my wife of 20 years and two daughters, age 16 and 19. I am the Director of Child Nutrition Services for Ventura Unified School District and responsible for feeding 17,000 kids per day. Look forward to our next reunion. I still love football and remember the great season of 1963 when Bill Booth, a halfback, was chased down from behind by a large chubby lineman in the Johnson HS game! Bill will have to post his version of the story. See you all at our next reunion.

Name: Milton Cooper
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Pinetop, Arizona
Time: 1998-09-13 17:44:34
Comments: Any of my highschool friends can write me at: William Cooper c/o 101.1 FM c/o P.O. Box 940 Eagar, Arizona 85925

Name: Louis Padgug
Website: Lou's Cosmic Connection
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Sacramento, California
Time: 1998-09-13 00:55:29
Comments: I attended Yamato HS from 69-71 and graduated in the States in 1973.

Name: Michael L. Moneymaker
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Sacramento, CA
Time: 1998-09-12 14:22:15
Comments: Yamato grad: 1960. It's good to know that so many classmates are still around.

Name: Eddie Koga
From: Los Angeles, CA
Time: 1998-09-12 05:39:14
Comments: Loren, thanks for letting me know about YHS site. I visited the guestbook and see that this place is primarily for the older alumni. Like many of you, I too went from Green Park Elementary to Tachikawa Middle to Yamato High. Unfortunately after my junior year at June 1973, Yamato closed its doors. So I went on to the newly created Yokota High as the first graduating class -- 1974 -- but it wasn't Yamato ... so I accelerated my graduation to one semester at Yokota. I only recognize couple of names here -- Hi Charlie & Hi Grace -- since while the majority was at Yamato ... pre 60's I wasn't even at Green Park. Since graduation, I've been here and there and now at Los Angeles on the left coast of USA. There are several Yamato alumnis and we meet every so often. During our next get together I'll inform others of this site. Loren, you ought to go over to and advertise your webpage. There are groups of Yamato alumni listed there and yes, majority are from your class years. I think the site is at

Name: Grace (Gale) Nagamine
From: Born in Tokyo, currently in California
Time: 1998-09-12 04:25:16
Comments: Thank you, Loren, for letting me know about this site! I have signed on to some of the other school-site guestbooks, but I didn't know a Yamato Guestbook existed. I attended Yamato during the '72-'73 school year when I was a freshman. Yamato closed their doors, and most of us went on to the brand new Yokota High School. I have an older brother, Bill Gale, who graduated that year, '73. Hi Charlie! Sorry I didn't get Bill's address to you on time! I just attended the Yokota Reunion in Dallas in August. I'm a '76 grad of Yokota. I'm looking forward to finding out about the upcoming Yamato Reunion! I'm in the youngest class that attended Yamato, so I may not know anyone, but that's okay.

Name: Charlie Dixon
Time: 1998-09-12 04:08:13
Comments: whoops, made a booboo in the previous post... Karl Koga was a '72 grad and Bill Gale was a '73 grad.

Name: Charlie Dixon
Website: Therapeutic Recreation Directory
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Morgantown, WV
Time: 1998-09-12 03:32:02
Comments: Wonderful to see a Yamato HS web site!!! I went to Washington Heights Elem, Green Park Elementary, Tachikawa Middle School, Yamato High (70 & 71), and graduated from Kubaskaki HS in 72. Just this year, I visited Japan and met some Japanese friends that I played baseball with. They drove me around and took me to where Green Park school and base used to be located. The rush hour traffic kept us from visiting the base where YHS used to be. My friend, Bill Gale ('75) still lives in Tokyo, however, I was not able to hook up with him. A couple of years ago, I tracked down and met Karl Koga ('74) in North Carolina. I've been in touch off and on with Kevin Cooney ('74). Would love to hear from my other Warrior friends!!

Name: Ron Schwartz
Referred by: AOL
From: Las Vegas, NV
Time: 1998-09-12 02:24:09
Comments: Looking for Doris Tuck, anyone know where she is

Name: Brenda (Pickle) Wilcox
From: Tualatin, Oregon
Time: 1998-09-11 18:06:32
Comments: A big HI to all you long lost Warriors out there and THANK YOU Loren for all your hard work! I graduated in the class of '63. Have three children - daughter 28 w/a one month old grandson; son 21 w/a 10 month old grandson; and a daughter 18 who is leaving for college next week. Have been a legal assistant for over 20 years. Currently working from home and helping raise my grandsons! Great Fun!! Looking forward to communicating with some of you and seeing ALL of you in Vegas in 1999. This is so exciting to make this connection after all these years. Let's help Loren round up some more of the lost. My address is 8900 SW Sweek Drive, #1627, Tualatin, Oregon 97062 for those of you without email. My phone number is (503) 885-1512. Let's visit!!

Website: GO WARRIORS!!
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1998-09-11 04:14:30
Comments: Hello to my fellow classmates, this may be signing in #2, however, we do need to get together again! I attended the '87 reunion which was wonderful- thanks, Bill Thompson. Diane Roberts ('64) and I hosted a small one in '94. I have lived in Colorado for the past 30 yrs, have 2 daughters, divorced 3 times (to make up for all the happily married couples out there) have had a wonderful career in diagnostic medicine. I'm an avid gardener and photographer...Diane and I cruise the West in our quest for that perfect photograph. We are in touch with Bill Hoy, Ed Diaz, Becky Coyne...looking for Skip Stone and Ronnie Swisher...and Dave Steiner, are you out there still making wine in N. California Let's get together again......Sharon Wolfe, Class of 1964

Name: Wayne Durham
From: El Paso TX
Time: 1998-09-10 15:55:10
Comments: Love it!

Name: Daniel H. Iki
Time: 1998-09-10 07:47:33
Comments: I guess it is time for me to sign the guest book. Class of '63' After leaving Japan, I returned home to Hawaii and have resided here since. I have two daughters 18 & 24. I after graduating I took up electronics and have had several business since. I currently have a business dealing with the internet and also providing connections for others. My primary work is with International Marketing and Internet. I am a consultant for Sony in Hawaii and work with three other corporations. Unfortunately .... I am still trying to make ends meet. I have kept the data-base for years and now Loren has most of the info. I did have several people put there addresses in my year book at one of the reunions and so I will be updating those soon. My e-mail address is for those who do not have a provider and want to get connected. Thanks Loren.... You are doing a great job. Guys..... what he is doing takes a lot of time.... I know.... Dan

Name: Sharon Walley
Referred by: Net Search
From: Longview, Texas
Time: 1998-09-10 03:28:32
Comments: Hi from Sharon Walley YHS Class of '62. I just found this web site and was happy to read about all of you! I married in '67, moved to Saudi Arabia in '78, where I taught school. Returned in '88 to Texas and am currently a nurse which I love. I have 3 daughters, and 4 grandchildren. And am happily married [to the same old fart] for 31 years! LOL I would love to hear from any of you, and hope you are all doing well. I would appreciate any information about Pam [Pammy Lou] Michaelson, or Cathy McLean-- not sure about name spellings. Please feel free to e-mail me or call me at (903) 759-3212.

Name: Jack Mumma
From: Beloit, Wisconsin
Time: 1998-09-09 16:44:45
Comments: Welcome all Warriors. Attended Yamato from 60 '-62'. As a member of the Class of 62' I had often thought of the old times, old classmates and friends that were part of your life 35+ years ago and 10,000 miles away, and where everyone is now. Well Loren, you have provided all of us with a "Yamato Today"! You have done a great job in the design and layout for all of us to use. In June of 62' we got relocated to Hickam AFB Hawaii. During the Summer of 63' I was able to go back to Japan, for 2 months, thanks to space available aboard MSTS ships. In 64' we were transferred to Scott AFB near St. Louis. Spent 32 years in St. Louis. Great City! Have worked with the same Company since 1966. In 1996, we were relocated to our new parent companies North American Hdqtrs. in Beloit WI. Great summers! Cheryl and I have been married for 30 years, this November and together we have five children, three boys (Jason 27, Chris 19, Tim 17) and two girls (Sarah 21 and Elizabeth 15). Three are still in St. Louis. A nyone wanting to renew old times or just to say "HI" just e:mail me. Loren, again thank you for the time and heart that you have used to develop this Yamato Warriors Site.

Time: 1998-09-08 22:10:24
Comments: Must have had a "glitch" in the e-mail address, would love to hear from any of you-this address should be good

Name: Jim Balentine
From: San Antonio
Time: 1998-09-08 21:04:54
Comments: Seeing the pictures of former (I refuse to use the word "old") classmates is a pleasure and brings back many fond memories of school. I would love to hear from anybody who might remember me... I was a junior in '64, did my senior year in Oklahoma (Midwest City). I also had two brothers who went to Yamato, Tony and Bruce.

Name: Byron Gricius
Referred by: NewsGroups
From: Centreville, VA
Time: 1998-09-07 05:21:57
Comments: Attended Yamato from 1968-1971. I still have my 70 and 71 Katanas!

Name: Peter Phelps
From: San Diego, CA
Time: 1998-09-06 21:31:53
Comments: Class of '63. Attended from beginning of YHS until rotation in '62.

Name: Milton Cooper
Time: 1998-09-06 20:19:53
Comments: Hi I was in the class of 61. I was amazed to see all the pictures of my old classmates and friends. I lost my yearbooks many years ago. Please get in touch. Milton

Name: James F Hyatt
Website: Yokohama Am / Nile Kinnick HS (YO-HI) Alumni
Referred by: Net Search
From: Clarksville, TN 37042
Time: 1998-09-06 02:06:40
Comments: Congratulations on creating an excellent site, and joining all of us who attended school in Japan - a common experience and bonding none of us shall ever forget. In 1947/48 (when I attended and graduated from Yokohama Am High Sch - YO-HI) Meguro, your original school, was our competitor, then Narimasu, and when they shut down your school took it's place. We share the same unique experience and join you in celebration of our history. I invite you to visit our YO-HI web site where some of your history is displayed, and we "link" to you as many of our visitors attended Yamato and comment about it and Yamato. We hope you will establish a link to us, so that classmates from either school can be found.

Name: Linda Garrett Thompson
From: Fountain Valley, Ca.92708
Time: 1998-09-05 22:46:03

Name: Bob Clifford
From: Olympia, Wa
Time: 1998-09-05 18:45:54
Comments: Whoa!!!! GREAT JOB, Loren!!!! I'm totally stoaked! YES! This far surpasses anything I imagined. Wow!I'm curious where you gotthe 65 yearbook; from Andy Yoshita Why don't you open it to the other years too. I have lots of other addresses (like I said, many are over 10 years old) for other years. also some for teachers too. Our class has a fairly recently checked address list, but not much as far as email addesses goes (although I'm sure more people have one now than in 95.) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN.I will be puting out the word, so expect lots of people signing in. Bob Clifford

Name: Larry Hess
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Huber Heights, OH
Time: 1998-09-05 01:45:20
Comments: Graduated from Yamato in '62. Went back to the states for college then back to Japan for my father's last year at HQ 5 AF. Lived at Fuchu, went to the teen clubs at Fuchu, Green Park, and Tachi. Rotated back to Wright-Patterson AFB with my family in '64. Was in the Army from 69-80, now work at Wright-Patt, so does my brother Alan. Always wondered what happened to the Yamato gang. Call me at (937) 233-1807 - Home or (937) 904-0032 - Office. Looking forward to a reunion.

Name: John McNeill
Website: Still thinking on it
Referred by: Clicked on a 'Guestbooks by GuestWorld' Button
From: Sandy Utah.
Time: 1998-09-04 23:53:16
Comments: The fun part of being a BRAT is that it's a real challenge to find old friends. Keep in touch.

Name: Johbn Dale Kennedy
Time: 1998-09-04 17:45:25
Comments: Diane Roberts Atherton knows several people from Yamato. Her Email is

Name: John Dale Kennedy
Website: Sangamon Auditorium (work)
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Originally Long Beach, Ca. Now in Springfield, Ill
Time: 1998-09-04 17:39:13
Comments: So who are you Can't tell from your great page. Thanks for finding me.

Name: Barry L. Klein
From: Atlanta
Time: 1998-09-04 03:34:13
Comments: I would like to chat with my classmates. It was a real surprise to see the cover of the Katana on this web site. I keep my copy on my computer table. Regards to my fellow Yamato graduates. Barry Klein Atlanta

Name: Charlotte Blake Pleggenkuhle
From: El Segundo, California
Time: 1998-09-02 05:48:54
Comments: "Overseas Brats" - Class of 1962

Name: Kathleen(Kay) Killian (Young)
From: Topeka, Kansas
Time: 1998-09-02 00:16:15
Comments: I attended Yamato for my freshman and sophomore yrs. During 1965-1968. I have been trying to find out info and people from my years there, and havent had much luck. Then just found out about this site from a friend who was there when I was. It is so great to see somebody take the time to creat a website for all of us.

Name: Kathleen(Kay) Killian (Young)
From: Topeka, Kansas
Time: 1998-09-02 00:13:56
Comments: I attended Yamato for my freshman and sophomore yrs. During 1965-1968. I have been trying to find out info and people from my years there, and havent had much luck. Then just found out about this site from a friend who was there when I was. It is so great to see somebody take the time to creat a website for all of us.

Name: Bob Mutu
From: Colorado Springs
Time: 1998-09-01 03:29:35
Comments: Looking for old tomodachis!!!! 66 was a GREAT year

Name: Stephanie Knowles Cowden
From: Fort Worth, Texas
Time: 1998-08-31 18:00:53
Comments: Attended Yamato High from '60 to '62, but left in Dec. '62 and graduated in Warner Robins, Georgia. Married in '68 and just celebrated our 30th anniversary. Have two wonderful sons and a husband that retired from the Air Force after 22 years. We lived at Robins AFB, Georgia, were stationed at Anderson AFB, Guam for three years (including a huge typhoon), stationed at Carswell AFB, Texas where my husband retired from the AF. Would love to hear from classmates of '61-62.

Name: Stephanie
From: Fort Worth, Texas
Time: 1998-08-31 17:59:18
Comments: Attended Yamato High from '60 to '62, but left in Dec. '62 and graduated in Warner Robins, Georgia. Married in '68 and just celebrated our 30th anniversary. Have two wonderful sons and a husband that retired from the Air Force after 22 years. We lived at Robins AFB, Georgia, were stationed at Anderson AFB, Guam for three years (including a huge typhoon), stationed at Carswell AFB, Texas where my husband retired from the AF. Would love to hear from classmates of '61-62.

Name: Nancy Wilson Becker
Website: Moffet Homestead
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Arizona
Time: 1998-08-31 05:01:09
Comments: Hi to all of you who view this and thanks Loren for your caring effort and the time you've given to bring this vehicle to all of's great! I'll be visiting often. Yamato, class of '65.

Name: bud hamer
From: tulsa, okla
Time: 1998-08-31 02:28:54
Comments: myself and a few friends who attended yamato high in the late 60's and early 70's are trying to locate some of the friends we've lost contact with, one in particular, robert allen maze (bob)

Name: Michael (mike) Skidmore
From: class of 1969
Time: 1998-08-30 18:19:13
Comments: Great!!! we have a web site...have been hoping someone would start one. anyone going to the overseasbrats reunion in dallas in aug 1999, hope so...

Name: Sharon Alana Wolfe
Website: Let's get together again!!
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Littleton, Colorado
Time: 1998-08-29 20:19:02
Comments: Hello out there to all fellow classmates! I graduated from the class of 1964...was in Mrs. Bale's CORE class with Bill Hoy and Becky Coyne. Diane (Roberts) Atherton and I are still best friends and are in constant contact. I will make up for all of you out there married for 30+ years. I just divorced # 3 and plan to stay single. I have two beautiful daughters: Buffy , age 28 (dad is Don Snider-brother Terry was also class '64) she graduated U of Georgia and is now a computer analyst travelling all over the place; and Erika, age 17, cosmetology student/business minded and looks like a model. I have been in Colorado for the past 30 years and have been in diagnostic medicine for the duration. I did high altitude cardiovascular research for several years and have been with St. Joseph Hospital/Denver for the past 16 of 22 years ... supervisor of the Ultrasound Dept. for past 10 years. I am an avid photographer, gardener, history buff (writing a sexy historical novel), and art collector...ex runner and rock c limber..hard on the knees! I would love to hear from all of you..attended '87 reunion and Diane and I hosted a mini reunion in '94. Let's get together again! Sharon Wolfe '64

Name: Cheryl (Skipton) Runyon
From: Richland, Washington
Time: 1998-08-29 02:36:12
Comments: Hi to all and thanks to Loren for making this possible. I attended Yamato from 60-63 and did my senior year in the states graduating in 1964. I have to pull out my old annuals but I've looked at the photos that are already scanned - brings back memories. I have been married for 31 years and have three kids (daughter 28 - environmental scientist with DOE, son 25 - chef in Sun Valley, Idaho, and daughter 15 - who is a cheerleader at her high school). No grandkids yet but we look forward to it. My husband retired from the Air Force in 1990 and we settled in Richland, Washington. I work for the U.S. Dept. of Energy which I would gladly give up if I could just win the lottery!!! I have never attended a reunion (never heard of one) but would love to do that. I have contacted some old friends thru the Military Brats Registry and I think this whole process is awesome. I would love to hear from some more of you. You can contact me by e:mail or at 1965 Sheridan Place, Richland, WA 99352.

Name: Bob Lienhop
From: St. Louis, MO
Time: 1998-08-28 16:20:37
Comments: Hi all you Warriors, I have lived in the St. Louis area for the past 35 years, would really like to contact again with some of my old friends, like Dennis McClure, Fred Burdeshaw and others. Talk with Skip Abel occassionally and try to keep up the best we can. I'd appreciate a call from anyone at 1-800-775-2909 - always like to hear from old friends. Keep me posted on any reunion, get together plans. The website is a great idea.

Name: Amy Tabata Kumasaka
From: Bothell, Washington
Time: 1998-08-28 04:33:28
Comments: I went to Tachikawa Elementary for first and second grade, then to Green Park Elementary, Green Park Jr. H. and Yamato in '62 and '63. Graduated from Chofu High in '65 and attended Sofia U. in Tokyo for one year and have been in the Seattle area since. It is absolutely wonderful that we are all finding YHS classmates. Hope that we will all get together and recapture our "youth". I've been married thirty some years with three grown children. Currently I am working as a Propagation Tec. for Molbaks Green House. Would love to keep in contact with fellow "Warriors".

Name: Ellen Cook Sims
From: born Wash D.C. live in Huntsville Al.
Time: 1998-08-28 04:08:02
Comments: Great Web Site. My husband David Sims graduated 1960, I graduated 1961. Its been great seeing some familiar faces on the year book page. We have been looking for a way to contact grads and friends from Tachikawa and Yamato.

Name: Muriel M Haug
From: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Time: 1998-08-27 19:49:52
Comments: Calling all Yamato grads and alums from 1960 thru 1965!! Especially if you know me - please email me and let me know how you are doing! I have been on staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for fifteen years, I am a long-time divorcee, was married 15 years(gave it a good shot), and have been a single woman since 1979. I have one son, 29 years old, and I have lived in NC since 1964.

Name: Carolyn A. West
From: South Carolina
Time: 1998-08-27 19:17:59
Comments: I attended Yamato from for my sophomore and junior years (1959-1961) and returned to the States for my senior my senior year.

Name: David Yoshida
From: Anaheim, CA
Time: 1998-08-27 03:52:30
Comments: Graduated from Yamato in "62". I've attended 3 reunions, the last was in '87' which was held in Colorado Springs, CO. This web site is great and I really take my hat off to Loren Collett for setting it up. I hope this really takes off because I've already heard from quite a few people I never thought I would hear from again. Nothing better to make you feel "young" again than to reminisce about the good old days. Hopefully, I'll have the opportunity to see some of you in the near future.