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Name: Richard Ambrose class of 61
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 2000-02-24 11:33:26
Comments: Just checking in.I now have this site listed on my computer in the "favorites" section.I find myself visiting it a few times a week, as well as "The Dragon's Roar" website.Does anyone out there know the whereabouts and/or e-mail addresses of the following:Class of 1960 - Joe Maruyama; Class of 1961 - Paul Maruyama, Jim Schmalz; Class of 1962 - Xavier Maruyama, Bruce Yates.Bruce was at Auburn University the same time as me.Since graduation we have lost touch.I fondly remember the three Maruyama brothers.All of them were very well liked by their fellow students.My e-mail address is Thanks for your help, Richard Ambrose

Name: Cheryl Bolles (Myrah) 1963
From: Crescent City, CA
Time: 2000-02-22 22:04:39
Comments: Thanks to Neil A. he contacted me...I went to Yamato in 1961 then like others had to return stateside....My brother Don was class of 61....Hopefully I'll get to attend a reunion soon...look forward to renewing old friendships...

Name: Stephanie CRAIG Thompson
From: Santa Clarita, California
Time: 2000-02-22 20:07:20
Comments: Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.I would have graduated 73 but left for Okinawa.......

Name: Chris Bradley
From: Farmington NM
Time: 2000-02-19 00:02:46
Comments: This is a great sight. Anyone who rembers the good old days,at the old hangouts send me a message.....

Name: Neil Alterman
From: Fairfax, Virginia
Time: 2000-02-18 17:04:16
Comments: Hello all,this is just a quick note to say that I have changed the name of my web page from to many people thought I was dealing in small magnum type guns.Recently had lunch with Chuck Moy and he looks great.We got a chance to look through the album of pictures that he took at the renuion and really enjoyed ourselves.He has a beautiful wife and family and has every reason to be very proud of them.I also just had surgery and am still recovering with a 9 inch scar.If you sent in a check for alumni dues recently, I will get to this shortly. Special wishes go to Brenda Pickle and Marilou Frary for the cards they sent me.Love to you all.Yamato Rules!

Name: Tom Mesa - Freshman class '73
From: Houston
Time: 2000-02-13 20:48:44
Comments: Just remembering the good times we all had overseas.Looking forward to attending the 2000 reunion.Looks like we are missing a lot of undergraduates but I recognize alot of the upper classmen/women.If some remember I had an older sister, Marie.Lives in Houston also...Hope to hear from long lost friends.....

Name: Chris Creighton
From: Louisville, KY
Time: 2000-02-07 19:30:45
Comments: This is a great site. I enjoyed my years at Yamato from 1970-1973, class of '74. I ended up graduating from a high school in Colorado. A couple of years ago I was able to get in touch with old friends from Yamato, Glenn Iriye, Garret Sugiyama, Gene Kato and Ted Okazaki through a series of connections. Thanks to Rick and John Roussin. Rick and I work for the same company, we ended up connecting through a mutual co-worker at Tokyo Int'l Airport, who used to live at Tachikawa. During the mid-seventies I ran into some Yamato alumni, Tami Tanoue and the older S. Louck brother, while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and then in 1989 met a 1968 Yamato graduate. But that has been it. My cousin lives a few blocks from where Yamato AS used to be, I get back to the neighborhood fairly regulary. I took my wife to see our house in American Village at Tachikawa in 1987 and it was still standing. I used to live next to the Shiroma's (Glenn & Rodney), down the corner from the Miyazono's (Bippy), caddy corner behind the Sugiyama's (Garret & Karen). I believe we moved into the house after the Shapiro's (Kenny & Janice), rotated out. We used to catch the bus in front of the old aircraft hanger. Before American Village we lived at West-Tachi Court, our neighbors were the Richardson's (Scott & Mark), and I believe, the Rose's (Pat & Shannon) and Mrs. Doris Timeus, English teacher. Thanks for letting me reminisce a bit. WALSTIB is an acronym for What A Long Strange Trip It's Been :^)

Name: Doris Tuck Thornton
From: Florence, Ky.
Time: 2000-02-06 17:31:36
Comments: I like the new design for our web page; it looks really nice.I am looking forward to helping Paulette and the others plan for the next reunion.I hope that we will locate more of our classmates and that more of our classmates will be able to come to the 2001 reunion.

Name: David Peacher-TallEagle
From: Lancaster, Ca
Time: 2000-02-05 22:30:07
Comments: Hi ALL Site gets better all the time. HORRAY Still looking for all those 1960 Warriors at there!!!

Name: Deirdre (Bennett) Milani
From: Living in Klamath Falls, OR
Time: 2000-02-04 16:06:57
Comments: Looking forwards to the next reunion!! Go Warriors!!

Name: richard ambrose
From: houston, texas
Time: 2000-02-02 12:41:36
Comments: Attended yamato 1959 - fall transferred stateside in fall of 1960.finished senior year in ohio. graduated june 1961.

Name: Sheila Davis Hammond
From: San Fran
Time: 2000-02-02 10:26:23
Comments: Hey, Debbie Lindley, Stewart Mayeda and I miss you.Also Jim Bowie what are you up to? Also "NEWBOY", if you log on email me.George Cockle I heard you are in Japan, email me sometime.I am in contact with some of the the Grant Heights people.Missed seeing some of you at the reunion, it was fun seeing everyone who was there.

Name: Marilyn(Rusty) Burnham McBride
From: New Carlisle, IN 46552
Time: 2000-02-01 07:33:05
Comments: I attended Yamato HS my freshman year (59-60) after three years at Green Park School in Japan.I found out about this site from Ann McConahay Witkind who also attended Yamato at that time.I am also in touch with Jean (Criswell)and Bob Dale from the same era.When is the next Yamato Reunion, and how can I get info about it.Would you please add me to the mailing list?My address is 7195 E. 1000 North, New Carlisle, IN 46552.Thanks!Great to know there is an organized group of past Yamato attendees!

Name: robertpommerenke
From: glenview, illinois
Time: 2000-01-31 21:49:59
Comments: Looking for anyone who attended yamato during the years 1965 to 1968

Name: Doris Tuck Thornton
From: Florence, Ky.
Time: 2000-01-24 13:37:31
Comments: I was just looking at the Memorial page.The class of 1962 certainly has had their share of deaths!!That is really a shame.It is sad to look at that page; so many good people gone.

Name: Jan Garrison Johanson
From: San Rafael, CA
Time: 2000-01-23 17:44:53
Comments: Hi everyone.Please note my change of email address.I was so sorry to hear about the death of Don Jensen.Wow.I heard it was a heart attack while skiing at Vail.He was so smart and athletic and fun.My warmest thoughts to his family.

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: class of 69
Time: 2000-01-22 09:55:43
Comments: I still Have some copies of the "Welcome to Tachikawa Air Base" 50 page Booklet for sale at $12.00 and the Tachikawa Base Map at $3.00 if anyone is interested e-mail me, Mike

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: class of 69
Time: 2000-01-21 20:01:03

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: Class of 69
Time: 2000-01-21 19:57:14
Comments: I just posted some pictures taken last month at tachi. If you enjoy looking at them and want to thank the person for going out on his day off to take them for our web site, his name is Minoru Okamura and his e-mail is

Name: Colette Eckard(Corbin)
From: Bend,Oregon
Time: 2000-01-20 19:07:50
Comments: Is there any heros or heroines out there who want to plan a GREAT get-to-gether?

Name: Vonnie Hoops-Beattie
From: Antioch, California
Time: 2000-01-19 07:56:13
Comments: I also got my Yamato t-shirt and I will wear it proudly.Now I need a hat to match!!I am already looking forward to the next reunion and looking forward to seeing more lost friends.This time I will make sure I have the best zipper money can buy on the outfit I wear!

Name: Judy Noakes Madison
From: Mtn. Home, Idaho Class of 1963
Time: 2000-01-19 01:25:02
Comments: I wanted to say I just got my Yamato Tee-Shirt from Kay Young Killian,and it made my day. I love it and plan on getting more things from her.I haven't wrote in the Yamato page in awhile and our reunion was great.I hope our next one is better yet.I new so many people from 1960 thur 1967 and still some later yrs. We had fun didn' t we Loren and Paulette and all of my classmates from 63. Love always Judy

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: class of
Time: 2000-01-18 20:34:53
Comments: Got my Reunion shirt today and it looks GREAT!!!!

Name: Jazzbo
From: So. California
Time: 2000-01-17 22:29:19
Comments: The Dragon's Roar, the military brat humor/nostalgia e-zine about a bunch of 16 year-old bad boys growing up (fast!) in Tokyo, this week was selected as a Yahoo! Entertainment Cool Link.Thousands of non-brats worldwide are surfing in, getting a taste of what we enjoyed firsthand.

Name: Fred Stauffer
From: Renton, WA
Time: 2000-01-17 21:45:17
Comments: Hello all!A couple of years ago I started working at David Evans and Associates, Inc.I soon found out that I was working with a fellow air force brat who graduated from Johnson High School.I told him that before moving to Tachi, my family and I lived in Fussa.We then moved to Tachikawa, AFB and I went to Yamato High.He told me of a reunion for which he had received an invitation.I checked the Johnson High School web sight and was told of this site. I served my freshman year at Yamato High School and then moved back to the states. I have often wondered what happened to all of my friends. And now, thanks to the marvel of the internet, I have found a way to contact some long lost friends. If any of you out there remember me from the freshman class of 1970-71 please contact me.I was known as Freddie Stauffer back then.I look forward to hearing from someone.If not I am looking forward to meeting new people to share some good memories. To all those who have made this possible, THANKS! Fred Stauffer

Name: wally maroney
From: fairfield, ca
Time: 2000-01-11 21:17:07
Comments: Y2K greetings to all of you Warriors out there. Hope not too many of you were duped into all the surrounding hype and stocked up on batteries, water, food stuffs, generators, bank withdrawals, etc, etc. Before I go any further, hats off to Digital Designs and Screening for the outstanding artwork on the Yamato t-shirts. Just received mine and they look great. Oh by the way, the check's in the mail Kay. Can't wait to order my handy-dandy refrigerator magnets. Best of the new year to all of you. 2001 is right around the corner. Have all of you voted on a location yet??? Live long and prosper.

Name: gwenyth jett
From: copperas cove,tx
Time: 2000-01-09 00:49:11
Comments: Howdy...Since the cl :-) es of '72 -'75 may have also gone to Narimasu.. why don't we combine reunions?I don't think I can afford two trips to Vegas in one year.And I'd really like to see everyone.The more the merrier.It's nice to know some of us are still kickin' and have not totally suc :-) bed to geezerdom.Reconnecting is terrific.Any one know where Binky Dawson got to?Stew-rat Mayeda?Naomi Kawakami?

Name: Beverly Molter Sundock
From: Heidelberg, Germany
Time: 2000-01-07 14:26:04
Comments: I thought some of you may want to know and possibly send condolences ~ Gidget Whitesell Lambert's brother, Bill, passed away today from cancer.

Name: David Strausser
From: Winston-Salem NC
Time: 2000-01-06 18:37:39
Comments: Hello everyone. Hope your new years celebration didn't cause to much of a head ache. I was at Yamato from 71-73 and then went to Yokota and finally a HS in the states and graduated in 75. Lots of good memeories of those days. Will be at the next reunion for sure because school won't be a factor. Hope your new year is better than the last. Stay safe.

Name: Randal McKinney
From: Weatherford, Texas
Time: 2000-01-05 13:44:30
Comments: I never attended YHS because we went back to the states when I was 10, but I spent most of my childhood at Tachi. My dad was in the 6th TCS from '58 -61and in the 22nd TCS from '63-66.For some reason Tachikawa has been on my mind lately and I've been trying to remember the layout of the base.I remember that we lived in the paddies just off base for afew years and we could crawl through the barbed wire fence to get on base and play in the elementary school play ground. Does any one else remember the sound the brakes of the C-124s used to make?Wow, this sure brings back so many memories.Thanks for a great site.

Name: Jerry Norimatsu
From: Lake Stevens, Washington
Time: 2000-01-05 12:51:27
Comments: Happy New Year to all Yamato alumni !!!I hope everyone has a positive and properous New Year.I am alive and well. I started out the Century on a positive note, by snow skiing for 2 days in a row. Anybody else into snow skiing or boarding ?? Lake Stevens, Washington.

Name: Eddie Koga
From: Los Angeles
Time: 2000-01-01 15:06:55
Comments: HAOULI MAKAHIKI HOU, SHINNEN AKEMA :-) E OMEDETO GOZAIMASU, SEHE BOK MANI PADUSEYO or in any language -- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Electricity, water, telephone works.Most importantly, my computer works.Glad to see this website wasn't affected by Y2K problems.Some of the secured websites were affected, though I'm sure they'll be up and running within a few days. Have a great year!

Name: Vonnie Hoops-Beattie
Time: 2000-01-01 08:57:24
Comments: Well, I have lights, water etc. and my computer reads the year 2000!I fell asleep before midnight, but the minute I got up I went straight to my computer and now I am happy. Life continues on as usual!!!!!!

Name: don trent
From: maryland
Time: 1999-12-31 22:05:46
Comments: we made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Neil Alterman
Website: Starvation Graphics Company
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Silver City, NM
Time: 1999-12-31 16:44:18
Comments: I want to thank everyone who has helped make this site a success.Didn't we have fun at the Las Vegas Reunion!Looking forward to the 2001 Reunion.Wanted to wish each and everyone of you a Very Happy Safe New Year.Play hard, play safe, we want you back for the 2001 Reunion.Take care and God Bless each and everyone of us.

Name: Wade Hudson NHS '54
From: Grants Pass, OR
Time: 1999-12-30 13:23:46
Comments: What a fabulous site!Greetings from a Narimasu HS Dragon of old.Sure enjoyed your reunion and class photos.Great job!Maybe our next reunions will touch in Las Vegas.Would be nice! Have a wonderful new year!May God bless.

Name: sherry shay (class of 70)
From: texas
Time: 1999-12-25 22:21:36
Comments: so great to find this web page...I've been looking for sharon Conroy..class of 70...for years...anyone with any information please e-mail me

Name: rick w. heming
From: arlington, Tx
Time: 1999-12-23 18:20:00
Comments: I wouldhave been in the class of 73,but you know how us service brats are.When its time to leave you pack up and leave. I finished my senior year at Burkburnette HS, TX, after that i attended trade school in Dallas, TX specializing in automotive engines.Have been doing it ever since.Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me as it has been a long time.

Name: Mary (McMillan) Collins
From: Lake Forest, CA
Time: 1999-12-18 11:31:57
Comments: Marla Warner 69' told me about the site. It was great to see the reunion! I guess my address got lost in the last divorce so I didn't get contacted. Keep up the good work- it's a great site!

Name: Richard Maness
From: Austin, TX
Time: 1999-12-17 07:16:38
Comments: Great site...brought back many fine memories..I attended my freshmen year at Yamato and was to graduate in 1975.. would love to hear from any of my classmates and anybody who lived at Tachikawa AFB 69-72

Name: Mary Garrett Frey
From: Arkansas
Time: 1999-12-16 13:11:25
Comments: Merry Christmas to all of you and hope you have a very prosperous New Year. It has been a blast hearing from you and seeing you . Keep in touch...

Name: Pat McGlamory (73)
Time: 1999-12-16 09:11:04
Comments: Hi Everyone, Just wanted to wish everyone "Happy Holidays!!!"I had a great time at the reunion in Vegas.Last night I was there I made enough on the slots to pay for the trip!!!! I will definately be there for the next one no matter where it is!See ya'll then!If you email me in the subject put patm there & I will get it.

Name: Karen Trent Davies
From: Colmbia S.C.
Time: 1999-12-15 17:22:56
Comments: Just wanted to say .. Happy Holidays and Very Happy New Years to all Yamato Warriors.. Be safe.. I didnt make it to the last reunuion,, but i will be at the next one...anyone who remember me drop me a line,.. I was the class of 75,,,

Name: Kathy Stevens
From: Hampton, Va
Time: 1999-12-08 23:45:12

Name: Doris Tuck Thornton
From: Florence, Ky.
Time: 1999-12-08 13:46:47
Comments: Enjoyed the holiday page very much.Hope that everyone has a very good holiday.I will look forward to working with Paulette Peacher on the reunion committee for the next reunion.

Name: Gary Miyazono
From: San Diego
Time: 1999-12-08 08:54:13
Comments: Never did realize Mr. Hirose was there since '63.He was still there in '73 teaching woodshop.It'll be way too cool to get a hold of him.

Name: B. Clifford(65)
Time: 1999-12-07 07:38:24
Comments: My family spent Thanksgiving week on Maui, where I looked up Marty Wynn(65).He and I spent half a day (on my birthday) riding big choppers from Lahaina north around the northwest coast of the island, seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.We chatted about old times at Tachikawa and he filled me in on the great things that happened at the reunion.It was a fantastic trip.(If you are heading to Maui, and are up for some special "wheels"--of all types-- give Marty a call at the Toy Store in Lahaina.You'll be glad you did.) Getting the Aloha spirit and hearing about all this Yamato stuff got me really pumped up to put a little (extra) energy into "the Yamato thing", as my wife refers to it. Over the last week I have spoken over the phone with both Seath brothers (68 & 66) (no reliable email at this time), and am working on extremely hot leads on Paul Reinhart (64), Gary Erbeck (65), hopefully Nancy Fisher (65), and possibly Mr. Norman Hirose (teacher from early 60's to when Yamato closed).Whew!

Name: Wayne C. Martin
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1999-12-06 21:36:29
Comments: I was the VERY TALL fellow who taught at Yamato H.S. from 1959 to 1961.I taught band, chorus, and American history.I am still friends with Bobby Foley who I taught there in the 9th grade (he's 54 now, lives in Monroe, La.), and I still keep in contact with Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Stuart, and Mr. Hirose who also taught there at that time.I LOVE this web site.I love my big mean COMPAQ computer, too.Those were two great years of my life.I retired from the Houston school district in 1993.I would love to hear from my old students.What ever happened to Billie Baines?

Name: wally maroney
From: calif
Time: 1999-12-04 14:43:46
Comments: Hey gang! Question: Who are those graduates on the contact page who graduated in 1842? Are there any existing pictures in the archives of them? They must be the trailblazers who paved the way for the rest of us. Hats off to whoever discovered that they even EXISTED!!! Later, Wally

Name: Bob Mutu
From: Colorado Springs
Time: 1999-12-03 18:45:25
Comments: Hi Gang! Want to pass along to all ofyou...we are never too old! The day after I got home from the reunion our doctor informed my wife Sachi and I that we are going to have a baby! CAWABUNGA! Our firstborn will be due about July 4! Just wanted all my old friends to know. We wll keep you up to speed on our progress. Bet I can get lots of good tips and advice from all of you.....feel free to pass them along! Gonna need all the help we can get raising a baby !

Name: Bill Dowd
From: Scottsdale Az
Time: 1999-12-01 21:56:00
Comments: Went to Yamato 1961 - 64

Name: Beverly Molter Sundock
From: Heidelberg, Germany
Time: 1999-11-30 13:58:43
Comments: Hello All!Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful.I went to Budapest for the long weekend.What a neat city!My Thanksgiving dinner was Turkey Paprikas...and it was quite tastey.I did rather miss the stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberries, but what the heck. However, after I drank a few glasses of Tokaij (I think that's how it's spelled...), I forgot about food.Best to you all!

Name: Wally Maroney
From: Calif
Time: 1999-11-28 19:27:58
Comments: Happy Thanksgiving Greetings to all of you turkeys! Yeah, it's me again. You know in viewing the voting results for the next reunion it seems like only a few of us are participating. Come on gang, I know that we are all getting settled back into our routines, however, more voter participation is needed. Also there has been mention of some different locations than Vegas, Dallas, and Anaheim. Perhaps if those of you who wish to have the festivities elsewhere would put your thoughts in writing and email the committee, these choices could be added to the list of prospective sites for 2001. It would be interesting to see what you all have in mind. For those of you who haven't visited, there are some great pics for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to all who contributed their efforts for the rest of us to enjoy. Here's wishing that all of you Warriors have a great holiday season and if you eat too much that you get plenty of exercise or lots of sleep. Make sure that you party in moderation so that we can all meet up again in two years. Cheers, Wally

Name: Susan Spicer
From: Highlandville, MO
Time: 1999-11-28 04:33:33
Comments: My brother graduated from Yamato in '71..I had him send me the link..I am six years younger than him but who could ever forget the "post football" parties at my house!!!Two thumbs up to this site!!PEACE!!!:)

Name: Nancy Billingsley Nugent
From: Cohutta, Georgia
Time: 1999-11-22 14:58:50
Comments: I am so exicted but sorry that I missed on the blessed event in Vegas.I will be there for the next one.My brother, Jim, went and had a great time.Dorothy Nikaido and I had been in touch until a couple of years ago.I was in Tachi 1963-1966.Never graduated from Yamato but had one fun filled freshmen year!

Name: Sue Robinson
Time: 1999-11-21 14:12:54
Comments: Just wanted you to know I was here........

Name: Jazzbo
Website: The Dragon's Roar: your favorite trashy brat e-zine
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Sunny, surfy Ventura, CA
Time: 1999-11-20 16:28:19
Comments: Hey Loren! GREAT new site & new URL. Does ANYBODY have one of these pics for the Dragon's Roar e-zine? => Remember those one-man bands who would parade in front of a new business opening or a sale at the BX?? Those guys would dress up in full regalia and makeup, playing 4-5 instruments at once.Does ANYONE have a photo of that?? I have looked everywhere.Stop by The Dragon's Roar for some weird new stuff: Psycho TV from Japan, LoveGety and .. a special from 1961 .. Pogo's Christmas Carol.

Name: Marsha Cottingham Babb
From: Guntersville, AL
Time: 1999-11-20 09:41:48
Comments: Bob Clifford, Class of '65, has been contacting me occasionally and this a.m. gave me this website address as well as how to find a long lost (much to my shame) friend, Vickie Bell Cary.I scrolled through the whole guest book and found many names I remembered.I was in Las Vegas twice this year but had NO idea a reunion was also planned.I hope to do a better job of staying in touch now.Life is too short not to try.Looking forward to hearing from "old" classmates.

Name: Martha Corum Walker
From: Satellite Beach, FL
Time: 1999-11-20 08:45:38
Comments: The site is really nice, just wish there were more people that I knew back in 1960-1961.

Name: mike skidmore
From: Slot
Time: 1999-11-20 07:57:59
Comments: forgot to give the mans name at the ebay auction for the seacrh, its under "Texas Auctions"

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: Slot
Time: 1999-11-20 07:55:48
Comments: For those of you that are still upset about losing at the slot machines, found someone on ebay thats selling the slot "punchi" Machines for 179.00 plus 70.00 shipping from dallas. now you could have one at home and win your own money back, hahahe has a big selection, you can look at all of them by going to the search, under "seller" and it will bring up all of them. the man has excellent feedback from people that have bought machines from him.

Name: Jeanne Scribner McClain (Class of '62)
From: Yuba City,California
Time: 1999-11-18 09:25:16
Comments: Just finished reading the great guest notes since the reunion.Yes, it was a blast!Money well spent! Thanks again to Loren, Harriett, Mary Lou, Paulette and all the others who helped refill us with memories, rekindle lost relationships, and generally have the time of our lives.We can only hope you received as much joy from doing it as we did from participating in the reunion in Las Vegas.To all of you with whom I had the great pleasure to visit, it wasn't long enough and there is so much more to share.To all of you who were unable to make it this year, let's hope we see each other before too many more years pass us by.To those of you who were there and we didn't get a chance to really talk...hopefully, we'll get in touch through e-mail, telephone, letters or at the next reunion.YHS Warriors are alive and well!

Name: Shalah Smith
From: Burke, VA
Time: 1999-11-17 12:39:47
Comments: It was a super reunion.Cannot wait until the next one.You all did a great job.

Name: Sheri Sutton Watson
From: Pensacola, Florida
Time: 1999-11-15 21:18:06
Comments: What a GREAT reunion! I had such a wonderful time! PROPS (as Wally would say. . . from one of us "challenged" folks!)to the reunion organizers.It was wonderful to see all the faces I knew and the ones that I remembered once we chatted!Edna, Wally, John, Eddie, Patty,I cannot accept responsibility for my demented sister !What can I say . . . I love her anyway! No Eddie we didn't win a monetary jack pot but we sure won an emotional one.Can't wait to see everyone at the next reunion.Thanks AGAINto Lauren and Paulette and all the other people who worked so hard to make this such great fun!

Name: Jackie W. Thompson
From: Dayton Ohio
Time: 1999-11-15 17:36:33
Comments: Thanks.. These pages bring back some fond memories. Jack

Name: Neil Alterman(class of 62)
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Fairfax, Virginia
Time: 1999-11-15 12:29:07
Comments: I am holding a year book which was left at the memorabilia table during the dinner/dance at the reunion.If anyone can tell me what year and give me some identifying information, I will be glad to return it to them.In the meantime, it will keep my yearbooks of 60, 61, and 62 company.BTW, please note my new home-page.I would love for you to visit it and give me some feedback. For those of you who did not get to attend, as well as those of you who did attend but were to busy to pay attention to all the pictures being taken,take a look at the homepage and you will see almost 500 pictures that were taken at the reunion.I am still going thru them, but thoroughly enjoying myself.Thanks to all who participated, most especially to those whose hard work made it all happen. Yamato will rule forever.

Name: Beverly (Corum) Singleton
From: Largo, Fl
Time: 1999-11-14 18:46:40
Comments: Located web site after attending 1999 reunion. This site is awesome. I will enjoy surfing through it's entirety. Good luck to all alumni.

Name: Linda Sims Cutler ('73)
From: Roswell, Georgia
Time: 1999-11-14 09:34:43
Comments: I heard about the Las Vegas Reunion.Sorry, I couldn't attend.I know I missed a great party.I'm living here in Roswell, Ga. (suburb of Atlanta).I've been here since 1973.Went to college here.I'm married with two daughters (9 and 7 years --- Grace and Ava.)My older sister JoAnn Sims Okada (class of 72) lives in Japan, married with two children (son- 16 yrs and daughter 12 yrs.)Brother, "Bobby" Sims (Class of '76, Yokata, freshman year at Yamato) just retired from the Air Force and is looking for a job.Younger sister Ginny went to Yokato, she missed Yamato completely.I live about 3 miles from Ron Coder.We have seen each other a few times.He looks the same.I wonder about Diane Aberly, the Cook twins and many more.Just can't think of their names right now.I saw David Gaddie in Dallas over the weekend of Oct. 29-31.My father's company reunion (former pilots for the CIA) have reunions once a year.So many of the children that grew up attend these reunions along with our fathers.If your not busy, I would love to hear from the Class of 73 and everyone else!!!Linda Sims Cutler ('73)

Name: Steve Liljedahl
From: Moreno Valley, Ca.
Time: 1999-11-13 20:48:49
Comments: Sorry that I couldn't attend the reunion. Looks like it was a blast. I'm looking forward to the next one. It seems like there is some interest in a 2000 reunion. I for one would be all for that. Have had some trouble getting to the voting place for the 2001 reunion. Hopefully that will be accessible soon.

Name: Gerald N. Melancon
From: Houston, Tx.
Time: 1999-11-13 10:11:55
Comments: Many thanx for those of the reunion committee.As a suggestion, as long as we are going to spend precious time and money, why not a reunion in ski country (maybe late in the season) when rates are reasonable.Instead of a football game between 50 year old men (WHAT A PRETTY PICTURE), a snowball fight where husbands and wives, etc. can be involved.We'd whip there asses anyway.Instead of glitz and lights, how about a hot toddy by the fire after we whip Johnson and Chofu in guerilla warfare. I'd be glad to help in any way I can. Unless we graduated a bunch of stone-cold gamblers, this may be a nice switch. As we say in Texas, ya'll let us know. Mel

Name: Barry Dean
From: Minneapolis Mn
Time: 1999-11-13 06:47:07
Comments: I went to Yamato from 1966 to 1968. I was surfing around and found the Yamato Home Page. Tapped on my year of graduation and wow there is my picture. Moved befor graduation, to Okinawa where I graduated from Kubasaki. My best memories are at Yamato tho.

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: Welcome toTachikawa AFB booklet
Time: 1999-11-12 18:36:15
Comments: I found a Welcome to Tachikawa Booklet on one of the tables at the reunion dance, in the back was a name Dennis 714-671-0789 and a business card for Shirley M. Takeuchi. If this was your booke-mail me.

Name: Doris Tuck Thornton
From: Florence, Ky.
Time: 1999-11-11 20:38:25
Comments: I continue to look at the pictures of the reunion and they are so good.The reunion was really a lot of fun and who would have ever thought that it could have been possible after all of these years.I , too, will look forward to the next one and hope that more people will be able to come.Loren and Paulette and everyone else did a wonderful job and should be commended for it.

Name: Bill Griffith ('65)
From: Summerville, SC
Time: 1999-11-11 08:40:08
Comments: Where in the heck do I start? '63 to '65 were some GREAT years.I see a lot of names I had some very memorable times with on the guest pages from those years. I can't wait to get in touch with and would love to hear from all of you.I really regret that I was unable to make the reunion.Time and distance just weren't right. It wasn't until about two years ago that I even knew anybody was even trying to organize this "Old" band of Warriors.All of you involved have done a super job of putting this together and tracking so many of us down. Thank you!

Name: Ron Coder, '72
From: Roswell, GA
Time: 1999-11-11 06:23:57
Comments: Was cruising the site and saw a couple of familiar names like Rick Taylor, Wally Maroney, and Gary M.Sorry I missed the Reunion but hopefully I can plan to be at the next one. Living in Atlanta so if any of you get down here drop me a line and we can have lunch, dinner or a game of golf. Retired from the NFL in '85 but still can swing a golf club ok. I did see Rick in LA back in June and what a treat to see an 'old' teammate from days gone by. Happy Y2K.

Name: Judy Noakes Madison
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Mtn.Home Idaho
Time: 1999-11-10 21:33:45
Comments: Loren, this is for you, I have resigned our guest book, so now I can get e-mails from you and Harriett.I surely enjoyed myself at our reunion, had so much fun, want to do again real soon.It was great seeing all our friends and meeting the new ones from the 70's and the late sixties. I have also enjoyed the pictures on our other site.Love always Judy

Name: Debbie Roche
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1999-11-10 12:41:55
Comments: Thank you so much to all of you who worked on the reunion. It was alot of fun seeing everyone again.How we've all changed and then yet again, how very much we remain the same from those days at Yamato.I think it would be absolutely terrific if we could somehow coordinate all of the reunions happening in 2001 and link up at least one of the days.Many of us attended more than one school and it would be just great if we could see everyone together.

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: Letter from the President to YHS
Time: 1999-11-09 17:26:22
Comments: Letter from President Bill Clinton to the Yamato class Reunion. If anyone would like a copy of the letter President Clinton wrote to our class reunion, just e-mail me and i will send the file to you, Mike

Name: Ed DeGennaro
From: Shingel Springs CA.
Time: 1999-11-09 17:24:07
Comments: Just wanted to extend my thanks to all who put on the renuion in Vegas.I was not a 64 grad. from Yamato, but when I attended the reunion, everyone gave me the feeling that I was and for that I thank you all very much. To Loren:Thank you for geting with Ken and Margo Crandel, they passed the word down to me about the renuion, GREAT JOB by the way.Now if the web will stay put everything will be Great. JOB WELL DONE!!!ED If you need additonal help, please contact me on my E-mail, I have had expereance with conventions.

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: class of 69
Time: 1999-11-09 17:23:05
Comments: Someone at work today ask me what i was smiling about, i looked up and said....was just thinking about the wonderful time i had at my first high school reunion. after 30 years of happy memories from Yamato and Tachi it was so much fun to talk to so many friends from school. i spent 6 1/2 years of my life growing up at tachi and it was nice to compare old stories with everyone. i am looking forward to the next reunion.

Name: Beverly Molter Sundock
Time: 1999-11-08 22:36:36
Comments: I was just reading the entries since the reunion and it seems that everyone has the same wonderful feelings as I.It was a great time.Getting back to Germany and trying to get into the swing of things has been really difficult, I find my mind wandering back to Vegas...Hope I can get this under control before I starting writing my

Name: Fred Price
From: Dallas, Texas
Time: 1999-11-07 17:30:18
Comments: The reunion was a prayer answered, our very own miracle. What a wonderful experience, almost beyond words. Now I can't bear the thought of not doing it again for TWO YEARS. Any one other than me feel this way?For those that couldn't make it to this one they will have had a THREE YEAR wait. Any interest in a 2000 reunion? I'm ready, life's too short, let's do it again in 2000! WE ARE THE WARRIORS THE MIGHTY MIGHTY WARRIORS

Name: Jeff Erickson
From: Butler, PA
Time: 1999-11-07 14:55:40
Comments: Looks like the reunion was great!I'll try to make the next one.Class of '73 wannabee (left Japan in 72 after my junior year).Can anyone put names with faces from the class of '73 photo for me?Thanks!

Name: Kathy (Urata) Hawkes
From: hacienda hts
Time: 1999-11-07 12:22:08
Comments: Hats off to the reunion committee, they did a fantastic job with everything.My best friend from high school, Heming, and I reconnected, we will never lose touch again.Great to see Debbie again and reaquainted with the "younger" underclass.It truly was a memorable time.Thanks to all.

Name: Bob Evans '69
From: Searcy, AR
Time: 1999-11-07 11:38:44
Comments: Wow!! The pictures from the '99 Reunion looked great!From the comments of those who went this was definitely an "End All" for the 20th century.Can someone identify all of the folks in the pictures from the class of '68 and '69?Some of you look just the way I remember you from 30 years ago. (Suzi you still look great!!) Some of you......well, have changed a little.Thanks for the memories (and this website).Looking forward to

Name: Bob Mutu
Time: 1999-11-06 17:14:33
Comments: Wow! What a great weekend that was! I have lots of pictures from Hashi to post soon to the my family site. So many friends, so little time! I have some great memories! Hope Greg Kirkland shares a picture of the Lady In Red with us! Too bad he didn't get a moon shot from the band stand.That was quite a night!Thank you to all the beautiful ladies I got to dance with!I came home almost broke but really hit the jackpot!

Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie
From: Antioch, CA
Time: 1999-11-06 07:58:55
Comments: Wow!I will never be the same after the most exciting weekend of my entire life!I am still floating on air!My friends do not recognize me!Ha!Buddy (Loren) I am blown away by the new site.Fantastic job!Thanks to Dan Iki for our site and we missed you at the reunion!To Wally Maroney and Steve Holland, I hope you enjoyed your turtle candy bars, and thank you for having such a great sense of humor.These two are a couple of "Classy" guys! To Neil Alterman, the loss of our special friends brought us together and I feel honored to know you.You are very special.To Bev Corum, my best friend in H.S., I haven't laughed so hard since our Japan days.I will never forget our time together that fabulous weekend.To the beautiful lady who sewed me into my party dress, I will never forget you.And to Snow, (Loren's beautiful daughter) thank you for walking with me to the lobby to beg for help with my zipper.You are wondeful and I wll never forget you.To my classmates, seeing all of you was wonderful, and I can't believe how "good-looking" the class of l960 is today!To my teacher, Mr. Stan Arlton, you made all of us look old!You look great!To Bill Pearson, so glad you found me, what a thrill to see you again.To those of you who didn't make the reunion, do yourself a favor and attend the next one!You won't be sorry.Last but not least, to the reunion committee, your hard work payed off.This was the most organized, and classy celebration I have ever attended.You are the best! From-Vonnie Hoops, Class of l960, Age----17.

Name: Kyle Smith
From: Vienna, VA
Time: 1999-11-06 06:33:22
Comments: I went to Yamato for three years 65-68, graduated back in the States/College on the East Coast. Hope to hear from old friends.

Name: Kay Young- Killian
From: Kansas
Time: 1999-11-06 05:10:16
Comments: Hi to all of you Warriors. The reunion was THE BEST. I have not forgotten all of you who signed up for shirts. Ive had to order most of them and they are slow in coming in. Some colors and sizes are on back order. So please be patient with me and I WILL get them all out. Any new orders just email me. Thanks to all who put the reunion together. Like I said it was THE BEST !!!!!

Name: Patricia Roland Hill
From: Victoria, Texas
Time: 1999-11-05 13:27:46
Comments: I was in the 11th grade when Yamato opened, did not get a chance to graduate from YHS, because we returned to the states before my senior year.

Name: Rick Taylor
From: Carson,Ca
Time: 1999-11-05 10:27:55
Comments: First of all much props to the reunion committee for a outstanding job putting everything together!! For the people who missed since crying over spilt milk, just make it a point to make the next one.The' flashbacks' i had were as good as any trip i've been on.:)Friends can't be replaced and it was good to see so many.The warriors in So. Cal(Tucker,Koga,Gary,John,Debbie,Kenny,Marlon,etc.) really need to get together some time.We'lltalk ! Thanks for the pics Wally.Chofu & Johnson still sux.The Akadama(sp) was good Libby! Warrior4life!

Name: Wayne Durham
From: El Paso, TX
Time: 1999-11-05 08:56:49
Comments: Thanks again Loren for all the work you do for us alumni!! It would really be neat if you could get a site name that would be hit more often with the search of 'yamato'. We might be able to find more alumni.Thanks again for the reunion - you and your compadres did a fantastic job. And those of you that did not show up missed THE Yamato event of the 20th Century!!! Wayne '61.

Name: Neil Alterman
Website: Covey House Minis
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Fairfax, VA
Time: 1999-11-05 06:35:30
Comments: Just correcting the address for my homepage.I think I finally got it right, but would like some feedback.I will be working with Loren to make it better, but any input would be helpful.Neil

Name: Eddie Koga
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1999-11-05 00:09:03
Comments: Loren, Paulette & entire Reunion Committee -- thank you very much for a great weekend.It was truly an outstanding get-together.I enjoyed catching up with many old friends who I haven't seen in 25+ years. Especially those who ended up in 911 on Friday night.Bippy & John, hope we didn't trash your room too much.Wally, too bad Pink E's was not the type of establishment you was hoping for; maybe next time we can go check out OG's(sp?) or whatever it was called.Teri, I hope you got your voice back on Sunday morning.Sheri & Edna, did either of you end up hitting the jackpot?Donna, don't forget to give Audrey the message regarding Jack.Caroline & Debbie & Tucker & everyone else if you happen to be in Torrance/Gardena neighborhood give me a call -- let's do ramen or katsudon or sushi or whatever. Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2 years ... vote for spring time and it'll only be about 550 days.

Name: Alice Threatt-Smith
From: Fairfield, California
Time: 1999-11-04 23:59:12
Comments: Great reunion - Thanks to all of you who worked so hard on it, I had a great time. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Name: Gidget Whitesell Lambert
From: Monroe, MI
Time: 1999-11-04 21:52:59
Comments: Great Reunion!Everyone looks and more importantly acts the same.It seemed as if we just picked up where we left off.I can't remember laughing that hard for that long.Thanks to George and Ramona for a wonderful visit and Galen for some great laughs(keep those bushes green!) It was certainly wonderful seeing all of you and actually remembering the goofy and crazy things we used to do!Fred and Pam, you 2 are great!Loren, Paulette and the other members who put this together, THANK YOU! Please e-mail me with all your e-mail addresses so we can keep in touch.

Name: Gary Miyazono
Referred by: Yahoo!
Time: 1999-11-04 17:53:34
Comments: What a hell of a party it was in Vegas.Kudos to the organizing committee, you guys really did a hell of a job.Also my props, as Guppy would put it, to Loren for setting up the Yamato page which made it possible for all this to happen.It was really nice to see all of the old faces and to talk of the good ol days.Cant wait for the next reunion to happen.For those who could not attend, don't miss the next one.

Name: Wally Maroney
From: calif
Time: 1999-11-04 14:32:50
Comments: Greetings Mighty Warriors! Props, (thats kudos to you hep talk impaired folks) to Loren for getting the Yamato site back up. Oh, what a feeling!! I felt like a junkie without a fix waiting for the return of the site. Has it already been 10 days since the reunion? Only 720 or so days until the next one. Better start getting the word out. Don't want to hear any excuses about not knowing or not being able to attend the next reunion!! To the organizers of the 1999 Yamato Reunion, many, many thanks! It was fantastic! I haven't laughed so much or long and hard since I can remember. My face hurt from smiling so damn much. But it was well worth it. Hell, I even drank myself sober one nite! Got some great pics, too. I never realized that there were so many of us alums around, (good looking ones too), and to think that there were many who were unable to attend. I'm already getting psyched thinking of the numbers for the next reunion. We could go over 400-500 attendees easily. WOW! And rumor has it that Chofu and Johnson may well have their reunions in Vegas in two years also and there could be a football game. Man, we're gonna kick their asses!! I noticed that there are only three locations picked for the next reunion. Are those the only choices? What about write ins? I've heard some people voice some other locations that sounded pretty nice, like Colorado in the winter. Well Warriors, it was great to see all of you that I knew and those whom I just met. Hope to see all of you and the rest who were unable to make this one next time. Until then.....CHOFU STILL SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Doris Tuck Thornton
From: Florence, Kentucky
Time: 1999-11-04 11:19:50
Comments: Just want to say that this site looks good and hope that it works out for us.The reunion was great and for those of you who missed it, hope that you will be able to attend the next one.It was really nice catching up with people and getting reacquainted with others.The reunion committee did a wonderful job of putting it altogether.

Name: Mary Garrett
Referred by: Net Search
From: Arkansas
Time: 1999-11-04 10:59:03
Comments: Thanks to all of you who worked so long and hard to put on the reunion, all I have heard is how much fun everyone had. I had a great time. I am looking forward to the next one.

Name: Neil Alterman
Website: Covey House Minis
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Fairfax, VA
Time: 1999-11-04 10:52:41
Comments: Whew, it sure was a long time coming, but the reunion was the most fun I have had since my wedding 25 years ago. Seeing everybody and renewing old friendships was absolutely the best.Many kudos to the committee who put that whole thing together and brought off a great time for all.For those of you who did not make it, please plan on being at the next one.You were really missed.Charlotte, I was looking forward to dancing with you and seeing you again after so many years.Scribie, you're still beautiful and you look great with Al.Ronnie, working with you and Paulette and MaryLou after all these years was a blast.We had a wonderful time.I was surprised by how many people came up to talk to Stan Arlton.He and I stayed up and talked to each other until it was time to leave on Sunday morning to go home.Momma Carol, we didn't get enough time together.Brenda Pickle, I still think you're wonderful. BTW,somebody left a yearbook at the dinner-dance and I now have it.If it is yours, please contact me by e-mail and describe it.If it is yours, I will mail it back.Loren, thank you so much for all the work you have put into bringing up the web page and maintaining it.If you need some help, please let me know. Yamato Rules

Name: Janie Wilkey Kolbe
From: Las Vegas
Time: 1999-10-24 13:39:07
Comments: I just wanted to say Thank You to Loren for the most perfect Class Reunion I have ever attended. It was absolutely fabulous!!!! For those of you that didn't attend, you missed a great time. I am looking forward to the next reunion already. I am from the class of 71 and I got to see Dave Gaddie, Pat Mulloly, Debbie Inge, and Mike Wargo. It was so neat to see these folks after 29 years. Hope to see more at the next one.

Name: Wally Maroney
From: calif
Time: 1999-10-19 12:47:12
Comments: Only three more days people. can't wait!!! Then we can go HELL BENT FOR ELECTION AND KATIE BAR THE DOOR!! By the way, what the hell does "Katie bar the door" mean??? Always sounded good when Coach Elliott said it. Right laddies?!?!

Name: Bob Clifford (65)
From: Upper Lefthand Corner
Time: 1999-10-18 21:58:00
Comments: Since the 1987 reunion, we (Class of 65) have not had much luck finding any new clues on the following 19 classmates:Diana Brown, Lillian Fenno, Nancy Fisher, Sandra Fletcher, Patricia Glenn, Cary Hale, Lee Harris, Rose Hooper, Margie Hoyle, Theresa McClish, Michael McKinney, Judy Mann, Kathy Mead, Sally Minter, Johnnye Pugh, Elizabeth Savage, Patricia Siegfried, Richard Andrew Young or Larry Zornes.Any information on any of them (where they may have moved to, who they married, college attended, or their fathers’ names) may provide a useful hint in helping us with this “Unsolved Mystery.”Thanks. Bob

Name: Greg Kirkland(64)
Referred by: Net Search
From: Fairfax, Va
Time: 1999-10-17 22:04:37
Comments: It brought back a lot of great memories while reviewing the Yamato Web site.I'm just sorry I had not run across this before now.I am pleased to see a lot of old friends will be at the reunion including a lot of the guys from our championship football team. See you all at the reunion.

Name: Gidget Whitesell Lambert
From: Monroe, MI
Time: 1999-10-17 20:15:07
Comments: It's pretty amazing what technology has done for all of us!As you can see, we found the Bentons and after a teary-eyed reunion via e-mail and phone, plans are made for future visits and hopefully Maura and Barbie will be in LV with us. I want to thank all the hard working people who made this site and the reunion a reality.We military brats are a unique group of people.The bonds that were formed in Japan during all the conflicts of VN and SE Asia gave us a unique perspective on life. Little did I know 30 some years ago that when I said "goodbye" at that terminal, it really WASN"T forever.

Name: John L. Clarke, III
From: From? Which of the 25+ places would you like. :-) I consider New Mexico home now, though I live in california.
Time: 1999-10-16 22:35:23
Comments: I attended Yamato High School as a freshman starting in the year 1962. My graduation however took place at Tennyson High in Hayward after rotating back to California. I was the son of one of the Navy Pilots stationed at Tachikawa - a small group of troublemakers we were. :-)) Antics at the 1964 Olympics do stand out in my memory but I have no idea where the Olympic flag got off to. I can't remember but one name from those days, and he lives in Los Gatos, though I haven't seen him in years. I am amazed to find links on the net to Yamato. I would dearly love to see some yearbooks from those days. All my stuff got toasted in a fire a number of years back. Even the treasured Yamato High School ring. Oh, a standout feature: I had red hair, what little I was allowed to keep.

Name: Donald L. Spafford, Jr.
From: Honolulu currently
Time: 1999-10-16 16:59:36
Comments: Am happy to find this site.Have many fond memories of Yamato.Was in the class of 1971 for 3 years, but left in 1970 before I could graduate from Yamato.

Name: Neil Alterman
Website: Yamato High School Alumni Site
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: New Mexico
Time: 1999-10-16 10:51:58
Comments: Well gang this is it.The last Saturday until the Reunion Dinner/Dance Wild Tale Telling Evening in Las Vegas, Nevada.I have redone the front page of the home site, please scroll all the way through and see all the new neat stuff that as been added/deleted, etc. Please vote for the next reunion place and time period.Once we are done doing that will have another poll for the date and length.I did not put an East Coast location since most of the Yamato Warriors are either from Texas or California.Yep, it's true, you all settled in the two most populist states.The rest of us are scrattered all over the place.Really looking forward to meeting so many of you that I have talked to over the past months.I want to thank everyone who helped with the site, those that made suggestions, sent in information for posting, located and spread the word about the site,helped with the scanning of photos, posting all the really great stuff on,comments or whatever.I hope that you have enjoyed visiting, have found old friends and will make bunches of new ones as time goes on. Would really like to get a jump on the 2001 Reunion.So if you are interested in being on the Reunion Committee please let me know and I will get your address and email information posted so that folks can start contacting you now.Want to give everyone as much time as possible to make plans to attend the next reunion.Besides I am sure that we will have founds lots more of the missing "Warriors" by then.Seems that we are finding or they are finding us every day now and new names are added to the Alumni Listing or the Contact Page almost daily.The last up date to any of the site pages will be made Monday, so get your changes in this weekend, OK.Watch for pictures of the reunion to appear right after we get back.Lots more of how we look now pictures will be posted.I am also going to try and get year by years group shots for the reunion page.Maybe you all will cooperate and may be you won't.Will just have to wait and see.So keep looking for more of the missing "Warriors", contact your local newspaper to do a story when you get back.Everytime that there is a newspaper article ran, we find more and more "kids."See you all in Vegas, come prepared to have FUN.

Name: don trent
From: baltimore,maryland
Time: 1999-10-16 06:36:50
Comments: the 2001 poll is all right except there is not a location on the east coast to vote on ,,,there are alumni who live out here too,,ok east coasters , time for an east coast reunion,, make your noise heard here.... later on

Name: Brad Browning
From: Colorado Springs
Time: 1999-10-15 20:24:00
Comments: Nice to see familiar names.I attended 72-73 then on to Yokota to graduate in 74.I travel in my current job so don't be surprised to find me at your door begging for dinner.

Name: Barbara Benton
From: Yamato H.S.
Time: 1999-10-15 14:33:43
Comments: Hey!This web site is great!I was in the class of 1974 but graduated with the class of 73.My sister and brotherMaura Benton and Donnie Benton graduated in 69 and 68.I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!

Name: Mary Garrett
Referred by: Net Search
From: Arkansas
Time: 1999-10-15 11:38:57
Comments: I have really enjoyed hearing from old classmates!Really looking forward to seeing all of you next week. Thanks to all of you who have put this together and to those who have worked so hard on the reunion.

Name: Maura R. Benton
From: Syracuse NY
Time: 1999-10-15 07:41:57
Comments: Hello to all my friends from Yamato High.Some of you might remember my brother Donnie and my little sister, Barbara. I live in Syracuse New York with my husband, Kelley Bishop, and my little boy, Benton C. Bishop. My sister Barbie Benton Beck, lives in New Jersey and has two little girls.My brother, Donnie Benton, was killed during a military mission, when his jet (Penn Guard Unit) went down off the coast of Honduras and Nicaragua April 18, 1985. Please contact me if you remember us. maura

Name: wally maroney
From: calif
Time: 1999-10-14 23:54:05
Comments: One week to go. Chofu still sucks. Warrior 4 life.

Name: Donna McConahay
From: Gainesville, Florida
Time: 1999-10-13 10:50:59
Comments: Hello, This is my first message to my fellow Yamato "brats". HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME AT THE REUNION!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish that my sister and I could be there with you. Donna McConahay Tachikawa 1956 - 1960

Name: Steve Hashimoto
From: Tokyo, Japan
Time: 1999-10-12 23:57:12
Comments: I'm from the class of '65, I have really not relocated from Japan except for 8 weeks in the Army in 1972 being drafted. Ever since I have been on business to LA, Hawaii on a regular basis, and never new that Yamato High's website existed.Pleasent Surprise. I'm happy to see some of the faces on the How I look now site and realize how short 34 years was. I found out about the site from Ken Swenson class of 67 who is working in Tokyo now. I would have liked to be present at the reunion, but due to short notice and being in Japan and my work schedule thisprevents me from attending this time.Look forward to the 1999 reunion when it comes on the site. Let's keep in touch all you WARRIORS!

Name: Jack Wargo
From: Poulsbo,WA.
Time: 1999-10-12 20:04:39
Comments: Class of '73.

Name: Gidget Whitesell Lambert
From: Monroe, MI
Time: 1999-10-12 19:47:13
Comments: Does anyone have any idea where the Bentons are?They lived just off base...Donnie '68 or '69, Maura '69 or '70, Hope, Linda and I think Faith.Their dad was a pilot for Japan Airlines and I think they settled in the Boston area....Has anyone seen or heard form any of them?Last seen in Hawaii in 1970.

Name: Mrs. Mike (Mary) Kossakoski
Referred by: Clicked on a 'Guestbooks by GuestWorld' Button
From: Berrien Springs, Michigan
Time: 1999-10-12 17:39:36
Comments: I am writing on behalf of my belated husband, Mike Kossakoski.He graduated from Yamato High School in 1966.He always spoke fondly of the time he spent there.In fact, we always planned a trip back, where he would show me around.I know if Mike were living, we would be attending the reunion in Las Vegas.If possible, I'm sure he'll be there in Spirit.Please feel free to e-mail me with any memories you may have of Mike.Thanks.Mary Kossakoski

Name: B-Ann Ridgway Johnson
From: Wheaton, IL
Time: 1999-10-12 15:43:38
Comments: Hi guys, wish I could be there in Vegas with all of you.Give me the scoop of all the fun that was had. I hope everyone is doing well and please feel free to e-mail me on my new service provider with my new

Name: Charles Michael Bennett
From: Bossier City, Louisiana
Time: 1999-10-12 09:42:39
Comments: Greetings to all Yamatoites! Kudos to all who set this site up and maintain it, you are all way too cool....such a neat website. Really touched a lot of memories especially the memorial page. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication. Sure would like to get in touch with any of the old A.T.R.C. gang like Howard Feltham, Rich Young, Bill Griffith et al. And don't forget to "Eat at Bennies Hot Dog Stand". Bennett

Name: Alice Threatt - Smith
From: Fairfield, CA
Time: 1999-10-11 23:27:52
Comments: Graduated Yamato High School 1967

Name: lyn peaslee
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Eugene, OR via Chofu '67
Time: 1999-10-11 20:53:24
Comments: looking for Cliff Slezak and Ken Swensen (his email address wouldn't work for me). I use to hang out at the base PX with them and a whole group of people ie Mandy, Charlie, and several others

Name: Janie Wilkey Kolbe
From: Liberty, Texas
Time: 1999-10-11 20:24:26
Comments: If any of you from the Class of 71 have pictures of the Senior Ski Trip could you please bring them to the reunion so I can make copies???? Thanks. janie

Name: Fred N. Threatt
Referred by: Net Search
From: San Martin, Ca.
Time: 1999-10-11 19:16:39
Comments: Glad to see a very well designed website.I am glad to have found it with the help of Ken Swensen.Sure takes you back to the good times, with good friends.It has been greatly missed.If any of you ever need to reach out and touch someone and connect, just call 408-782-5185. Sharing the past to strengthen the future.Would have been class of 68 but instead accepted an invitation to the rumble in the jungle, Vietnam 67-69 with Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.Met up with Andy Yoshida at Tachikawa AB Hospital.Looking forward to hearing from old friends to renew old friendships.

Name: Dee (Bennett) Milani
From: Living in Klamath Falls, OR
Time: 1999-10-11 14:16:36
Comments: Hi all you Warriors, Sorry to miss the Las Vegas reunion.But I do have my brother Mikes' e-mail address if any of the class of '66 would like it.Its: Drop us a line - I'm looking for Sandy Sailor, Ellen Marsh or Susan Lisniski

Name: Vivian Stewart - now McAdams
From: Louisville, Kentucky
Time: 1999-10-10 15:54:42
Comments: I attended Yamato from '59 through '62, leaving after my sophmore year.(Graduated from Dover AFB High School in Dover Delaware in '64)I think this is a wonderful site and I found it through military-brats.It was been really special to connect with old school friends after all these years.Can't get to the reunion this year but maybe next time.Would relish the opportunity to bring my husband of 31 years to one of MY class reunions. It sounds like it will be lots of fun and I hope everyone has a great time.

Name: Janette Stevens Magalei
From: Kailua, HI
Time: 1999-10-10 05:35:04
Comments: Am amazed there's a website for Yamato HS!When we left Japan in '67, I figured that part of my life belonged to memories ...fantastic to see the past become present ...and to see all those people back then in their lives now. I didn't graduate from Yamato, though it would have been the class of 69 if we had stayed.All of my education was in Japan.. first few months at Green Park, then moved to Angel Heights and went to Tachikawa Elementary, Jr Hi, then on to Yamato until end of sophomore year.It's good seeing all the familiar faces and names... can see the school right now in my mind like it was today.Didn't find out aboutreunion in time for this year.. hopefully we'll be able to make it next time.We is my sister Kathy Stevens (she's already posted in here), brother Donald Stevens, and me, Janette.Don and I live in Hawaii with our respective families, while Kathy is in Hampton, VA.Will definitely keep checking back here for updates. Any way to make a place for teachers?

Name: Carol Dyson
From: Tacoma, WA
Time: 1999-10-09 22:36:16
Comments: I signed the original questbook, but this new one has kept me up past my bedtime like the original one did in November of '98. Reading all of your messages is like hearing "You'll Never Walk Alone" sung in the backseat of a schoolbus with your head on your boyfriend's shoulder. Well, maybe it is even better than that. My husband of 35 years and I will all those who attend the reunion very soon. I'll bring pictures of the lights of my life, my children and grandchildren. I'll come prepared to listen to all the life stories of all those crazy Warriors. Neil Alterman is absolutely right. Yamato rules.

Name: Bob Clifford (65)
From: Washington
Time: 1999-10-09 09:58:28
Comments: Hi-- For the last couple of months I have been contacting folks from my class and others, putting together an email list.Below is the information I came up for the Class of 65, plus a handful of teachers, since their tenures at Yamato influenced many, but they don't really a place of their own. (Hopefully this Guestbook has the capacity to hold this much content.)I hope no one listed is offended by having this information posted; if so, lo siento mucho. With the reunion two weeks away, this data will probably be more useful surfacing now, compared to two weeks after the reunion. Also, considering the ephemerality of peoples loyality to their ISP, I can only hope these email addresses are current within two weeks!!! (Sent me corrections and updates.) And, for some of us who may not be able to attend, PLEASE take lots of picture and videos.Mo ichi do, Bob Clifford------------------ (WEBMASTER's NOTE:All personal information that was contained here has been deleted.If you want this information contact Bob Clifford.If you want your personal information posted, contact the webmaster who will post this information on the Contact Page.)

Name: Mike Flowers
From: Fargo North Dakota
Time: 1999-10-09 06:00:14
Comments: I attended Tachikawa Middle School, and was not able to attend Yamato High School because we were rotated back to the states in 1972.My brother Graduated in 1972 from YHS.I returned to the area in 1983 with the AF as a Safety Technician.When in Japan with my Dad, we lived in Green Park, Americian Village, and then finally on base in a single family dewelling.When my family and I returned to the area, I was assigned at Yokota, and lived in American Village for a short time, then moved on base.The area had changed greatly.Thanks for keeping this site going.

Name: Conrad Hinojosa (now Conrado)
Website: NetShaman
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: everywhere - airforce brat, remember?
Time: 1999-10-07 16:42:24
Comments: Class of 1967 -- Do you remember that great band, the LSD (Los Santos del Demonio)?We used to play at the teen club and elsewhere...all that great 60's music (I was keyboard).I'd love to get in touch with the other band members: Carl Brown, Bob Patterson (great singer), Godfrey Mau(guitar), Brian Galligan (bass).Would also love to hear from Alice Threatt (I think I saw one or more of her brothers post on the site) Linda Warren, and others.I hear there's a reunion, but not sure if I'd go without some critical mass from 67.

Name: (Ed) Toshimi Hashimoto
Website: Yamato Contact Page
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Riverside, CA
Time: 1999-10-06 13:59:24
Comments: Thanks to my brother Steve Hashimoto, a graduate from Yamato High School 1965, sent this to my attention through the E-Mail. I graduated from Yamato High School 1967.I am currently working for a major Japanese corporation - American Suzuki Motor Corporation based out of Brea, CA in the Automotive Division as a Technical Service Specialist.My current address in CA is as follows; 8820 Lincoln Ave. Riverside, CA 92504 Hm: (909) 343-2704 E-Mail Wk: (714) 996-7040 x 470E-Mail Please update information as necessary!

Name: Kathryn A. Stevens
From: Hampton, VA
Time: 1999-10-06 10:45:23
Comments: Hello fellow Warriors.This is Kathy Stevens from the class of 1964.I was real surprised to hear we are on the internet.My brother Donald Stevens is from the class of 1965. I live in Hampton, Va with my husband, 3 children, and 4 grandchildren.Donald lives in Hawii with his wife and 2 children.Wish we could make the reunion for 1999, but maybe next time.If anyone knows the whereabout of Marie Arnold, please let me know. She left Japan sometime in 1964.The last I heard of her was in 1967 in Washington State, maybe Tacoma. My e-mail address is address is Kathy Yacconi, 3 Amy Ct, Hampton, VA 23663.Phone number is (757) 851-2199.

Name: Toshimi (Hashi) Hashimoto
Website: Home of the WARRIORS
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Riverside, CA
Time: 1999-10-06 08:34:27
Comments: Thanks to my brother Steve Hashimoto, now I have a way to get in contact with my old friends. I currently work for American Suzuki Motor Corporation based out of Brea, CA as a Technical Service Specialist, Automotive Division. I can be reaced at;

Name: jim king
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: weatherford ,texas
Time: 1999-10-05 11:46:07
Comments: Attended nhs freshman 1957/58 lived at tachi member of the legendary or infamous "hermits" .We had a ball. Like to hear from those that were there.

Name: Chuck Stressman
Website: n/a
Referred by: AOL
From: Arizona
Time: 1999-10-04 23:18:47
Comments: Thanks for getting ahold of me.I made contact with a friend I haven't talked to in 30 years.Thanks again!

Name: Beverly Molter Sundock
From: Heidelberg, Germany
Time: 1999-10-04 16:19:18
Comments: Gidge, et al, I have been laughing with tears at your entry for the memories it brought back.The Tea House and whiskey sours; Tom Alvarado (how did I remember that name? Anyone know where Tom is?) mooning one and all on a trek back from the Tea House one night; climbing over the wall to get off-base and then drunkenly trying to climb back on-base; ahhh ~ Akadama; parties at Lisa's (some pleasant/some not); Norwegian Wood; "borrowing" a stop sign (pole and all) from somewhere in American Village; I still may have, the BIOLOGY sign that had once hung over the door to the Biology Lab at YHS ( where would I have put that?); sneaking out of my house (THE ONE AND ONLY TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE) to go back to a party at Steve Seath's ~ and by the time I got there (it must have taken me 4 hours to get out of the house, trying to get the damn dog to stop yipping [picture me crawling on my hands and knees through the house, falling flat at every creak and sound], dodging APs and running in the shadows), everyone was passed out or gone; trips to Shinjuki on the train; YHS football games and riding on the team bus (being a majorette did have its perks); dances at the Teen Club; the day Tom Lang (I have a picture of him carrying the ball against Chofu ~ the tackler was none other than the love of my life, Bill Bentley) chased me with a snake; rice and gravy at the BX snack bar; sneaking into the (I believe) NCO pool ~ heck may have been all three at one time or another.I can hardly wait to get to Vegas.This is going so much fun.Just think of all we've "forgotten" that I'm sure someone will be kind enough to "remind" us of (lol).See you all very soon!

Name: Emily Allsop
From: Seattle, Washington
Time: 1999-10-04 11:59:22
Comments: Upon graduation from Yamato in '67 I moved to Los Angeles to attend Woodbury College.I revisited my home in American Village (Tachikawa) the following summer which was my last visit as my dad took an assignment to Vietnam and my family returned to Tacoma, Washington in 1969.I stayed in LA until 1973 at which time I moved up to Seattle.I have been living here since then (except for a 1 1/2 year stint in Denver). I would love to hear from anyone who was at Yamato from 1963 to 1967.

Name: Larry Alsop
From: Calif.
Time: 1999-10-03 17:41:45
Comments: Class 0f 1967.Currently an RN and looking forward to hearing from other people in the class of 1967.

Name: Pam Mathis Williams
From: Nashville, Georgia
Time: 1999-10-03 14:26:11
Comments: I am looking forwardto another Yamato reunion. Lauren, Holly, Krista Correll, andI spent the last week in July together at thebeach on Pawley's Island in South Carolina.(We have done this for several years!)Lauren and Holly are coming to the reunion as well. Hope to see you all there. Pam Mathis Williams(Class of 65)

Name: Betty Yacksyzn Hutchins
From: lAS vEGAS
Time: 1999-10-01 22:48:35
Comments: You have me listed under the class of '67. I should be under the class of '69. Thanks

Name: Jerry Schumm
Referred by: Clicked on our Banner Advertisement
From: Buford, GA.
Time: 1999-09-30 13:15:12
Comments: Great site! I went to Yamato my Freshman year, but then transfered to Chofu for the remaining three years and it was bitter-sweet playing football and baseball against my old school. I enjoyed going through the class of '72 pictures and even recognized a few faces and names. It is great to be able to enjoy this part of our past again, thanks to technology.

Name: Steve Holland (65)
From: Gilroy, California
Time: 1999-09-28 13:23:06
Comments: Does anyone know the where abouts of Steve Hashimoto (65) or Lee Harris (65)??? My brother Tony and I will be at the reunion in Vegas. Hope to see a lot of friends there. Steve

Name: Connie (Hicks) Erwin
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
Time: 1999-09-27 12:37:37
Comments: Hi Guys: I am trying to locate Bob Clifford concerning the passing of an old friend Mike Kossakoski.If anyone reads this and knew Mike, or knows to get in touch with Bob Clifford, please write me.His email address on the contact page is wrong. Thanks! Connie Hicks

Name: Vivian Stewart McAdams
From: Louisville, Kentucky
Time: 1999-09-25 19:55:55
Comments: I attended Yamato 1959 through 1962 and would have graduated in 1964 if we had not returned stateside.Ended up graduating from Dover AFB, Delaware.

Name: Pam Sturm Latoszewski
From: San Antonio, Texas
Time: 1999-09-24 22:35:32
Comments: currently living in the great metropolis of helotes texas in the texas hill country, population 2500. a great change from san antonio. working in an elementary school as a school nurse in the barrios of san antonio. friends welcome to contact me if you can find my e-mail address on this website somewhere- i can't seem to find it myself but im not very computer literate. have fun at the reunion this year. i don't think pat or i will be going so let us know how things went. pam

Name: Mary Lambert-Whitesell (Gidget)
From: Monroe, MI
Time: 1999-09-23 20:13:37
Comments: Count-down! Was looking through the old yearbook and started remembering....Akadama Wine....tea Smith (Smitty) Polly & Fred; Maura, Donnie, Sue Carey, Dorothy Nakido, Bobbi Hutto, Bev, Martha, Betsy, Lisa (partyhouse!)Kenny Stressman..... and remember Tom Lang?He was the star of the football team!Whatever happened to him? The memories are being ignited...let's see how well we are able to recall them accurately?See ya'll soon!

Name: Cheryl (Ogan) Johnson
Website: Welcome to the World of Massage Therapy and Reflexology
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Richmond, Virginia
Time: 1999-09-22 19:34:54
Comments: Hello all. It's been a while since I've checked this website and it does look wonderful!So much work has gone into it and I, for one, appreciate it greatly.I lived in Wash Heights and attended Yamato in 1961 and graduated Narimasu in 1962.I then went to the International Christian University in Mitaka.I now live in Virginia and work as a Massage Therapist.I wish I could attend the reunion in Las Vegas.I know it will be a blast! Have fun everyone.My thoughts are with you.

Name: Linda Allen Calvert
From: San Antonio
Time: 1999-09-21 18:47:08
Comments: Just 30 days til the reunion.For those of you who haven't signed up and you're from my era (60's) better do it now! Don't want to depress you, but we're not getting any younger and this may be the best time to get together.I'm anxious to see old faces and meet new ones and go over some wild and crazy times at Tachi. Be there! Linda

Name: David Gaddie
Referred by: Clicked on a 'Guestbooks by GuestWorld' Button
Time: 1999-09-21 17:04:15
Comments: In Texas now, working for the Government and near Dallas.... new job, new car, new wife, new kids and new dog...starting all over again...feels like I am back in High School again. I will be in Vegas in 10/99. Hope there is a good turn out. Planning to visit Tachi, Tokyo and Yokota in November. David (Just kidding about the new wife and kids and I have cats)

Name: tom shepard
From: portland oregon
Time: 1999-09-20 14:11:43
Comments: Just tickled to find all this about Yamato. Was there from 66 to 69. Didnt graduate at Yamato but I consider it 'my high school'. Too bad so many folks went to school there but were not graduates. I wish I'd had the foresight to buy yearbooks. Be nice to hear from some of my old partners in crime: mickey gibson, fred delugas, bob hrick, vicky marshall, suzy inman, linda holman, sherry shay. Who was it I got in a fight with over kathy seagroves? Boy have I got a lot of stories!

Name: Stan Grant
From: Scott AFB IL
Time: 1999-09-20 12:23:28
Comments: Hey...second time at this site.Lots of folks talking up a storm, really great.Talked with several people already..Scotty Hall, Don and Karen Trent.Was really good talking with you guys.Just thought I would say hello and wish everyone a good time at the reunion!

Time: 1999-09-19 16:07:16

Name: Janie Wilkey Kolbe
Time: 1999-09-17 09:40:32
Comments: I talked to Nick Arabinko this morning. He lives in Florida. His phone number is : 904-734-8398. He wants to hear from all his fellow Warriors so be sure to give him a call. I also found Mr.Don Chicarell this morning. He and his wife live in Alaska. Their phone number is: 907-373-0783 . Their email addy is: donc@alaska.netI hope everyone will contact Mr. Chicarell and invite him to this reunion. At least let him know the details about it. Take care.

Name: Janie Wilkey Kolbe
From: Liberty, Texas
Time: 1999-09-16 20:33:59
Comments: I attended Yamato in 70-71 as a Senior. I moved back to Texas before graduation. I live in Las Vegas, right next door to the Gold Coast Casino so I will most definitly be there for the entire reunion. It takes about 2 minutes to walk from my door to the Gold Coast. I am looking forwardto seeing all of you. Janie

Name: Tom C. Mesa
From: Texas
Time: 1999-09-14 15:25:17
Comments: I attended Yamato High School as a freshman during 1972-73. I knew a lot of the graduating seniors and this site brings back good memories.Please don,t forget those who were underclass men/women that attended Yamato High School but did not graduate.Good thing going on!!!!

Name: David Strausser
From: Winston-Salem NC
Time: 1999-09-10 18:42:41
Comments: Hi all. Attended Yamato from 71-73 and then went on to Yokota. I remember some of the names from the contact list and from the messages left. Won't be able to make the reunion this time but hope to be at the next one. Hope everyone has a great time. Drop a line if you remember me.

Name: James Boice
From: All over the place, brats can't stop
Time: 1999-09-10 11:43:14
Comments: I was at Ashiya AB for 7th grade, then moved to Green Park. was at 8th grade at Green Park JHS in 60,and 3 months at YHS in 61. I had a real crush on Maryann Maruyama and Amy Tabata in 8th and those months at YHS. I spent 20 years in the army. I spent most of in Japan,Okinawa,Korea,Nam and few other choice places. I guess I was chashing their illusion. I am still working for the army as a GS-12 transportation officer at white Sands Missile Range, NM. I met my wonderful wife in Korea and have an 11 year old son.I wonder what happened to Mr. Kemph an 8th grade teacher at GPJHS.Oh well, lots happened in 38 years call me at 505-527-9053.

Name: Robert Ontiveros
From: North Hollywood, CA
Time: 1999-09-09 23:53:34
Comments: Athlete/Nerd - graduated in '68 - Going to re-union in Las Vegas, hope to see a lot of people I know...Lapides, Nagata, Singh...You know who you are. Also want to meet new friends! By the way, this is a GREAT web site! Thanks for putting it together. It's been bringing back a lot of memories...used Oh yeah, for those of you that remember: there's supposed to be a re-unions of the Soul Searchers band sometime next year...whatever happened to the Main Gate A Go-Go...see ya soon! - rock on ABBB!!!

Name: Earl Wilkinson
From: Columbia, Maryland
Time: 1999-09-09 16:58:32
Comments: I've been in Columbia, MD since 1982 and just took the last of three off to college the late August. I'll see you in Las Vagas.

Name: John Metcalf
From: Illinois
Time: 1999-09-08 23:20:15
Comments: Greetings, old friends.

Name: Jim Tucker
From: Riverside California
Time: 1999-09-08 19:59:46
Comments: I am looking forward to this reunion and touching base with old friends. I am in contact with the Perrys, Andy, Kimiko, Marlon etc. Also Marvin Torres...Looking for Ron Gsell, last I heard he was working for the phone company in Orange County CA. Ralph Payne is in O.C. but haven't seen him in years. Ken Mack last I heard is a football coach at the U. of Virginia. Well need to jump on that weight pile and get on the ole treadmill...if I can only remember how to turn it on. Kenny Morton says hello.

Name: Pat (Sturm) Spielman
From: San Antonio
Time: 1999-09-07 19:16:50
Comments: This is really exciting!I've heard rumors of just such a website as this, but seeing is believing! I'll be back often!!!!!!!!! Love Pat

Name: jan garrison johanson
Referred by: Net Search
From: San RafaelCA
Time: 1999-09-07 18:43:50
Comments: I am sorry to say at this late date that my husband and I will not be able to come to the reunion after all.My parents are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary and I must be there.I know the reunion will be so much fun and I was really looking forward to it.Too many activities and so little time.Have fun everyone.Do you remember: "We can beat Johnson....eeeeasy!"

Name: wally maroney
Time: 1999-09-05 23:56:37
Comments: WARRIORS! Damn, only a month and a half til the reunion. Can't wait to see everyone. Think about it, how often do you get together with old friends from twenty(thirty) years ago and see how much each other has aged. Oh, what a feeling! Better have started getting in shape if you haven't already. By all the hits in the guest book it sounds like this will be the largest group yet. Cool! I'm still trying to locate wayward Warriors out there. Have had limited success. Everyone keep looking. I hope there are alot who just haven't signed in and are going to show up and surprise the rest of us. For the "boys" who still remember, better go get yourselves a Japanese soft drink can and start working on your grip(s). Ah, what I wouldn't do for a nostalgic trip to Red Star or Snack Emon for a cold beer and a shot of absinthe(180 proof of course). Or to get a bowl of ramen at the Tachi train station or better yet a nice steaming hot sweet potato smothered in butter. Later all.

Name: Bob Clifford (65)
From: Washington
Time: 1999-09-05 17:33:53
Comments: About a year ago someone (???) mentioned that Coach Dave Rose (at Yamato from the early to the mid 60s) had passed away, and during this time I had mentioned the news to a number of Yamato folks.He had added so much to the 94 gathering that I knew he would be missed and thought that perhaps his wife might want to know about theup coming reunion.Well, after a phone call to Michigan today I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the old son of a gun is still very much alive!!!!Apologies to all those I have told otherwise. (I also had a long discussion with Don Sharpes, PhD (English, 64-66) and "played telephone tag" with Coach Irv Nikolai (63-65), both of whom sounded pretty interested in Las Vegas.)Anyone know the where abouts of any of our other teachers at Yamato???

Name: Bob Gricius (Class of 73)
From: Great Falls, Virginia
Time: 1999-09-05 11:17:07
Comments: What a great location for a reunion, I will definitely be there.Sam Yun called me and told me about the the reunion and web site.Looking forward to seeing many old friends there, or I may just gamble around the clock for three days.Either way, it's bound to be lot's of fun.

From: Sacramento Ca
Time: 1999-09-03 20:57:32
Comments: Looking for some of the old gang 1959,60,61 where are you???? Dave Wilson ,Dave Smith, Tom Peters, Jim Horn, Jim Schmaltz, Sandra & David Bugg, Carol Ori &, Kathy Ferguson????I am looking forward to the reunion and seeing everyone!!!!

Name: Paul Rettinger'67
Website: New home of the Chofu Vikings
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Vancouver, WA
Time: 1999-09-02 07:39:34
Comments: Hello Warriors!I attended Chofu High School from '65 thru '67.Just found your really great web page.I knew several of your alumni back then.I would really like to get in contact with Brad Lawton '67.He attended Chofu his Jr. year, and then tranfered to Yamato for his Senior year.Also, Michele Johnson '67 and I dated, and she went to our Senior Prom as my date.Would really like to hear from any of you that know their whereabouts. Living in Tokyo back then, those were really special times in our lives, werent they?Again, great web site!Have a wonderful reunion.paul

Name: Mike Dyberg
From: Puyallup, WA
Time: 1999-08-30 20:55:50
Comments: Just heard about this site and thought I would check it out. Never would have guessed I would be in contact with any of you. Once I left Tachi I figured that would be the end. This is great. Looking forward to doing some communicating. ----> Mike !-->

Name: Pam Sturm Latoszewski
From: Texas
Time: 1999-08-29 19:54:01
Comments: Found thru Bob Clifford

Name: Jean Criswell Dale
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1999-08-27 17:42:17
Comments: Attention CHRYSTAL MITCHELL I ran into Ruth Neri in New Zealand.Her dad's phone number is 530-677-1342.Jack Plantz is in Charlottesville, Virginia.His phone number is 804-823-2337.I left Tachi in 61, the middle of my sophomore year for Westover AFB Massachusetts.Hello to anyone out there that knew me.I live in Houston, Texas.I married Bob Dale, class of 61.We have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.Life is good.We are sorry to miss the reunion.It would be fun to see everyone again.

Name: Bob Evans
From: Searcy, AR
Time: 1999-08-27 07:56:27
Comments: This is a great website.Thanks to all who had the idea and then saw it through to completion. The reunion sounds like a great idea.Hope to make it if at all possible.I have not crossed a single Yamato grad in 30 years (except my sister, Class of 66??).To Old Friends, All His Best! Bob Evans (Class of 69)

Name: Linda Rebo (Doty)
From: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time: 1999-08-25 19:06:13
Comments: Hi Folks...I attended Yokota HS from 1970 to 1973...moved on and graduated from Yamato HS in 1974...My dad got stationed at FEW Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming after we left Japan and he retired here...I've been living in the wild west since then...I attended Laramie County Community College and the University of Wyoming...I received my degree in Social Work from the University of Wyoming December of 1978...In October of 1979 I hired on with the Wyoming Highway Patrol as a Dispatcher and 20 years later I am still telling Cops where to go...I've lost touch with most of the people we went to school with, with the exception of Tracie Garner who was and is still a dear friend...Feel free to email me to say hello...I would love to hear from anyone else we used to pal around with....

Name: Stan Desaki
From: Mercerisland, Washington
Time: 1999-08-24 17:34:44
Comments: Class of 67. Great to see we now have a way to get in touch with the past. Hope to see you all at the reunion.

Name: Roger Schroeder
From: Portland, Oregon
Time: 1999-08-22 13:29:41
Comments: This has been great fun, seeing faces and reading names from the past!I didn't attend Yamato, but attended Tachi J.H. with many Yamato alumni.I was amazed and pleased to see the senior pic of my best friend from the FOURTH grade, Lonnie Carlisle!I had lost touch with him after that year, and didn't realize he was still in Japan through high school.And I recognized Patti Yamakido at once.We wrote each other up until our respective graduations, then lost touch. Any information on those two or other Tachi alums (61-65) would be super!Already writing Polly and finding out exciting information about the old 7th grade gang.

Name: Ann McConahay Witkind
From: Tucson, AZ
Time: 1999-08-20 20:35:36
Comments: My sister, Donna McConahay O'Connor, and I attended Yamato High School during its first year.We still talk about how great those times were.Donna is living in Gainesville, FL now.Through the years I've been in contact with other Yamato alumni.Kathy Klos was a sorority sister of mine at Colorado State University - she still lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. (Her sister, Gretchen, also attended CSU while I was there.) I've seen Jeanne Criswell Dale & Bob Dale quite a bit through the years and have also heard from Jim Plantz. I would love to hear from any old friends out there.

Name: Linda Allen Calvert
From: San Antonio
Time: 1999-08-17 16:16:36
Comments: I'm really getting excited as I anticipate seeing all of you from the early 60's!There's still a lot of you out there who need to be found and encouraged to come to LV.See you in October...

Name: David Peacher-TallEagle
From: Lancaster, CA
Time: 1999-08-13 09:17:13
Comments: Wondering if anyone knows the where-abouts of Lynda Mills , she attended Yamato for 1959-1961 for sophmore and junior years and returned stateside in 1961. Come on WARRIORS make this a great reunion!!!!!!! Find those Warriors !!!

Name: Chrysta Mitchell Trunzo
Referred by: Net Search
From: Tacoma, Washington
Time: 1999-08-12 19:46:36
Comments: I would have been in the class of 64 but went stateside in 59. My older brother Tim, graduated in 58. Would like to know if anyone out there knows the whereabouts of the following people:Kandy Keever,Ruth Neri, Sheila & Cris Miller,Eddie Brecknock,Tom Culp,Wendy Hardy,Jack Plantz. I was married to Bob Cooke class of 61. Would love to hear from anyone that was at Tachi 56-59.

Name: Richard A. Jacobus (Anthony Hoops)
From: Fremont, California
Time: 1999-08-11 13:58:58
Comments: Hello Warriors! Yes, going to the reunion and looking forward to it.I'm Vonnie Beattie's (Vonnie Hoops') four years younger brother and yes we'll both be there ! Was in the 9th grade for the first semester in 1961.Returned to the States to become a junior higher, and again graduated from junior high, for the second time.Graduated in 1964 at Lompoc High School south of Vandenburg AFB in California. Wanna say Hi?E-mail me.:)

Name: David Peacher-TallEagle
From: Lancaster, CA
Time: 1999-08-10 21:30:14
Comments: COME ON 1960 classmates !! let's me number one at reunion!!!! Contact & find all our classmates !!! c u there !!! David class of 1960

Name: Ron Wargo
From: Vancouver, WA
Time: 1999-08-10 17:35:11
Comments: Great page.I've run into a lot of old friends through this page.Anyone know where Geral Owens (CAJ)is?How about John Pyle?

Name: Diane Roberts Atherton,64
From: atlanta,soon to be Pocatello, Idaho
Time: 1999-08-10 06:44:27
Comments: Hi everyone!It is getting close now.....ya'll have your reservations all set?I do!I am putting out a call for volunteers, about 5 or so, to help with decorations on Sat before the dinner......just need assistance with getting everything in place before we open the doors....anyone interested be sure to find me when you register at the hotel....and thansk in advance.

Name: Terri Sutton Springfield
From: Alabama
Time: 1999-08-09 20:35:02
Comments: Hi Again Warriors! Does anyone remember and know where Carla Ray-Class of 73 is?She has an older sister-Judy-Class of 71. How about Pat and Shannon Rose?

Name: David Brandman
Referred by: Net Search
From: Alpharetta, GA
Time: 1999-08-08 18:37:00
Comments: Went to Yamato High from 1961 to 1964.Unfortunately, moved back to to the states to graduate in 1965.Would appreciate any updates, information that might be available.

Name: Patrick Burns
From: Scottsdale, Arizona
Time: 1999-08-08 08:43:16
Comments: OOPS!!!Sorry Mike! (Yuchnitz) My typing fingers don't work to well on Sunday!

Name: Patrick Burns
From: Arizona
Time: 1999-08-08 08:40:35
Comments: HEY MIKE TUCHNITZ!!!I just remembered it was you with me in the cafeteria with the mock up 45 and 9mm toy guns when the MP arrested us!!HAHAHA!He thought he had a couple of thugs and was going to get a new stripe, instead his ego was bruised!!!Damn I miss those day, but.... I love life as it is.See you in Vegas!

Name: Patrick M. Burns
From: Scottsdale,Arizona
Time: 1999-08-08 08:15:09
Comments: I am the brother of Kathy Burns(class of 70) & Bill Burns.If we wouldn't have been transfered I would of graduated class of 1973.I have my own business in Arizona and I am still...A MILITARY BRAT!!!!!:)(in heart)

Time: 1999-08-07 20:39:22

Name: Jack Marr
From: Small town Texas
Time: 1999-08-07 18:23:04
Comments: Just wandering by and thought I'd see if anyone one else from the '59-61 era was around.

Name: Travis Beckham
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Irving, Tx.
Time: 1999-07-31 18:59:09
Comments: NHS '61..... What a rush!!!!!!! Attending the Dallas reunion(Real hardship, as I live two miles from DFW). Lost track of a lot of you when they split us up.Remember Kathy Klos,:-)Ragsdale, Jinx Vandiver, Jerry Moore, Joe Shugart Paul Maruyama.Was the drummer with the Teen Tops, and had so much fun I was asked to return to the state in 1960.Hope to see some of you here in Dallas next week. Great web site. Toodleoooooooo

Name: Bill Burns
From: Tucson,AZ
Time: 1999-07-30 15:22:34
Comments: I'm trying to contact Mike Yuchnitz, Debbie Couch, and Pat O'Rear.

Name: Nancy Noble Engle
From: Vacaville, CA
Time: 1999-07-29 16:16:40
Comments: Updating my home email address; Contact Page has the wrong address.Hope eveyone is doing great.So much fun opening this site and seeing new names each time.What a special place/time for all of us!!Also, new home address of: 930 Iron Drive, Vacaville, CA95687; (707) 447-3008.Take Care!

Name: Clifford A. Hartman
From: Las Vegas, NV
Time: 1999-07-28 21:31:51
Comments: I just got a computer and I know just enough to be dangerous at this point.Went to Yamato High in "63-64" when I graduated and moved on.Heard from my brother about the Chofu website, and sure enough, Yamato has one too.Who knows, maybe I'll attend the reunion in Oct 99.

Name: Dennis (Denny) Speight
From: Harbinger, NC
Time: 1999-07-27 18:32:42
Comments: Class of '66Where are You??

Name: Doris Tuck Thornton
From: Florence, Kentucky
Time: 1999-07-24 13:49:17
Comments: I have been looking at the guest book and it is so nice to see so many people signing it.I am looking forward to the reunion and catching up with old friends from the class of 61.I enjoyed the chat back in June and will look forward to the next one.Would love to hear from some of you.

Name: Susie Yuchnitz (Shockley)
From: Nashville TN
Time: 1999-07-23 23:33:12
Comments: oops! Not supposed to be Private! LOL What a Great Web Site! Thanks to all those who are responsible for it. Thanks to Wally for calling me. Isn't it amazing how the memories begin to flood in just reading all the names --> KEWL. Hope to see all of you in Vegas !-->

Name: James Y. Kimoto
From: Valencia, Ca
Time: 1999-07-23 02:46:41
Comments: Go Warriors!Hope the entire class of 1970 are doing fine.Keep in touch, friends!

Name: Wally Maroney
From: California
Time: 1999-07-23 00:27:29
Comments: Waz up Warriors!!! Just wanted to give a "SHOUT OUT" to all my fellow Warriors. Been online with some of you and it looks like the class of '73 will be bringing the largest contingent of them all to the reunion. We don't want to embarrass all the other classes, so the rest of you get in gear and start hooking up with your fellow alumnus, alumni, grads,neighbors, friends--- oh hell, you know what I mean. Some of you graduated in 1960?? I didn't realize the school went back that far. I hope the hotel has plenty of wheelchairs for you all. This will be the last reunion of the 20th Century. Let's blow the lid off this one!!! Only 90 some days left. Everyone get busy. Go Warriors!! Let's rock baby!! PS.....Chofu still sucks.

Name: Jan Garrison Johanson
Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook
From: San Rafael CA
Time: 1999-07-22 16:45:56
Comments: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jim Reda, Janis Jones, Gene Webb?Where is Tom Spaulding and all his cronies?Does anyone remember stealing the Navy anchor?Stealing sailors' caps at the terminal?Small thick chocolate milkshakes at the drive-in?

Time: 1999-07-21 21:45:20
Comments: Signed on before, but don't see any indications.I'm from class of 1960 - the first one.Interesting to see all the old names - brings back good memories.I've stayed in touch with Vonnie HoopsBeattie all these years as with the lateBob Schafer, our favorite teacher. Would love to hear from others.Ann Duckworth, are you out there?

Name: Rena Denham
Referred by: AOL
From: Reno, NV
Time: 1999-07-20 16:01:48
Comments: Hello to the last class of Yamato--the class of '73!My fellow graduate, and sister, Jane, is now living in Avon, CT with her husband Kevin Haggerty and son, Aidan.And I am a college professor here in Reno.My younger sister Lynn (who ended up having to graduate from Yokota) was a JV cheerleader at Yamato and lives now in Winters, CA, with her husband Mike Martin, and son Colwyn. Let's get some class of 73 folks to the reunion!

Name: Suzy Fussell Koba
From: Hacienda Heights, Ca.
Time: 1999-07-18 00:36:20
Comments: Jimi, how exciting!I can hardly wait for Las Vegas and the chance to see everyone . . . . especially my special pals from the classes of '70 and '71.See you soon.

Name: Sandra Lee
From: Decatur, GA
Time: 1999-07-17 19:13:05
Comments: Attended Yamato High School in 1971.Graduated from Chofu High School in 1972.

Name: Ken Swensen
From: Tokyo, Japan
Time: 1999-07-17 04:54:53
Comments: I would have graduated in '67 but my family moved to Yokota. Once a warrior always a warrior. Miss the good times at Tachi and the 10 cents rice and gravey and 15 cents hamburgers.Remember the great Warrior sports teams and the support from the students/booster club? Where are the likes ofTim Lapointe, Steve Svenvold, Shields Jones, Chuck Oldenburg, Jeff Wiedeman,John Craigan, Bud Ellis, Lucky Marshall and many more upperclassman we looked up to?I live a few miles from our Yamato Air Station. Boy, has the place changed. Thanks Loren for the website. Bob Mutu, thanks for letting me know. The website is our path to" the fountain of youth." The reunion is the home coming we have all been waiting for. Now,we all have a place to return. I'm hoping to hear from you all. Faith Okamoto/Sue Myers, where are you?

Name: Eileen (Smith) Buckingham
From: Tacoma, Washington
Time: 1999-07-13 23:04:10
Comments: Attended YHS 63-65, graduated from Clover Park HS '66-they also had the same school colors (green and white) and the same team name Warriors (the mascot is a Native American Warrior). My Father's extension was turned down, so I was not able to graduate with my YHS classmates, however one turned up in my homeroom class on my first day of school at CPHS. Were we surprised to see each other!

Name: Brian Dwinnell
From: Northern Virginia
Time: 1999-07-13 16:57:39
Comments: Wow, did I get nastalgic when I stumbled upon this site!Great work!!I went to Yamato HS my sophomore year 1973 before moving to Yokota.I think we had to didn't we?I still remember the school like it was yesterday.I'd love to hear from anyone and compare notes.

Name: Jim Carroll
Referred by: From a Friend
From: St. Louis, MO
Time: 1999-07-12 15:14:23
Comments: This is really cool!Guess I'll have to dust off my homepage.

Name: Shields L. Jones
From: Dallas, Texas
Time: 1999-07-11 11:01:49
Comments: Years at Yamato High are 1964-66.Would love to hear from long lost friends!

Name: Bill Pearson
From: Burke, VA
Time: 1999-07-10 08:02:11
Comments: Yamato in 60 & 61. This is really great, since I'm been a little depressed latey after becoming a "senior citizen" a couple of days ago.Then I realized, all of you are are in the same boat.I feel better already.As soon as I convince my wife that it is absolutely essential that I go to Las Vegas in Oct and reminisce about the good old days with high school girlfriends and beer drinking buddies, I'll buy the ticket.Look forward to seeing you.

Name: Stephen Walsh
From: St Petersburg Fla
Time: 1999-07-09 17:05:51
Comments: I attended Yamato High from 68 till 71. Some friends from those days would be Don Spafford, Mike/Ron or Jack Wargo, Bill Wing, Glen Chong, Chris and Karen Vickers. If any of you out there see this, send me an "E" mail, it would be interesting to hear from you or from anyone else from that time frame.

Website: CLASS OF 64
Referred by: From a Friend
Time: 1999-07-08 21:35:30
Comments: Graduated in 1964.Living in Beavercreek, near Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio (WPAFB).A town of 40,000 people where I was Vice Mayor and Mayor.Have been a realtor for almost 25 years and am still involved with the military. Past president of the Miami Valley Military Affairs Association which is a l,000 member organization supporting WPAFB.Have been married for 33 years, have three daughters and two granddaughters.Would like to know who from 64 is attending the reunion in Las Vegas.

Name: Beverly Molter Sundock
Referred by: AOL
From: Heidelberg, Germany
Time: 1999-07-08 06:57:09
Comments: Talk about memories - I am so flooded with them.Polly, Gidget, George (where are you???) and I are having an amazing time e-mailng back and forth; along with other long-lost friends and classmates.I can hardly wait for October to arrive.Each time I read someone's comments another memory is ignited.

Name: Jan Townsend
Time: 1999-07-07 09:28:15
Comments: I discovered this site by accident a couple of weeks ago . . . linked from am amazed at the memories which have re-surfaced as I read the names and see the pictures! Please have mercy and don't put my old Yamato yearbook pics on this website!!! I remember fourth of July fireworks at the baseball/softball fields at Tachi, loud music from the speakers at the NCO pool, choir practice, PYOC, Sunday night Moody films, teen club dances, and riding the base bus to go ANYWHERE! I also remember gathering at the terminal where we cried and vowed to write, as we watched our friends board theplane for the states. Seeing so many of you write in to say that you will be in Vegas this October has convinced me that I will have to be there too. Won't it be great to find out whatever happened to . . . I'll keep watching this site for the names of the old gang. Say hi if you are out there!

Name: Glenn Kennedy
Referred by: Net Search
From: San Diego CA - Yamato Class of 65 (63-64)
Time: 1999-07-06 16:32:00
Comments: It is so much fun to find the MilBrats stuff and then the links to the Yamato page. I was there Soph and Junior years 1963-64. Played football, basketball - Dated Dotti Long - Was in CORE class ! and in general had an absolutely great time. The squadron rotated to Hawaii the summer before my Senior year, so I ended up graduating as a Radford HS RAM - but my heart belongs to Yamato. I'll be at the Oct reunion - I just can't get anyone to email me the info yet - Glenn :-D

Name: Donald Threatt
From: Suisun, CA
Time: 1999-07-05 12:32:27
Comments: Just checking out the guest book to see who has signed in. Nice to see that Yamato Warriors are keeping in touch with one another. If some of u remember me, drop me a line to say "Hello". It would be nice to hear from some of you. If not maybe we will see you at Las Veges. Anyone know where or have heard from Carl Brown.

Name: Mary Whitesell (Gidget)
From: Old Classmate
Time: 1999-07-05 09:33:04
Comments: I would have been the class of 1970, but my sophomore year I went to Chofu (parents did not like the modules) and then I went to boarding school.I graduated from Radford H.S. in Honolulu, Hawaii.I had friends in class of '67, '68 and '69 and a few in '71.I didn't have too many friends from my own year though.Enjoy hearing from anyone.

Name: Norton Eastment, Jr.
From: Fremont, CA
Time: 1999-07-02 18:05:06
Comments: I am an alumnus of the Class of 63. Looking forward to seeing former classmates again after 36 years at the reunion this Oct.

Name: Sheila Davis
From: San Francisco
Time: 1999-07-01 22:20:31
Comments: any of my old buddies out there email me.lived at narimasu 71-72, went to yamato then.hung out with debbie lindley, bobby hiyashi, steve derryberry, diana jett (DJ) jimi yamoto charles halgren (newboy). had a lot fun at the (back gate). moved to chofu after that hung around with vernon pineau, ronda risden, glen nomura, barbara (bb)brendage, patty jessup. moved to tachikawa hung around with george:-) le (chumley), jim bowie.did the shinjiku scene alot during those days.was a lot of fun

Name: Neil Alterman
From: Fairfax, Va
Time: 1999-06-21 18:36:57
Comments: For those of you who were not aware, we just lost a good and valued friend with the passing of Muriel Haug, class of 62.Muriel and I were good friends and participated in many activities together during our years at Yamato, and I will sorely miss her.I just had a conversation with her several months ago in which she promised me a dance at the reunion.Muriel, I know that you are now in a better place, and you will always be in my mind and memories.Paulette, please know that Muriel was loved and will be missed.My condolence to you and the family. On a different note,the recent chat that we had on June 8 was most interesting to me and brought back many memories of some of the things we did at Tachi.To Carol and Jan, I well remember PYOC and some of the trips and things we did.Looking forward to reliving some of those memories.Still looking for some people who haven't yet shown up on the guestbook pages and nobody seems to know where they are.Has anybody seen Ron Green or Lynn Riebe? Last I knew was that Ron was accepted at Rice Univ, but don't know were Lynn was going.Charlotte, do you have any idea, since you two were close during school.I never remember seeing one of you without the other being somewhere close. Carol, how is that husband of yours doing?I presume that all is being taken care of and you will be at the reunion.Scribie, I'm still waiting for some pictures of you, would like to see pictures of Jerry too.We missed you at the chat room.Hope all is well. Well, gang,gotta go, my pager is going nuts and I'm on call tonight.Will write again soon.Yamato rules!

Name: Ron Coder
From: Atlanta, GA
Time: 1999-06-21 17:11:25
Comments: Just got an email from Rick Taylor '73 and will hopefully get to see him in LA at a trade show this week.What fun to get a message from a friend I haven't seen in 27 years. Keep up the good work in locating people. I regret that I won't be able to be at the reunion but I know there will be a great time had by all!!! Let's hear it for the class of '72.

Name: Donna Wolfe Martin
Referred by: Net Search
From: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Time: 1999-06-21 07:36:31
Comments: Hi Warriors!I attended Yamato High in 61/62 as a freshman. Then it was time for the old transfer back to the states.I graduated from Stebbins High School in Dayton,Ohio in 65.I hope that I can rekindle some of my friendships through this e-mail.

Name: Augustus J. Creecy
Referred by: From a Web Ring
From: Tempe, AZ
Time: 1999-06-20 09:03:47
Comments: Ahhhhhh, our rivals from Yamato.....I remember the football, basketball, baseball, track meets, and the cross country meets we had.....Johnson vs Yamato.Good "team spirit was brought to both schools.We at Johnson claimed to be the best in Japan as all the other schools did the same....but what was most striking about the school spirit was that it brought us closer to each other as students and as friends.Whether victory....or defeat....JHS, Yamato, and the other schools in the Kanto Plains were the best schools....and so was the friendship!Great web page!!!!! ajc

Name: John Greene
Referred by: NewsGroups
From: St. Petersburg, Fl
Time: 1999-06-19 06:13:36
Comments: Amazing to find this site.Hope to be able to renew old friendships either over the net or in person.After graduating in '63, attended U of Florida and La Tech U.Graduated in '67 and was drafted.Spent next 26+ years in USAF at various locations.Retired in '94 and am teaching high school chemistry and college biology in St. Pete, Fl.Now enjoying life in a semiretired condition.

From: Salem, OR
Time: 1999-06-18 09:12:46
Comments: How great it is to renew old friendships and share stories (lies?) with one another.After completing school at Ariz. St. Univ., I enlisted in the AF to avoid the draft.Later moved to Oregon to work as a loan officer in a bank,Again changed jobs after 3yrs to become a health insurance agent (mistake!)My wife of 33 yrs and my 30 yr old son and his wife make Salem, OR our home.Would love to hear from any of you who are bored and would like to exchange other useless info!(Kidding!)Would also like to locate Jim Ranes, Kay Czinke, Gloria Goode to name just a few.Many fond memories of Fuchu, Green Park, Tachi and Yamato!!! (My E-mail is forward to hearing from you!

Name: Glenn Kennedy
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: San Diego, CA
Time: 1999-06-16 16:47:03
Comments: Hi - to everyone! Class of '65 (almost). I was at Yamato my sophmore year 63 and junior year 64 but the squadron rotated to Hawaii my senior year where I actually graduated as a Radford RAM Class of '65. I've been searching like mad for Yamato HS and found the link through yahoo searches of mil brats and japan. I'll try to get a hold of Diane and find out about the reunion. I'm

Name: Cindy Self
From: Albuquerque, NM
Time: 1999-06-15 19:29:31
Comments: Attended Yamato High 1965-1968, had many, many friends and great memories there.Live in Albuquerque, have 4 children and two grandchildren; husband and I are previous radio station owners, he is a musician and I work from home and practice the alternative healing art of Reiki. Looking for Carol Russell who married Greg McLean, anyone hear anything about them?

Name: Caroline Hamasaka
From: Los Angeles, California
Time: 1999-06-13 22:37:08
Comments: What a great way to get in touch with old friends.It only seems like yesterday that we were all together.Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Name: Mike Skidmore
From: class of 69
Time: 1999-06-13 17:41:14
Comments: hello Betty Yacksyzn, glad to see a name i remember, do you still have long hair,:)

Name: Betty (Yacksyzn) Hutchins
From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Time: 1999-06-12 15:03:46
Comments: Looking forward to seeing you all.Class of 69 rules!

Name: Paulette (Peacher) Lathan
Referred by: Net Search
From: Sacramento, CA
Time: 1999-06-11 15:39:37
Comments: Hi to all Warriors!The reunion is shaping up but need all who are attending to get their registration in.If anyone needs hotel reservation information, email me, I have a couple hundred left!Looking forward to seeing all at the reunion in October!!

From: NASHVILE TENN I now live in Texas
Time: 1999-06-10 11:58:20
Comments: HI HAS ANYONE SEEN BILL WING OR JIM MORRIS OR KEVIN WILLIAMS!!!!!!!I live in san antonio texas now. I was at yamato 66-71 grad in 70.I am not asking about Joe erickson he didn't ask about me lol.My sister Susie is in nashville and my older brother Jim died from cancer.Man it is nice to get old and see how old people really look like joe erickson.

Name: Jan Garrison Johanson
From: San Rafael, CA.
Time: 1999-06-08 21:27:15
Comments: I am signed onto the original guestbook, but wanted to check-in here.I graduated from Yamato in '63, went to the U. of Okla. and graduated with a nursing degree.After working as a psych nurse in OK, Hawaii and CA. I had 2 kids and have been a GYN Nurse Practitioner since 1980.I have been married to Buz for 28 yrs.We have 2 grown kids and have made Marin County our home since 1971.I remember Japan so fondly.It was such a special time with special friends and memories I treasure.I look forward to seeing a bunch of you in Las Vegas.

Name: Janie Wilkey Kolbe
From: Henderson, Nv.
Time: 1999-06-08 09:39:28
Comments: I attended Yamato in 70-71 as a Senior but moved back to Texas before graduating. I would love to see a copy of our Senior year book so if any of you can make copies(Office Depot has copier) please let me know and I will pay for the copies. I also would like to have copies of our Senior Ski Trip. I spoke to Stan Avans last night and he told me about this website. I will be attending the reunion here inVegas in October and hope to see lots of old friends and classmates. See ya there!!!

Name: Rick Taylor
From: Los Angeles(carson), Ca
Time: 1999-06-07 16:34:56
Comments: I was at Tachi middle school in '69' then Yamato H.S. from 70-72.I then spent my senior year in Los Angeles,(carson h.s.) This site is outstanding & is exactly what i've been looking for. Theirs a whole lot of peoplei would love to hear from and /or see! Too many to list hear. I like to give props to Wally Maroney for turning me on to this site. WARRIOR 4 LIFE :)

Name: Pat Roland Hill
From: Victoria, TX
Time: 1999-06-06 17:24:56
Comments: Hi, I was in the first Junior class in 1960.We returned stateside before my senior year, but I will always be a Warrior.If anyone remembers me, I would love to hear from you.I keep in touch with Doris Tuck Thornton and Claire Mathews Woodward.Hope to see you all in Las Vegas. Pat

Name: Janet Shimabukuro
From: Fremont, CA
Time: 1999-06-04 22:51:12
Comments: hi there! i didn't go to yamato but when narimasu hs was going to be closed down, i was one of the students selected to attend an orientation there.we left japan before i could attend much less graduate from yamato. i did attend tachikawa middle school in '67 (lived at greenpark temporarily) when we first got to japan & made friends with susan shimabukuro (not related), susan sera & naomi yokoyama.i believe they would have attended yamato & graduated in the class of '72.also knew joyce fujimoto who transferred from narimasu hs to that area.i know how to contact joyce fujimoto, but not the other women above.anyone know their whereabouts? if not, it was worth a try!this is a very nice the pics.

Name: Valerie Stinnett
From: Denton, Texas
Time: 1999-06-04 14:40:09
Comments: Hello, Everyone, I attended Yamato during its last year from '72-'73.I was a JV cheerleader.Anyone that remembers me, please get in touch.I've talked to Shirley and her brother Mark Barstad.Shirley is in Hawaii and Mark is in California.I now live in Denton, Texas (anyone near by?).I would like to get in touch with James Leroy Tucker (Jimmie).If any of you know of his where-abouts please let me know.Jimmie, if you are out there in "Yamato Guest Book" land,contact me!My sister and I are also looking for Kazuko and Rebecca Scott. Things are looking up and life is good.Bye for now.Valerie

Name: Wally Maroney '73
From: California
Time: 1999-06-03 18:49:36
Comments: Hello again people!! Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been busy trying to locate fellow Warriors. Have met some success. I spoke with Suzie Yuchnicks.I think she was involved with the Atlanta reunion a few years ago. She sounded excited. Hope she tells her bro as well. I was also able to locate Gerald Melancon. He is in Texas. I hope his wife gave him the message. Also spoke with Bruce Avans, Stan Avans, Rick Taylor and Bill Forden. I've also been trying the ladies, but names may have changed over the years. Gonna keep trying and hopefully everyone I get in contact with has been in touch with someone themselves and more and more will hear about the reunion and show up. Gotta go, the internet and phone directories await me. Later

Name: John Clifford, class of '68
From: Guam and San Diego
Time: 1999-06-03 02:05:10
Comments: What a great Website!I attended Yamato freshman and sophomore years from 1964-66, and would have graduated with the class of '68.I have the best memories of the crisp Saturday mornings in the fall when the greatest high school football rivalries in the world took place (and the mighty Yamato Warriors usually won). Looking forward to reaquainting with old friends here and in Las Vegas.

Name: Wayne Durham '61
From: El Paso, Texas
Time: 1999-06-02 13:55:45
Comments: After re-reading the first 250 entries, thanks Jan, I would like to add the life story of this '61 grad. To the states early in May '61; married in '64; drafted in '66; Viet Nam and then Germany in '67 - 70. My daughter Debbie was born in Augsbug in 1970. My son Daniel was born in Florida in 1972. Graduated Rollins College '79. Transferred to El Paso (Chrysler Corporation) in 1981. Marion and I have been married 35 years this past March. Marion teaches 4th grade; Debbie teaches 4th grade; Daniel is a SSgt in the AF at Kadena. Two grandsons one and three. I do as little as possible but still earn my keep - though now with a Japanese Company. Great hearing from all Yamato'ites. See ya in Las Vegas.

Name: Deirdre (Bennett) Milani
Referred by: Clicked on a 'Guestbooks by GuestWorld' Button
From: Klamath Falls, OR
Time: 1999-06-02 08:47:48
Comments: Go Yamato!

Name: Wally Maroney
Time: 1999-06-01 17:00:04
Comments: Hello to all the Warriors out there!! Let's make this next reunion the best yet. I'm doing my part. I'm now divorced for all of you lady Warriors who always wanted me but were afraid to ask. As for the rest of you, get on the horn and spread the word about Las Vegas in October. Looking forward to seeing all that show up. PS- Chofu still sucks! Later

Name: Doug Melby
From: Seattle
Time: 1999-06-01 13:26:28
Comments: This is a great web site! Thanks to all who have contributed. I am hoping to renew contact with lots of old friends.