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Sunday 02/27/2000 7:22:32am

001Name:karen Hatcher (Eckles)
Location: live in Norman, Ok.
Comments: This is a new e-mail address for me

Thursday 02/24/2000 1:50:28pm

002Name:Marliss (Hazlett) Uhrich
Location: Sacramento CA
Comments:Wow.. it was great to find this. I have been wondering if something like this would pop up in this day and age..LOL. I had a blast looking back at all our old photos. Remembering some and wondering about others. Still wondering if the Cook sisters just disappeared from the face of the earth! LOL I will be back to see what is going on now. Would love to hear from friends.. bye Marliss Hazlett class of 72

Friday 03/03/2000 8:00:02am

003Name:Richard ambrose (1961)
Location:Houston, Texas
Comments: Just dropping by the web site for a quick visit. Since I first signed in a month ago, I have been contacted by several Yamato Warriors: David Preacher-TallEagle, Neil Alterman, Vonnie Hoops, and Linda Singer-Collins. The system works. Neal, thanks for the info on the Maruyama brothers. I will try calling this weekend. Richard ambrose (61)">

Tuesday 02/29/2000 9:48:27am

004Name:Dale Burnham
Location: Marina, Ca
Comments: Great web page. I lived in Haijima Heights outside of Tachikawa AFB during 1957-59. Attended Yakota school during 8th grade. A very good friend graduated from Yamato.

Monday 02/28/2000 8:36:04am

005Name:Neil Alterman
Homepage Title: Covey House Minis Homepage URL:">
Location: Fairfax, VA
Comments:For those of you who were not aware, one of our Warriors, John Greene, recently suffered a major heart attack and has been recovering in the hospital. Following is an update from Sue Greene on John's recovery. Thank you for the inspirational messages, I don't know where we would be right now if it wasn't for the power of prayer and the faith that everything was going to be all right. I have never been through anything so scarey in my life, and I truly hope that I don't have to go through it again anytime soon. John was moved from the intensive care unit last night, and is doing well. He is off of the oxygen and almost everything else except one antibiotic that they are giving through the IV line. He is on a portable heart rate monitor instead of the big scarey ones that I have watched non-stop for the last 3 weeks. He is doing great, but still has a long way to go. The doc said if he is still doing this well, he could be home by Tues. or Wed., isn't that amazing. He has no concept of how much he has been through. He does remember going to the emergency room, but not much after that. Gotta go, I've got to start cleaning my bedroom so that he doesn't catch anything deadly when he does return home. I miss you all, and Maybe I can pop in for a few minutes this week. Tell everyone "HI" and let them know what is going on with John.

Sunday 02/27/2000 11:02:13pm

006Name:Jimmie R. Dodson
Comments:I am trying to find Carolyn Patricia Snyder. I'm not sure which school she went to. It could have been Yokohama or one that is close.

007Name:Mike Skidmore
Location:tulsa oklahoma
Comments:I found out today that Dave Mason who would of been in the class of 1971, but left the end of his junior year, was Murdered in a Drive by Shooting in 1985 in Paris California. I spoke to Daves Mom today and she said he was out working on his car on a Saturday morning and someone pulled up to the driveway and when he got up to see who it was, they opened fire with an automatic weapon and he was dead before he hit the pavement.

Monday 03/13/2000 2:07:45pm

008Name:Brett Richardson
Comments:What a great web site, while I never attended YHS (too young) I still feel a part of the school as I attended many basketball, baseball games that my brothers Mark and Scott played in from '70-'72. If you want to get in touch with either of them, send me an E-mail and I'll pass it on.

Monday 03/13/2000 12:48:23am

009Name:Dana Keene
Location: Anchorage, Ak.
Comments:I attended YHS in 1961 Freshman) played on JV Football Team. Father was stationed at Tachikawa AFB. Left Japan in June 61. Live in Base Housing (Quansut(sp) Hut Duplex across from Officer's Swiming Pool. Tachikawa had a great teen club!! Tachikawa is gone now but memories will be forever. It was great times .25cent movies at the base theater, wow!!

Sunday 03/12/2000 6:19:11pm

010Name:Neil Alterman
Location: Fairfax, Virginia
Comments:I talked to John Greene tonight and he sounded GREAT! As many of you may know, John recently had a major heart attack, followed by a second one while he was in the hospital. Since Feb 5 many of us have been praying for a complete and speedy recovery. He is now well on the way to complete recovery and hopes to go back to work mid-April. His wife Sue has my condolences with having to put up with John, but it was so nice to hear his voice that I had to let everyone know. John Greene is back! Sue, keep him happy and comfortable. He still has our prayers.

Friday 03/10/2000 6:57:25pm

011Name:Marliss Hazlett (72)
Comments: Ok... I know there must be some other way to post a message, but I could only see this way.. so here goes. After finding this today I have been calling everyone who might be interested, and the name BILL FORDEN keeps popping up. Anyone know anything??? Oh yea.. if any of you remember my Mother(she was the school nurse) she said to say a big hello. She wants to come to the reunion, is that ok?

012Name:Marliss Hazlett (72)
Location: Sacramento CA
Comments:Hi... Most of the class from 69~72 remember that Dave Mason and I were high school sweethearts. Well we almost even got married in 72, but things didn't work out. I always stayed in touch with David over the years. When Mike Skidmore asked me last week about him I gave the last phone number I had for him. I was shocked at the news of his death. I just got off the phone with his mom and have a few corrections to what Mike said. David lived in the San Diego area for about 10 years.(Escondido)While I lived there we got together alot for parties and dinners. He was married up until 86 to a very nice lady named Nancy. He had his own bussiness of auto repair there. After their seperation he moved up closer to his parents in Paris CA. The lady (and I say that with a bitter taste in my mouth) that he hooked up with was his undoing. It was becouse of her that he was killed by two of her male friends. He was in the process of moving his stuff out of the house when she and these two men came up and shot him. The date was April 19, 1987. There was a huge man hunt for them and David's sister Vicky, who is an officer with the Riverside Sheriff's Department, helped arrest and process these two. They got 25 to life with no parole until they serve at least the 25 years. David's parents wanted me to tell everyone the facts,and tell Mike that they really appreciated his call. They had been looking for me all these years. There really must have been a higher hand in all this making me find this web page. Anyways... I just wanted to set the record straight and who ever does the memorial page would you please change the date. David was not shot by a drive-by. It was out right murder and the date is April 19, 1987. Thank you. Marliss

Monday 03/20/2000 9:54:21pm

013Name:Mike Thompson
Location:Atlanta Georgia
Comments:Class of 1966. Would be interested in hearing from anyone from the class of '66 or '67 or any body else that was over there about that time. Mike

Sunday 03/19/2000 8:19:36am

014Name:Bill Dowd Class of 64
Location: Scottsdale AZ
Comments: Just checking in. Pat Strum lost contact! What happened?

Sunday 03/19/2000 7:39:03am

015Name:Frank Trinkle
Location: Travis Air Force Base, CA
Comments:Hi! Attended YHS in 71-72, though I probably spent more time on the smoking field than in class. It was a nice change from St. Mary's International, where I had been going previously. My sisters went to ASIJ and we lived in downtown Tokyo, so my commute each day was like 1 1/2 hours each way. I have fond memories of Yamato, though they are probably not for the same reasons as many of you. It was refreshing to go to a school that had some choices! I also lost my virginity as a result of attending YHS! (Ahh... the memories.....) I remember a fad we got into of trying hypnotism on the smoking field while there. Funny the little things you remember. We had multiple tours to Japan. My father was a spook (MI) and after he retired, we went back to Tokyo where he ran a business for 10 years. Now it seems I just can't get away from the military. Having spent 11 years on active duty flying helicopters, I left only to finally marry a girl 14 years younger than me who immediately went into the Air Force as a nurse. So here I am at Travis Air Force Base... a dependent once again! It's even likely that we'll be returning to Yokota at some point for a three-year tour. What a wierd thing. I look forward to attending some reunion in the future. It would be interesting to see how some of my classmates turned out. My friends were all definitely on the fringe! Personally, I have ended up with the best job in the world. I am the Director of Public Relations and Development for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an international marine wildlife conservation organization. I sleep well at night. On a sad note... Helen Gelwicks, who was a long-time counselor at YHS - and a close family friend- passed away a couple of years ago. Her husband Harold, who coached the swim Team at Grant Heights, as well as other things, also passed away a few months ago. They are survived by their daughter Judy who was active with swim Team stuff on the bases. Looking forward to future visits! ---- Frank

Saturday 03/18/2000 9:52:52pm

016Name:Gwenyth Jett
Location: Copperas Cove, TX
Comments:SO Cool, I'm starting to see names I recognize, Marliss and Brett, Scott Richardson's little brother. Last I heard of Bill Forden he was in Phoenix, Arizona or some place warm and deserty. I talked to him once. I'm bad about calling people out of the blue, a voice from the past kind of thing. Scares the @#%$! out of people. Heck, yes, we want to know where Scott is. The reunion next year should be terrific. My e-mail address is"> or"> ..that's my school address. As soon as the phone line gets fixed I'll have a slightly different home address. Love the site, thanks to those hearty souls who maintain it. Hugs and kisses from Texas, gwen jett 72 Hey, check out the Narimasu site, some of you went there, too.

017Name:Gwen Jett
Location:Copperas Cove, Tx
Comments:Howdy, Everybody saving $ for the reunion? It will be a blast. Ms. June Hajjar was on the front page of the Killeen Daily Herald about the 23rd of March. It was good, she gave a speech at the O club. I have her e-mail address at home, I'll pass it on later, it's at home and I'm not. She said she'd try to make the reunion. When plans firm up, I'll send copies to Karen Akers, English..Narimasu and Yamato... I don't think she has a computer. Any body know where other teachers are? See ya'll in Vegas. Gwen Jett

Friday 03/31/2000 12:00:53am

018Name:Donny Spears
Location: Nolensville, Tennessee
Comments: I attended Yamato from 1962-1964 Freshman and Sophomore classes. It is great to be able to communicate with fellow Warriors. We presently reside in: Nolensville, Tennessee

Saturday 03/25/2000 9:00:05pm

019Name:Steven Lopez
Location: South Lake Tahoe,California
Comments:My family and I landed at Tachikawa AFB on Novemember 21,1963. Need I say more.

Friday 03/24/2000 8:25:38am

20Name:Lynne Strawser Kazee
Location: Roseville California
Comments: Hi fellow Warriors. I only attended Yamato from April thru June of 1964, my sophomore year, as I was living at american Village, then we were transferred to the Kanto Mura housing annex and I finished my schooling at Chofu, graduating there in 66. I don't remember much about Yamato except those fresh doughnuts in the cafeteria every day, how rotten the milk tasted when I first arrived, and the antics of one Larry Zornes in choir class. Eventually Larry and I became boyfriend/girlfriend for a while and he was without a doubt the sweetest most gentlemanly guy I have ever had the pleasure to date. He used to drive a bunch of us from american Village and Showa to school in his big old clunker of a car. Anybody out there remember? If anybody out there knows of Larry's where abouts, please have him get in touch with me! Thanks, Lynne

Thursday 03/23/2000 0:09:40am

021Name:Richard Omura
Location: Los Angeles
Comments: Hello folks! Wow! What a blast to go down memory lane. It feels like a world and a century away but at the same time it's just like yesterday. I missed the reunion but hope to catch it when it happens again. If any of you that know me are in the L.A. area, maybe we can do a mini-reunion. E-mail me.

022Name:Libby Blackstead
Location: Las Vegas
Comments:Howdy! A HUGE apology to all of you that I owe mail to, Cyd please send me your e-mail address again as the one on the contact page did not seem right. I tried to get it and our computers at work decided to not let us have access to the internet, I'm sorry I missed seeing you. Marliss, I'm so glad you found us all, I can't wait to see you again. My family has been out of touch with the real world since early Nov. when my Dad went into the hospital and is still there. It does not look good but all of us kids are okay and at peace with the situation. We lost our Mom in 90' after 3 long years in a nursing home and pray that my Dad does not have to go through many more months of suffering. I know that some of you will remember my folks and I'd be willing to bet that my Dad gave many of you your diplomas at graduation as he was the Director of Schools for many years. He has had a great life and based on all the e-mails we have received he touched many lives. I'm very proud of his career as he started as a math teacher/coach of all sports in Germany in 53' and ended up retiring as Director of Schools for Europe in 95'. I know that many former teachers check out this sight and if you would pass on the word I'd appreciate it as I need addresses from long lost friends. On a bright note, I had the good fortune to have lunch with Fred Montgomery a few weeks back. He looks great and I gave him hell for missing the reunion, after hearing all the stories I know he was kicking himself in the ass and won't miss the next one! I hope to see him again on June 16th here as that is the date of the Johnson High School reunion. Take care all! THE CLASS OF 72' RULES!!

Tuesday 04/04/2000 3:30:13pm

023Name:Conrado Hinojosa
Location: Cupertino, CA
Comments:I should clarify that the "LSD" in my last post does not refer to the drug, rather it is the acronym for the name of the band - "Los Santos del Demonio" -- translation = "the Saints of Hell."

Tuesday 04/04/2000 11:53:53am

024Name:Conrado Hinojosa
Location: Cupertino, CA
Comments: In Search of LSD Band, 1966-67....several months ago, I posted a message here in search of my former band members. Meanwhile, my sister, also a Yamatoite, hooked up with a friend at the reunion last year and managed to find one of my bandmembers, Godfrey Mau, in Hawaii. Just last night, I got an email with a picture of the band from our bass player, Brian Gallagher. How Cool! Can anyone out there help us find the rest of the group - just 2 dudes? Looking for Carl Brown (drums); Bob Patterson (singer); meanwhile, I'm going to see if I can find a way to post a picture of our group on this site. If you have any info about Carl or Bob, please email me at">

Monday 04/03/2000 11:23:36pm

025Name:Tom Billingsley
Location: Toronto, Canada
Comments:Class of 65. My brother Jim told me of the fun he had at the reunion and will be coming to the next one. Would like to hear from anyone from the past.

Saturday 04/01/2000 7:59:30pm

026Name:Deborah Rosser Thews
Location: Melbourne, Florida
Comments: I went to Yamato during the 71-72 year. I left that summer & went to Md to graduate in '73. Anyone remember me? I love this site, & find myself being here for hrs on end. Very addicting.

027Name:Gwenyth Jett
Location: Copperas Cove
Comments:My e-mail address has changed. AOL has only one access line in my area and it was too difficult to get online. my new address is gwenythj@dashlink .com">. My address at school is">. Please don't tell my employers what a rotten kid I was. I've grow up, I swear. Talked to Don Trent at the chat room last night. My first chat ever, my first attempt at the Yamato sight, and I got to talk to somebody I knew. What luck. I'd still like to hear from Stewart Mayeda, Gerald Melancon(where is Mr.George Johnson?) Leah Hinson, Binky Dawson, Kimiko and Andy Perry. Anybody know where Mr. Annibel and Mr. Hill got to? Karen Akers-Dickie lives in Madison Indiana. June Hajjar works in DC. Through the Kalani High School web site I found the daughter of my Girl Scout leader in Kahala ,HA. Small world. Love ya, see you in Vegas, Gwen Jett

Friday 04/07/2000 8:02:07pm

028Name:Joe Erickson
Location: Charlotte, NC
Comments: Wassuuuuuuuuup!!!How y'all are? Just cruzed in to see whats new.Charlotte, NC was sunny & 80 today if anyone cares.I think I have the worst case of CRS in history.What?See yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!Joe.

Thursday 04/06/2000 3:43:57pm

029Name:Teresita Hinojosa-Pereira
Location: Class of 1971
Comments: Howdy and Hey! Got turned on to the website via brother Conrado Hinojosa (Class of '67), and sister Magali Hinojosa (Class of '69). I attended Yamato High during my Freshman and Sophmore year. am searching for some of my former swim team mates (Kathy, Craig...), but most especially for my former buddy CRAIG ROCK! Also, I'd love to hear from some of our former karate gang and our sensei!

Thursday 04/06/2000 4:05:21am

030Name:Richard Ambrose '61
Location: Houston
Comments: Hello everyone, I just wanted to post my new e-mail address. I finally broke down and purchased a computer for the home so I could receive mail there instead of at the office. I have already sent a message to David updating my listing. Richard ambrose '61.

Thursday 04/06/2000 1:16:07am

031Name:Robert W. Ontiveros
Location: North Hollywood
Comments: Hi folks! Robert here, just thought I'd let you all know that the Soul Searchers/Applebutter Blues Bands are having a reunion concert on July 15, 2000 at the Beverly Garland Hotel in Studio City, L.A. Various band members are flying in from different parts of the country to participate. We've invited a certain number of people to come but anyone interested should email Jim Hishinuma at">, There will be dinner and live music from the day but reservations are limited so please contact him soon.Both bands played around the Kanto Plains area between '67 and '69 and performed at the east side hangar with Gary Lewis and the Playboys. The Soul Searchers played on the Teen program on FEN and we've invited the DJ/Host to come too. I later played at EXPO '70 with Mother Superior (previously The Stepping Stones) Come join us in L.A. and we'll have a hell of a party!! A little bit of Soul and Rock & Roll...Bye for now!

032Name:Diane Roberts ATherton, '64
Location: Littleton, Col (now)
Comments: Hi to everyone! I have finally moved to the Denver area. Its been 5 years in getting here.....Sharon wolfe and I are now sharing her house while i get settled into new job....that of staff RN in L&D. Working 3 shifts per week so I can help Sharon with new internet business, complete my own book on breast cancer survivors, and travel.....finally! We are very excited about the next year as it will be busy, challenging, and more fun than we can imagine.....we hope to take in some new vacation spots ie London, Cozumel, Glacier National Park, and other points west....and get ready for the next reunion....we can hardly wait!!!! Let me hear from you guys....i am keeping up with a few warriors like Hoy, Kirkland, Becky Coin, Jerry Nolan, Dan Ike ,and it is easy to do thanks to the internet and the YHS SITE....thanks to Loren and Dan. What a great group.

Monday 04/10/2000 11:23:52pm

033Name:Frederick (Fred) C. Hollendorfer
Location: Akron, Ohio
Comments:Howdy to all my fellow "Warriors". I would have been in the class of '64 but rotated back in '61. Graduated from North Syracuse Central HS in '64.My thanks to Ed (Dege)DeGennaro for looking me up and calling for a great phone reunion this evening. I'll send pics and info... It'll be great to to be in touch again! My best to all... Fred

Monday 04/10/2000 8:38:03pm

034Name:Gwenyth Jett
Location: Copperas Cove, TX
Comments: Hey,Dragonized Warriors, I heard from James R. Ross,c/o James K. Ross,3425 S. Knox Ct Denver, CO 80236. He asked about Stewart Mayeda. I know Sheila Davis used to hang with them, too. I hadn't heard from Jamie in about 10 years and I wrote to a really old address maybe a month ago. He'd like to hear from those inclined to use snail mail. Sheila, I haven't heard from you in awhile, tell Stewart "Howdy". Kisses, Gwen Jett

Monday 04/10/2000 1:40:05pm

035Name:Marliss Hazlett (72)
Location: Sacramento
Comments: Ok.... there is a chat room for Yamato? Please leave very easy directions for a computer stupid person.... (that be me) Would love to chat with everyone!!!! Many thanks to all of you for sending email to me. It has really helped my 'Sometimers'

Sunday 04/09/2000 7:08:45pm

036Name:Gwenyth Jett
Location: Copperas Cove, TX
Comments: Hey, here's the stuff I forgot. John Kessel has been ill, he can't get to his computer in the basement, so use snail mail and drop him a line. John Kessel, 2401 amherst , Ft.Collins, CO 80525 The original message is in the Narimasu Guestbook. Libby, sorry to hear about your dad, I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. Gwen Jett

037Name:Chuck Jordan Class '63
E-Mail: Chuck
Location: Frazier Park, CA
Comments: Just wanted to say "Hi" to everybody, just got on the net...still trying to figure out how to use the system. Sorry I missed Las Vegas but work got in the way.....who would have ever "believed" that I would allow anything like work to get in my way after knowing me in school....oh well, life changes a person, I guess. Sounds like everyone had a good time. Looking forward to 2001 (if I'm still around).......

Saturday 04/22/2000 7:41:23am

038Name:don trent
Location: Home of Them Orioles
Comments: good morning all,,,, i went to the Overseas Brats reunion in DC a few years back,,yes there were alot of brats there but they were from schools around the world,not just one area, hey fred how many people do you think would actually come to an all-japan reunion?? 1000,2000????? we'd be lucky to double the amount of the last Yamato reunion,,, i know i had buddies who went to the other schools and i would really enjoy seeing them again..all together,at one time,,remember some of our people also went to narimasu,chofu,johnson etc,,courtesy of uncle sam (the guy with the beard and funny hat) it would be a hardship on our people to go to 4 reunions a year,,, vote yes on the all japan reunion,,,well i;ll turn the soapbox over to the next speaker,,,, GO ORIOLES.......

Saturday 04/22/2000 5:15:20am

039Name:Fred Price
Location: Dallas
Comments:I haven't left anything on the guest book in a long time but I have to speak out on this issue. I just saw where they're considering not having a Yamato WARRIOR reunion, that's right they are seeking votes on an ALL JAPAN reunion. I can hardly believe that they have forgotten how great it was to be in a ball room filled with nothing but Yamato WARRIORS. Why in the world wood we want to give up one of our precious nights to mix in a huge impersonal crowd of strangers? I went to the Overseas Brats reunion here in Dallas on the night they had their dinner there were over 1500 people in a room the size of a football field. Is that what we want? Well that's what we're looking at if this gets voted in. I urge all of you to think about this and vote the way you feel on the web site. Remember in this case bigger is not better only more impersonal. Let's keep the Yamato WARRIOR reunion just that.

Friday 04/21/2000 12:59:01am

040Name:Richard ambrose '61
Comments:Hello everyone. Just another lazy Saturday afternoon. Thanks, Jazzbo, for the reply. I love Kirin beer. By the way, would someone please pull-the-plug on "A Day in Spring"? How about some Japanese-style background music. I read the Czinki e-mail. Whew!!!! I printed it out and sent it to my parents who knew Sgt. Czinki quite well. He was quite a popular guy at Tachikawa. I remember that he had a bit-part in some Hollywood movie filmed in Japan. Everyone at the base theatre cheered when he came on screen. Jazzbo, everytime that I visit a friend with a computer I mark your web page as a "favorite" for them. I print our some of the articles for distribution to friends. My favorite is "Why is this woman laughing? People are shocked at the melon prices in Tokyo. The pizza story is great fun also. Are you in the pentagon? Your e-mail address seems to indicate it. Richard ambrose '61.

Wednesday 04/12/2000 8:01:21pm

041Name:Jazzbo (NHS '60)
Location: CA, TX, Tokyo, VA, OH, France, WV, FL, GA, etc., etc.
Comments: Thank you, Richard ambrose, for visiting The Dragon's Roar, the Monty Python/Mad Magazine wanna-be (and never quite getting there) for Tokyobratophiles. [You see, there are so few readers that we can thank each and every one individually.] On another point, YES!!, to Gwenyth Jett's suggestion that reunions be combined for Narimasu and Yamato in Las Vegas in 2001!! Why stop at that?? How about Chofu, Johnson & all the rest?? First round of Kirin Beer is on me!

042Name:Wayne Durham '61
Location: El Paso, Texas
Comments: Like many other Warriors, I also attended Narimasu as well as Yamato (the bus rides from Tachi to Narimasu and back were quite educational), and in the later years traveled to various other schools and bases for many reasons. Personally i think some sort of joint activity might be quite a kick. Either way all of you Warriors that missed last years reunion have a lot of time to plan for the next one. Have a reflective Resurrection Day today. Wayne, class of 1961.

Sunday 04/23/2000 1:50:21am

043Name:Joanie Seitz now Perciballi NHS 60
Location:Solvang CA
Comments: I was in Narimasu, class of '60. After they split the schools, there were only 60 of us left there in the graduating class, but I didn't realize until I looked at your yearbook pictures just how many people they took from Narimasu to the other schools when they split them up. It would be great if all High Schools from Japan could rally in Vegas at the same time since so many of us were together at one time or another. Hope to see some of you there. You guys have a great web site!!

Saturday 04/22/2000 9:58:28pm

044Name: Wally Maroney
Comments:Greetings fellow Warriors. Long time no speakee. Hope all of you are well, making lots of money, and gearing up for the next reunion. And while we are gearing up, let's spread the word to those wayward brothers and sisters who, for whatever reason, did not attend our last shindig. What's this about an all Japan reunion? Dude, can you imagine the confusion? It was hard enough recognizing fellow classmates from Yamato after thirty or so years, let along wading through a few thousand complete strangers. In my humble opinion it would be much nicer and more intimate to keep our format as is. Perhaps a bulletin board of sorts could be kept to update those of us who are interested in attending the other reunions. Enough on that subject. My main reason for signing the Guestbook was to wish all of my fellow Warriors a Happy Easter Holiday. Hope you all get to enjoy your families and take a day off. Cheers, Wally

Saturday 04/22/2000 6:47:21pm

045Name:Chuck Jordan Class '63
Location: Frazier Park, CA
Comments: Just checked messages again, I think an All Japan Reunion would be great, each school could still have their own "little activities" while the group could get together for a major dance or something..... Oh well....for that opinion and about $4.00, you can get a good cup of coffee.

Saturday 04/22/2000 5:43:09pm

046Name:Marliss Hazlett Uhrich (72)
Location: Sacramento CA
Comments: Hi everyone.. Happy Easter! I read all the goings on about a "all Japan" reunion. Not that my 2 cents are worth anything, but being one who has to add it to the pot anyhoots here goes. I know that I am gonna be nervous as heck(not the real word, but know you can figure it out) about seeing all the many that my poor old brain has forgotten. We are all older...fatter....and in my case down right ugly, so to add 1000 more folks that I have to look at and wonder" did I date you? do I know you?" would be too much for me. If the other schools wanted to have a reunion at the same time... same place maybe some kind of day thing like picnic would be a thought. That way anyone who wanted to wonder in and renew old friendships could, but we Yamatoites would still have our night for special meetings and dinner. Just a thought to throw out there. Like I said.. not really worth the two cents but heck.... thought I would say it.

Sunday 04/23/2000 6:57:08pm

047Name:Chuck Jordan Class '63
Location: Frazier Park, CA
Comments: Back again, on Easter Sunday....tired of watching TV. Hey, does anyone out there remember "Susan or Suzanne Brown", she left in 1962....I think her older brother was Darryl Brown. They lived in Green Park and she was dating Jim Ranes her last year. What about "Bonnie Bobo"? She was a freshman 62-63. Would really be nice to talk to some of the kids that went there but did not necessarily graduate from there. Leave the info on this guestbook and I will check frequently. I will leave my e-mail when I get one set up.Go warriors..........from the President of the BNA!!!

Sunday 04/23/2000 6:45:02pm

048Name:Mike Sipes
Comments: The internet opens doors past, present, and future. Rabbit motor scooters, chukka soba, sloppy joes at the teen club with Sgt. Marshall. The magic days so quickly pass. The joys and regrets wash through me. Best good wishes to all.Mike, '61.

Sunday 04/23/2000 11:57:22am

049Name:Betty Macfarlend-Palen
Location: Oak Hill, Va.
Comments:Yamato HS, Yokota HS Class of '74. I've often wondered what I would find on the internet. Well, here I am. Do you remember me? Would like to hear from you!

Sunday 04/23/2000 9:39:11am

050Name:John Fowler
E-Mail: Fowlbird@aol
Location:Port St.Luie FL
Comments:graduated from Itazuke in 62 and just wanted to visit your site.

051Name:Barry Klein '64
Location: Atlanta
Comments: I think that an All Japan Reunion is a great idea. After graduating from Yamato in '64 I attended Sophia University in Tokyo. While at Sophia I met a lot of students from other bases. It would be great to see them again.

Tuesday 04/25/2000 3:40:36pm

052Name:Libby Blackstead
Location: Las Vegas
Comments: Howdy! I don't know about mass reunion, I agree with Wally, I think it would be overwhelm. On June 16th here in Vegas there is a Johnson Reunion if anyone wants to stop on by, I was a "Johnnie Falcon" for 2 years. The only cross over people I know are Fred & Debbie Montgomery. I'm looking forward to it but I know that it won't be the same as Yamato, I was a little bit tamer back then. We still need to find: Doug Sailor, Chumley Schmuck, Alan Hirai (sp?) and I wonder what happened to Chris Pinkava (sp?). Anyone have any idea where these people are? Take care all!

Tuesday 04/25/2000 1:12:09am

053Name:Brenda Pickle
Location: Lake Oswego, OR
Comments:Okay all you Warriors, are you ready for 2001 reunion? If you weren't at the last one, you sure missed a hoot!!! An all Japan reunion in Vegas? Would Vegas EVER be the same again? I think not, but think it is a great idea, especially for all of those who were at more than one school. Wouldn't have to be all events, just one that anyone could choose to visit. Hey there CHUCK JORDAN!! Get that email going!! Would love to visit with you. Been a long time since Yamato 1963!!! Missed you at the last reunion. Send me an email. Have been visiting (via email) with some other Japan grads from other schools who live in Oregon. Interesting how we all share memories, even though we were at different schools. Lots in common, us brats!! Love to you all. Keep searching for more of us!!!

Monday 04/24/2000 7:54:27am

054Name:Vonnie Hoops-Beattie, Class of l960
Location:Antioch, California
Comments: Wow! I have been so busy the last few days that I haven't visited this site. I am amazed at all the happenings in such a short period of time! Anyway, about the "All Japan H.S. Reunion", I for one think it is a fabulous idea. I attended Narimasu from l958-1959 and the idea of being able to see more "lost friends" sounds even more exciting to me.Although, doing the WHOLE reunion together, I believe would be too overwhelming. Like others, I had enough trouble finding my friends at the last reunion where there were only 250 present. Why not have all of us in Vegas at the same time! This would give us the opportunity to make our own plans (aside from reunion activities) with more lost friends we remember. So.........I vote YES, YES, YES! I never thought I could get more excited than our last (and first) reunion, but I am, once again, filling my mind with my past! My poor family, I drove them insane getting ready for the last reunion! Ha! Ha! Actually, some of my present friends are getting excited right along with me about our next reunion in 2001. And remember "Yamatoites" the "class of l960" started this fabulous school! We were the very beginning and it pleases me to see what the classes following (the class 1960) did to make Yamato High School an unforgetable memory. So come on, Class of l960, plan to attend our next reunion and represent our class! We want you, we need you, we love you!!

Sunday 04/23/2000 9:39:49pm

055Name:Bill Burton
Location: Itazuke - Class of '58 (Now Tooele, UT)
Comments: Here's 2 cents worth from another "All-Japan" brat (from Kyushu...). Seems to me that an "All-Japan" get-together would be great. Other schools could have their own activites too, but to see those of us who were there all in one place would be terrific. Shakespeare said it (and I'm stealing it, or borrowing it:) "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers." Hope there is an "All-Japan"; and I'll be there. Bill Burton Tooele, Utah

056Name:Donna Kummer Vader
Location: Eta Jima High, Narimasu Jr Hi.
Comments:I am interested in an All Japan reunion..

Sunday 04/30/2000 11:36:25pm

057Name:Rick Cooper
Location:Albuquerque, NM
Comments: I don't know if anyone has suggested putting this idea out in the open, but I would be interested in participating in an "Organized" trip to Japan with other Yamato Ex. I don't have anything more formal than that in mind but I think it would be wonderful to go back and visit some of the old haunts and see Japan from a different perspective. I know some of the old classmates still live there and they might be willing to help us organize and set something up. Just an idea.... maybe something to post up and get a reaction??

Saturday 04/29/2000 10:26:24am

058Name:Chuck Jordan Class '63
Location:Frazier Park, CA
Comments: Hi everyone....back again....finally my e-mail is suppose to be up and running.....address is I still not sure if I am sending things out or receiving them correctly....just like in school....a little "slow"....duh!!! Anyway, any of your guys (or gals) out there that are on line, drop me a e-mail. Talk at you later. should be remembered that while the class of 63 did not win all the games....we did win all the fights after the games......ha ha ha....just kidding.

Friday 04/28/2000 5:39:09am

059Name:Beverly Molter
Location: Heidelberg, Germany
Comments: Hello All! It's been quite a while. I tend to agree with Fred's perception of an all-Japan schools reunion. After all folks, you must remember ~ We ARE the Warriors! YHS spirit was certainly rocking that Saturday night at the 1999 Reunion. It's nice to have heard from so many people just finding our website. Colette ~ thanks for the online Easter Card, I'll write ~ I promise. Galen, I owe you ~ I've been busy. Thompson and I have been bantering and bandying e-mails back and forth ~ it was a pleasant shocker hearing from him! Loren, we still can't thank you enough for bringing us (Polly, Gidget, Maura and I) back together. We "GIRLS" will be having our "own" yearly (at least) reunion this July. We can hardly wait to "Group Hug." :-) Now remember, if anyone gets to Germany......

Thursday 04/27/2000 11:56:04am

060Name:Doris Tuck Thornton
Location: Florence, Ky.
Comments: The new home page is really nice; I like it. I am very much in favor of an all-Japan reunion since so many of us did go to Narimasu or other schools before Yamato. Sounds good to me!!!

061Name:Cheryl (Skipton) Runyon ('64)
Location: Richland, Washington
Comments:OK Warriors - let's get inspired here! Check out the June issue of Glamour 62. There is an article about bone marrow donation - the patient is Jennifer O'Brien, and the donor is Mike Talbot. Mike is a friend of mine - a wonderful, funny, compassionate man. He has donated to Jenny twice already. I urge you to read this article and then give some thought to being a donor yourself! You could save someone's life. Mike inspired my husband Larry to get on the donor list - they need people of Hispanic background - which Larry is. He hopes to be called soon. Mike Talbot should be an inspiration to us all to try to make a difference in this world. There is information in the article about how you can get on the donor list. Think about it and make that call!

Monday 05/08/2000 11:10:35am

062Name:Teresita Hinojosa-Pereira
Comments: I think we should ask "LSD", the band from 1966 to play at the reunion! That would be really hot! What do you all think?

Wednesday 05/03/2000 7:36:16am

063Name:Chuck Jordan Class '63
Location: Frazier Park, CA
Comments:Hello everybody......all my "bugs" are finally out of my e-mail system and after several days....I am finally getting all of my messages....thanks to everyone that answered my e-mail....trying to get back to each one in time. Anyway....roll on Warriors.

Tuesday 05/02/2000 11:17:50am

Location: CA, FL, GA, Tokyo, Chateauroux (FR), TX, VA, DC, etc, etc
Comments: John Kessel, '60s Narimasu HS journalism/English teacher, is home recuperating from throat cancer surgery. He's trying to locate Terri Sanford. If you know her, have her contact John directly at:">

Monday 05/01/2000 6:32:36pm

065Name:Bob Mutu
Comments: Gotta throw in my two yens worth. Considering all the hard work that went into the 1999 reunion I find it hard to imagine putting together an all Japan reunion that woud be 5-6 times that size. Exactly who would be tasked to devote a huge amount of time to make that happen. We had a very successful YHS reunion and the 2001 YHS reunion promises to be event better! I would hate to see dilution cause the loss of Warrior identity.That could easily happen in a huge hall where most of us know very few people from the other schools. I think it would be a good idea if the supporters of an all Japan reunion would get organized and see if they could get our individual schools to schedule reunions in Vegas over a 3-4 day period with seperate ballroom affairs on different evenings. This would give the option to all of us to attend by choice and still maintain school identity.That time we had individually together in 1999 was very short and will become shorter in 2001 as we find more alumni. Maybe that was 10 yens worth, but lets not be to eager to stretch a good thing.

066Name:George V. Payne
Location: St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Comments: I was very happy to see this site brought back a lot of very good memorys of The class of 1961.

Sunday 05/21/2000 1:46:57pm

067Name:Janie Wilkey Kolbe
Location:Las Vegas
Comments: Just took time and read the latest entries. Seems like nobody from the Class of '71 has signed the book in ages. I hope more of my classmates will attend the next reunion. I really enjoyed seeing the few that attended last October. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Becky Roberts, Gidget Snow, the Sutton girls, etc... let me know. Would also like to find Jill Wright from the class of '72.

Thursday 05/18/2000 4:04:23am

068Name:Judy Noakes Madison
Location: Mtn.Home, Idaho
Comments: I am asking all our alumni to says prayers for one of our classmates. It is Ken Crandall Class of 61. He is going into the Hospital today May 18. Again for another heart operation. His last bypass didnt work. So, they are going to fix that problem and on Friday. He will have another operation to fix the lower part of his heart for a pace maker So, I am asking for prayers for his wife Margo, who is class of 64 and her family. She need all our prayers. I hope this makes some sense. They are real good people. My prayers go out to them.

Monday 05/15/2000 6:46:48am

069Name:Skip Barnes
Location: Jupiter FL
Comments:attended Yamato 1959-1960

Sunday 05/14/2000 12:21:07am

070Name:Chuck Jordan Class '63
Location: Frazier Park, CA
Comments: Hi Everybody, Chuck here again, just want to let everyone know that I am still having problems with my e-mail system at so have set up a second e-mail address at that seems to get through everytime, a FREE service that works, and my PAID service seems to work every 3 days....don't understand it. Drop me a line.....Chuck

071Name:Robert W. Ontiveros
Location: Los Angeles
Comments: Hi everyone! Robert here. Here's an update on the Soul Searcher/Apple-Butter Bands Reunion concert coming up on July 15. There are still some reservations available for the dinner/dance but soon will be sold out. We recently performed at a party as a warm up gig for the concert. The gig went very well and was a lot of fun. We played some R&B, Soul, Blues and Rock and Roll tunes with Phil Powell and I on vocals. Rich Omura played some cool blues harp, My brothers Jim was thumpin' the bass, and Ray pounded the congas, Hishinuma cranked out the drum solo on Wipe Out, and Alan on keyboards was a-wailing. We've got lots of guest-stars coming to jam with us in July. Looking forward to playing for you guys again! Let me know if you want to come, I don't want this thing to be too much of a Chofu affair! Need more Yamatoites to party with us. Don't be an L7, See ya there...

Thursday 06/01/2000 10:03:33pm

072Name:Janet Dew Humphrey
Comments: class of 1970

Tuesday 05/30/2000 1:31:29pm

073Name:Skip Abel
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Comments: Hey Everyone! Its been some time since I signed the guest book. Understand that it was a great reunion in LV. Maybe next time for me. Had a "mini" reunion with Bob Lienhop and Fred Burdeshaw at Bob's place in Florida. We all had a great time - at least what we can remember of it. Would love to hear from any of the Warriors.

Tuesday 05/30/2000 0:56:01am

074Name:Judy Noakes Madison Class of 63
Homepage Title: News about Ken Crandall (61)
Location: Mtn. Home Idaho
Comments: This is to let everyone now that Ken Crandall came thur both of his heart surgeries with flying colors. He does have a pace maker and won't be able to work anymore, has to take it easy, but is doing great, I havent talk to them in a week, but I know the Lord answer all their prayers. So, I am glad he is doing great. Thank all of you warriors for your prayers from Margo and Ken Crandall, their computer is down. So, I am sending their thanks to all of the alumni warriors.

Saturday 05/27/2000 11:36:52am

075Name:Steve Liljedahl
Location: Moreno Valley, Ca.
Comments: Just checking back in. It's amazing how life gets in the way of doing some things. Looking forward to the 2001 reunion, as I missed last years.

076Name:Charles Barnes
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Comments: I found this site just a couple of days ago and I think it is great. I have contacted a few people. If anyone remembers me, it would be great to hear from you. A lot of people called me FLASH during my time at Yamato! See you in 2001.

Wednesday 06/07/2000 12:23:12am

077Name:Jan Garrison Johanson
Location: San Rafael, CA
Comments: Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I signed on. It is fun to see names from such a long time ago. Memories flood back of twisting the night away at the (hot) teenclub on summer nights, smoking outside the fence, drinking beer and sloe gin fizz's outside the gates....lots of stuff. Really good friends, lots of laughs and what I remember as lots of really good food: pizza and chinese food offbase, hamburgers and milkshakes at the drive-in, and occasionally a banana split at the BX (when bananas came in)!

Wednesday 06/07/2000 8:26:06am


Tuesday 06/06/2000 11:05:04pm

079Name:John Metcalf
Location: Midwest
Comments: Hello, Gwen. Long time! Is this your sister who used to live in Fairfield, IL, when you were in college? E-mail me for assistance. You might also contact Bob Clifford, class of '65, who is a dentist in Washington.

Tuesday 06/06/2000 7:05:57pm

Location: Copperas Cove
Comments: Seattle-Tacoma area Warriors. My sister lives in Pacific and is having a difficult time. She was working at a temporary job helping people get their winter utilities paid, but that job ended. Since then she has been bartending and waitresing to make ends meet. She was on a bus between Pacific and Auburn when some one stole her purse. It had $300.00 in it, all the $ she made last week. That's it, all she had. She has some health problems and only four teeth left in the top of her mouth.(Any dentists who could do some charity work? Or who would accept payments from me?) The dental problems obviously affect her appearance, but she is a hard worker. She's intelligent, a resourceful brat. She told my mom tonight she didn't think she could try any more. I don't want to divulge the details of her difficulties, but she needs a job and does have transportation problems. E-mail me or call me, if you might be able to help (254)547-1281 or call her, Cindy Hettich, (253) 804-9083. She has a resume prepared. Thanks, gwen jett 72

081Name: Nancy Houston-Padgett
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Comments:Yamato HS Class of 1971! Konnichiwa everyone! What a treat to be "back in touch" and to see some familiar names and faces! Looking forward to hearing more about the upcoming reunion...seems far off, but it isn't really...not after being among the "missing" after all these years. Should be interesting, to say the least!

Friday 07/14/2000 7:24:05pm

082Name: Loren Collett
Location: Silver City, NM
Comments: Please see the new polling page on the home site, visit it, vote and be counted. Speaking of voting, do that in November also. Be counted, then you can gripe all you want. Also please register with the Alumni Listing so that you can be kept informed of the latest happening with the upcoming 2001 Reunion. We are starting to gather information and will be passing it along using the Alumni List. So if you have not registered, get on the stick, do it, don't wait any longer. We are finding lots more of the missing Warriors. It's really nice to see new names appearing all the time. So register with the Alumni List, vote on the polling page and start getting ready for the 2001 Reunion. See you all in Vegas.

07/14/2000 4:41:47am

083Name: David Strausser
Location: Winston-Salem nc
Comments:Godd morning. Been reading the messages for a while and thought I would leave one for a change. Hope life is treating everyone well. Looking forward to the Vegas reunion next year and hoping to reconnect with some old friends. Hope the class of 75 will be well represented. Take care one and all.

Thursday 07/13/2000 6:40:38pm

084Name: Dixie Ragsdale Class of 61
Location: Suburbs of Chicago
Comments: I recently was made aware of this home page by another graduate, Robert Lague, after I visited the my classmates web site. I was surprised that there was a Yamato Home page and very glad there was one. I have thought many times about the "good old days" at Yamato and the people I went to school with. I am looking forward to the re-union. I wish I would have known about the last one. I was staying at Ceasers Place last October when you all might have been there. Hope to hear from you folks that remember me through sports, the teen club, etc. I have been married for 35 years this July 26th and my wife Cheryl and I have three Children, Tracy 34 years old with two children, Steven is 31 years old with two children, and Jason is the baby at 22 years old and recently married. I survived Viet Nam and "Life Has Been Good" to me.

I ended up in the Computer field after my military service, and ended up responsible for Global Information Technology for a fortune 500 company. They recently offered early retirement to those of us that had combined age and years of service of 70. I had about 80 points so I took the early retirement along with around 450 others. Now I'm living the life of the retired jack of all trades and master of none. Let me hear from some of you.

Thursday 07/13/2000 4:08:55pm

085Name: Diane Roberts Atherton, '64
Location: Denver, soon to be Taos, NM
Comments:Hi everyone......can you believe the countdown to next reunion is getting "short"? I am starting to get excited once again....this one will be great ALL OVER. I am on the move again,,,,will be relocating to Taos, NM in two weeks......Loren, look out you will have visitors now for sure.....timing seems to be right to go for it...hope this finds everyone enjoying summer and friends....I know I am...

086Name: Marliss Hazlett Uhrich
Location: Sacramento CA
Comments: Hi everyone, I have been reading the guestbook a lot, its great that so many "lost" YHSers are being found. I have something to put forth to you. I have been looking for my ole yearbooks so as to refresh my memory of most of you. I can not find them. So... here is my idea. Would there be an interest to those of you who are in the same situation if I were to find a company to reproduce our year books? Before I go spinning my wheels I wanted to know if there was an interest. I would need those of you from all the years to trust me with your yearbook for a short time. I know a book company here and they said that it is possible. We could have them for the reunion and heck... have people sign them once again. Let me know what you think by emailing me at...."> If there is a strong interest than I would be more than happy to do this. Cya Marliss

Tuesday 07/18/2000 7:14:41am

087Name: Chuck Jordan Class of '63
E-Mail: or">
Location:Frazier Park, CA
Comments: Hi everybody, sorry I have been unable to be contacted the last few weeks but I cancelled my server that I was having such a problem with. I have only been back on line for about a week now. I have two (2) e-mail addresses"> (the one I am using the most) or my main server address is">

Looks like the page keeps getting nicer all the time. Great job Loren. Anyway, must run. Everyone that I had been e-mailing, please drop me a note as when I cancelled the old server, I lost your email addresses. Thanks, Chuck Jordan Class of '63

Monday 07/17/2000 7:38:05pm

088Name: Bob Mutu
Comments: Hi Gang, I found Mike Jerman. Got a tip that he was in Calif in 71. Found his dad there and found Mike in Arizona. Looking is easy. Go to the white pages and search out names and phone numbers...start calling and you will find old friends. Sachi and our newborn Michelle are doing great! No doubt about who wears the diapers in the family!We are hoping to bring her to the reunion next year. Hope we have a baby sitting service set up. Mike thinks the same. Mike is also sending me scans of stuff he has from the YHS days. I am putting them onto the My Family site. Check them out.......WARRIORS!

Monday 07/17/2000 6:15:04pm

089Name: David Peacher-TallEagle
Location: Lancaster CA USA
Comments: 000000Hi Looking for friends that attended YHS (1959-60) and lived at or near Green Park housing ..and later in the Patties near Fuchu air station ; were active in Green Park Teen club. Where is that old gang??? Come on class of 1960..let's find those old friends !!!

Sunday 07/16/2000 6:17:01pm

090Name: Mike Skidmore
Comments: After 30 years of looking for Bob Maze from the class of 1970, i found him and called him today, he should be stopping by the web site soon.

091Name: David Peacher-TallEagle
Location Lancaster, CA
Comments: Hey GANG Does anyone ever use My Family Chat room ????? I can never find anyone on?? Also looking for Lynda Mills attended YHS 1959-1961 as a soph & junior rotated back to USA in July 1961.Has anyone come across her since then?? Myabe in southern states/ Thanks.

Monday 07/24/2000 3:00:16pm

092Name: Skip Abel
Location Elk River, Minnesota
Comments: Okay Warriors, time to try to find some of the "long lost". Anybody know the whereabouts of: Emmett Smith ('63), Freddie Correll ('63), Chuck Vogely ('63), Jim Perkins ('63)? If so please email me back or pass along my email address to them. Thanks!!

Monday 07/24/2000 9:49:25am

093Name: Mark Richardson
E-Mail: Bzy
Location: Vacaville,California
Comments: My e-mail address (shared with my wife) BzyMommy@aol .com">

Sunday 07/23/2000 3:43:19pm

094Name: Mark Richardson
Location: Vacaville, California
Comments: I'm a 1971 Yamato Graduate who lived outside Tachikawa A.F.B. from March 1969 to June 1971. Nice job on the web site! Finally got a computer that can surf comfortably. My brother, Scott Richardson(1972 graduate) and myself are interested in the 2001 Las Vegas reunion.Thanks. Fellow Warriors are welcome to e-mail me.

Thursday 07/20/2000 1:19:28pm

095Name: Michael P. Bradley
Location: Florida, originally
Comments: My brother, Chris Bradley ('71), actually told me of this site. I would have been in the class of '74, but we rotated back to the States in September of '71 after my freshman year at YHS. I ended up graduating from Lakeland (FL) Senior High in '74. I graduated from the University of South Florida in 1981, BA in Geology. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah, but am looking to relocate back to Florida sometime soon (hopefully before the 2002 Olympics).

I'm thrilled at finding this site in the hopes of tracking down some long-lost friends. If anyone out there remembers either me or my brother, it would be wonderful to hear from you, for better or for worse.

I would like to express my appreciation to the developers of this site and say that it is very well done and informative. Thanks a bunch!

096Name: Sara Chatham Tidmore
Location: Bellville, Texas
Comments: Loren, thank you for telling me about this site. I have had a wonderful time reading through the guest book and looking at all the pictures. We were in Japan from 1963 through 1966. I went to Yamato my Jr. year but moved to Chofu to graduate in 1965. It is hard to believe that it has been 35 years since that time in my life. It seems like yeaterday.

I have been living and working in my father's home town in rural Texas for the past 9 years. (We're so small we don't even have a Wal-mart.) Divorced, no children. I would love to hear from any of you out there.

Sunday 07/30/2000 0:58:11am

097Name: Glen Nomura
Location: Seattle, WA.
Comments: Nice Website you have here. Attended Chofu Elementary, Middle, and High School. Good to see that my old friend Sheila Davis has signed in. Just want to drop a line to anyone who has been trying to get in contact with Jerry Norimatsu or Sid Fujinari that i have their phone number.

Saturday 07/29/2000 6:12:14pm

098Name: Gary Blackburn
Location: Vincennes, Indiana
Comments: I went to Tachi-Jr.High in "66" and part of "67" then transfered to Chofu. It's great to see some of my old friends pictures from the class of "72" . You guys have a great web site . Lorraine Woodward who graduated in "72" is also from my hometown in Vincennes .I met her after she moved back from japan . I was laying the brick on her fathers house and they said they were from Japan ect... . Small world isn't it. Well take care and see you later. Gary Sugino, or Jerry Lowe if your out there my e-mail is"> drop me a line. By the way Wally Maroney I love your rivalery against Chofu Vikings is great! As I remember it we used to kick your BUTTS!!!!Later. VIKINGS RULE!!!!!!

Saturday 07/29/2000 5:46:40pm

099Name: Bobby Pittman
Comments: I almost forgot. Chofu is having a reunion in New Orleans the weekend of October 26. Try visiting the website @ for more information. You may even see names of long lost friends. Best Wishes!

Saturday 07/29/2000 5:39:52pm

100Name: Bobby Pittman
Location: Oklahoma
Comments: Just thought I would pop in and say hello. Though I was never a resident of Yamato, the fact that I lived at Chofu, Johnson and Itazuki, I have fond memories of good friends from all over the Kanto Plains area. I'm impressed with the Yamato Alumni membership, your web site and sense of comraderie that exist to this day. The experiences that each of us shared was unique from anything that our counterparts in the states would ever know or understand. The field trips to Zama, Tokyo Zoo, Nareda, Kyoto, Kobe, Fuji, etc.... memories to last a lifetime. The only negative thing I can even recall is getting beat by YoHi 27-10 one year.... Someday I'll get over it. In closing it's my hope that all of you that lived anywhere in the area, Green Park, Grant Heights, Fuchu, Tachigawa, Yokohama, Yokota, Yamato, Kanto Mura, Iwakuni, etc. share your experiences (the good ones) with your children and grandchildren. Despite the cold war, Vietnam, our space projects and all that was going on around us, service brats from all over the Tokyo area were busy forging friendships with each other and the locals. It has always been said that the true friendship will withstand the test of time.... any and all doubters should peruse the guest books for Chofu, Yokota and Yamato. Best wishes and thank you. GO VIKINGS!!!!

101Name: Barbara Ann and Jackson
Location: El Paso, Texas - Now
Comments: I would have graduated in 1974 however we PCS'd from Japan then. Bothe my brother and sister graduated from Yamato H.S. Wanda Jackson in 1973 and Willie J. "Billy" Jackson Jr in 1972.

Tuesday 08/01/2000 1:08:12am

102Name: Judy Noakes Madison
Location: Mtn Home, Idaho
Comments: Just dropping by to say hi everyone for the summer, since its really hot here and can''t wait for the next reunion. Love Judy

Tuesday 08/01/2000 0:56:32am

103Name: Jeanne Criswell Dale
Location: Houston, Texas
Comments: Hope to continue to see more familar names. The people that I remember the best are Ann Mcconahay, Sheila and Cris Miller, the Plantz brothers, Ray Thomas, Gary and Dan Iki, Jan Garrison and Gwen Robinson, Bobby Barner, Pete Bettinger, Skip Abel, Billy Brewer, Bob Foley, Bob and Wayne Durham and countless others that I will never forget. I'm glad that Dick Ragsdale is on line. I remember him as one of the older, really cool guys that never quite dancing. I think he was one of my husbands friends. I left Tachi in 1961. It was a hard place to leave. I loved the teen club-I wonder how many hours I spent dancing under that reflecting ball. I wonder what ever happened to Freddie from the snack bar. I loved his hamburgers, french fries and strawberry ice cream cones. The good ole 50's. It was a time when we thought our parents would live forever and our biggest worry was when we had a big test coming up that we were not prepared for. Bob and I have 5 grandchildren and life has been good to us but the time is flying by much too fast. My motto is " Happiness is to be found along the way and not at the end of the road." Hope everyone is having a great summer. Jeanne Criswell Dale

Monday 07/31/2000 10:38:14pm

104Name: Barbara Houston
Location: River Edge, NJ
Comments: Thank you to all who have remembered and written to me. It's been wonderful being in touch with all of you again. Please note my new email address. Looking forward to hearing from you. (Class of '75)

105Name: Donald Colaluca
Location: Dallas, Texas
Comments: Attended Yamato 1972-1973, class of 76. I stay in contact with a few old friends. Looking for other classmates. Those were the days!

Wednesday 08/09/2000 10:34:38am

106Name: Bill Hill JHS '65
Location: Rancho Dominguez, Ca.
Comments: Hi Warriors!...Although I attended Johnson, I did know quite a few kids from Tachikawa as I played in the "Notations", in which everyone else but me was from Tachikawa, in the '65-'66 time frame. Does anyone know the whereabouts of the other guys in the group? [Dave Dunn, Rocky Rockwell, Mike Carlos, Larry Williams or Jimmy]. We played in a lot of teen clubs in the area, so someone is bound to remember me. Have fun at your reunion!!!!!!!!!! [I played guitar].

Monday 08/07/2000 4:48:51pm

107Name: Bruce Lawrence
Location: Weehawken, N.J.
Comments: Just wanted to say hello to my class mates from Yamoto HS. Class of '73, attended YSH from '69-71. Attended Santa Maria, Saint Mary's and Tachi Middle School before attending YHS. Had a great time at Yamoto HS and living at Tachi. After leaving Tachi in '71 moved to Anadarko, Oklahoma, where I finished high school. Attended University of Oklahoma in '73-78. During my stay in Oklahoma I ran in to few YHS grads, Pat Rose, Marsha and Marta Cook, Ricky Taylor not mention a few Kubasaki HS and Zama HS folks as well. During this time I also visited Gary Miyazono, John Roussin and George Yamakido in California. Moved to Tokyo in '80 and lived there until '84. During which time I joined a american Advertising Agency/Bozell Worldwide and was sent to LA in '84. Lived in LA from '84 to '91. During my stay in LA ran into a few YHS grads and attended the '87 YHS reunion in Torrance. I was sent back to Japan in '91 where I lived through '99. My role there was General Manager/Regional Director. There are still a few YHS class mates in the Tokyo area, Jerry Lowe, Patti Nowiki/Suzuki, David and Maggi Toda, Jimmy and John Reith, just to mention a few, all are doing well. We also had visits from Stan Yamaguchi, Glen Shiroma and John Roussin. Just returned to the New York City area from working in Japan for the past eight and half years as an ex-pat. Hope to be in the US for the next few years before we go abroad again. Missed the YHS reuniond in Las Vegas, sounds like everyone had a great time. David Toda informed about the reunion before I left Japan. Hope to make the Las Vegas reunion next year. Cheers, Bruce

Monday 08/07/2000 10:18:08am

108Name: Chuck Jordan
Location: Frazier Park, CA
Comments: Hi, It's been a while since I checked in. How is everyone? Does anyone know the where abouts of Bonnie Bobo, Mickey Craig, Suzanne Brown or other kids that went to YHS but might not have graduated from there? If so, drop me a note, would love to contact them. Chuck '63

Thursday 08/03/2000 6:41:52pm

109Name: Jim Musick
Location: Originally from Illinois; now retired in So. Calif
Comments: I was a French teacher at YHS its last year, SY 72-73, along with Mr. Rogers, Ms Haseley (Spanish) and Mr. Kikuchi (Japanese). When Yamato closed, I moved to Yokota HS where I stayed until 1999, at which time I retired from teaching. I always enjoy hearing from former students and/or alumni.

110Name: Robert Maze
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Comments: Greetings from Michigan! I finally found you all! I can't believe it! It's only been 30 years! WOW!!! I can't wait to see everyone at the next reunion! GO WARRIORS!!!

Thursday 08/17/2000 3:54:24pm

111Name: don f. jardon
Location: alma, nebraska
Comments: I was quite excited to see Yamato High School on the internet and think about the really fine times I had while I was a teacher there. That was a school I was really sorry to see closed. I have been in touch with Mike Skidmore by mail, phone, and e-mail. He has kept me in touch with many of you that I have asked about. I would like to hear from anyone that wants to e-mail me. I put my e-mail address with this message and trust it will be available to all of you. Don Jardon

Friday 08/11/2000 3:15:36am

112Name: jim short
Location: highland ca
Comments: 1963 warrior! arrived tachi 58 left 61. went to green park 8th grade Yamato freshman and sophmore years. hung around with jim perkins, jim herring, hick [richard gilg]. skip able asked about perky in the 70's he went to jan garrisons get together in san raphael with ron webster and me. he was living in ashland oregon at the time. where he is now i don't know. ron and i were in tacoma washington at the time. the last i heard in the late 80's ron had moved to hawaii. regina[ding]lutz was in tacoma in the late 60's early70's her where abouts now i dont know. it sounds as though you people had a great time in vegas! i hope to make the next one! Japan was great and the people were greater. Does anyone remember the officers club burning down in late 58 early 59? The osi pulled me out of 8th grade at green park and questioned me for 5 days because as i got off the bus to go to the snack bar somebody yelled to me "short why did you burn down the officers club?" and i said "oh something to do. Apparently someone heard the conversation and reported me. i was at johnny and bobby corbitt's house at the time talking to a girl i had a crush on at the time. Well thats it for now, i have a lot more to talk about old times but it's 2 am. Oh,yes i'm now 55, bald, never married and no children.

Thursday 08/10/2000 7:36:09pm

113Name: Neil Alterman
Location: Fairfax, VA
Comments: Just a quick reminder to all who sign on to the Yamato page. This page is put up at the expense of our webmaster (Loren) and our server master (Dan Iki) who both toil at their own expense. Web pages can be expensive. Your $10 annual dues help pay for our domain name, and may be required if we have to switch to a service provider. Our web page is currently hosted on a server owned by Dan Iki and the only reimbursement he receives is the domain name costs. Let's make sure we don't lose something really great. It has taken a long time for so many of us to find each other, and much of that is because of the Yamato web page. I cannot tell you how much pleasure it brings me every day to sign on and see who has left messages in the guest book. It is time to kick in your $10 dollars so we can keep it going. Go Warriors! Yamato Rules!!!!!!

Thursday 08/10/2000 8:28:20am

114Name: Beverly Molter Sundock
Location: Heidelberg soon to be Incirlik
Comments: Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Polly, Gidget, Maura and I had the most fantastic mini-reunion at our cabin which we christened "Camp Yamato". It was, truly, more fun than the law would normally allow for non-Warriors. Had a great visit with Mike Thompson who came to Birmingham to see me and drove me to Atlanta to catch my flight back. Ladies ~ the man is as handsome as ever! Soon on my way to my new job & promotion as one of the hospital administrators at Incirlik AFB, Turkey with a TDY enroute to England. Tough job, right? Will continue to have this address. Can't wait for next October!

Saturday 08/26/2000 10:55:06pm

115Name: Nancy Houston
Location: Yamato HS 1971
Comments: Hey! Fellow Warriors! Hello from sunny Florida and the Atlantic coastline! Guess most of you are on the Pacific coast! This is such a great website! Brings back a lot of memories just reading what you have to say! What fun we had in the good old days, ne! It's wonderful to be back in touch with some of my "old" friends and would like to find more...feel like I've been out of the loop too long! I volunteered as Class Contact for 1971 since there was a vacancy. Anyone out there who can help me find some "lost" classmates and fellow Warriors? I need all the help that I can get! Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas for the 2001 Reunion!

Wednesday 08/23/2000 7:57:28am

116Name: Vicki (Woodward) Gabbart
Comments: I was a freshman at Yamato in 1973. My sister graduated from there in 1972. After Japan we moved to New Mexico, from there my dad retired and we moved to Indiana. Have not noticed too many of my old classmates names on the site. Some I remember Kay Okuhama, Kathy Kyle, Rick Campbell.

Wednesday 08/23/2000 0:42:04am

117Name: Tom Meisenhelder
Location: Crestline, CA.
Comments: Second visit. Nice to see the names of folks like Anita Hightower, Sharon Wolfe (sorry), Becky Coyne, Bill Booth, and Eddie Diaz. I am a Professor of Sociology in California, studying Southern Africa and the developing world whenever I get a chance. You all bring back fond memories of a simpler time! Tom

Friday 08/18/2000 10:45:25am

118Name: Denis Raab
Comments: Howdy Warriors from an old class of '68 dude! I am looking for Bill Bosley, '68 and Karen Graham '70, if any of you know of their wherabouts I'd certainly like to hear from you, Denis Raab

08/18/2000 10:22:57am

119Name: Sandra Hope
Location: Oregon
Comments: Faculty--67-68

Wednesday 08/30/2000 6:07:52pm

120Name: Conrado Hinojosa
Location: SF Bay Area
Comments: It's time for me to remind folks about the search for 2 mising LSD band members. I was @ Yamato in 66-67 and played keyboards in the LSD band. I found two of the band members, Godfrey Mau and Brian Gallagher, but 2 are still missing. If anyone knows anything about Carl Brown or Bob Patterson, please email me at">. If you want to remember the LSD band,, take a look at the LSD band pictures on my website at:">">/lsdband.html

Wednesday 08/30/2000 5:24:04pm

121Name: Steve Holland '65
Location: Gilroy, Ca
Comments: Howdy...Just wondering if any alumni were members of SASS or CMSA??? Cowboy: Single Action Shooting Society or Cowboy Mounted Shooting Assoc. Happy trails

Wednesday 08/30/2000 7:12:27am

122Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie (Class of l960)
Location: Antioch, California
Comments: A page just for our teachers would be wonderful. Maybe a little bio on each one! We really had some great teachers at Yamato and they should be honored in some way. So glad to hear that Mr. Wayne Martin will be attending our reunion in July 2001. Wow, I am really getting excited again, and look forward to seeing more friends from the past. Very, very pleased with the choice of the "Monte Carlo" casino for our celebrations. I use the tea cup I bought (at the last reunion) from "Tiffany's" almost every day as I visit our school sites to start my day and remember the grand time we all had at our last reunion.

Wednesday 08/30/2000 3:36:26am

123Name: Bill Gale
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Comments: Hi everyone, I'm sorry I haven't been following up too closely as I've been pretty busy. I'm really sorry to have missed the reunion. I've now gotten a new e-mail address that I'm using at home, so please contact me there. If anyone is still living in Japan, please get in touch. Let's get together over some beer or some sake and yakitori.

Tuesday 08/29/2000 5:08:22pm

124Name: Wayne C. Martin
Location: Houston, Texas
Comments: I was the band and choral director at Yamato High School from it's opening in 1959 until the end of the school year in 1961. I also taught american history. It would really be nice if this site had a place for those teachers who taught at Yamato. Maybe it's there, I just missed it. I am making plans to be at the reunion in July of 2001--just before my 70th birthday on Aug. 19th (Yeah, me and Bill Clinton--he'll be 55). When I made contact with this site last year I left my e-mail address and I have received some wonderful letters from some of my old students. That delights me. I retired from the Houston school district in 1993 after having taught for 39 years. I had a GOOD time!

Friday 09/08/2000 11:27:46pm

125Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie (Class of l960)
Location: Antioch, California
Comments: At this very moment, I am sitting here at home all alone, because my husband was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia. Thankfully, he is recovering quickly and will be home soon. Things like this always remind me, once again, how precious our lives are and that we should savor each moment. That is why I want to take a moment here to express my appreciation for all who have made this site possible, especially Loren and Dave Yoshida who started it. and for all of the hard work and long hours our many volunteers have given to this great site. It is clear that they have put their heart and soul into this, which is why our last reunion was such a success. How wonderful it is to be able to hang on to those wonderful memories we all shared when we were so very young. Everyone who has e-mailed me, after finding this site, expressed such delight and happiness and not one negative reaction has come my way. We are very lucky to have Loren/Buddy; his work is fantastic and that is why he has clients all over the world asking for his services. And to think that we (Yamatoites) have him as one of our own! As for me, I've said it before and I will say it again. My already happy and fullfilling life has only become better after finding my classmates. I didn't think it was possible to be happier, but I am! I would like to offer my help to anyone who needs an extra hand. Just let me know. Of course it must be something my simple mind can handle. :-)

Friday 09/08/2000 5:36:34pm

126Name: Jim Short
Location: Highland, Ca.
Comments: Hello fellow Warriors, It's been a while since I last signed the guestbook. First of all I'd like to thank Loren for putting my brother on the Memorial page. Lowell R."Bud" Short was in the 60 and 61 classes. He died of cancer Aug.17,00. I also would like to thank Bob Mutu for taking the time and finding my picture in the 61 yearbook and putting it on the did not graduate page, however, he has a Bill Short under my pic. That might throw a few of the people from that era that recognized the pic but didn't know a Bill Short. I'm sure Bob will correct that soon, as I have already made him aware of the error. I have been reading some of the older entries in the guestbook, and it is really great to run across so many names of friends and acquaintinances from the past. I have been in touch with a couple of them, Ann McConahay and Jan Garrison, I went to a mini reunion of sorts at Jan and Buz's in San Raphael in the late 70's. Went there with Ron Webster, Jim Perkins and my younger brother John,who is 9 yrs. younger so he didn't know anybody but had a good time anyway. Maybe some people from Tachi elementry school would remember him. Give me a e-mail if you do and i'll put you in touch with him. I've noticed Neil Alterman in the book many times, and that he has contacted or tried to many people, thanks to Neil for all he has done in the name of Yamato Alumni! I really wish I had known about the 99 reunion in Vegas, it sounded like a blast was had by all in attendance. I will definetly try my absolute hardest to attend the next!! Well, I have been rambling long enough, so will say sayonara for now. CLASS OF 63 RULZ!!!

Thursday 09/07/2000 2:48:52am

127Name: Michael Carlos
Location Class of 66
Comments: Hi there. I lived at Tachi from 61-67, and graduated from Yamato in 66. Since 67 I’ve been living in Sydney, Australia. What a buzz to have found the Yamato Alumni site! After three decades, I really never expected to see or hear from any of you ever again, and yet here you all are – well, most of you. Great work Loren. I took the senior photos for the 65 Katana and I must apologise for using a wide-angle lens and making all your noses look huge. Take care everyone, and God bless those of us that have passed on.

Friday 09/01/2000 10:49:12pm

128Name: Bob Mutu
Location: Colorado Springs
Alumni, Just a reminder that I will load your choice current mug shot to the web site "As we Look Know" page if you connect with me. Also, we do have a page for the alumni who did not get to graduate from YHS. I have archives with pictures for all classes from about half of the yearbooks, so we can probably come up with your YHS picture from one of them. email me if you are interested.

Sunday 10/01/2000 2:08:54pm

129Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie (Class of l960)
Location: Antioch, California
Comments: Gosh! I just visited the page for the Class of l966, and I was surprised and delighted with the new additions. Great job, Mike Tompson! I hope I can meet you at the reunion so I can tell you face to face. How I wish other classes would do a page for their class, it is so much fun to read what everyone is doing in their life today. I am starting to see names I know pop up on the reunion list. Paulette Peacher (1961) tell your brother to get signed up - I know he is going. I am happy to see Neil Alterman's name (1961) - I met him for the first time at our last reunion, and now I just love this guy! Bob Mutu (1961) - We look forward to meeting your first-born! Come on Yamatoites - Get signed up! We want you! This morning as I was doing my bike ride in the park, I saw writing on the sidewalk with pink chalk, and I thought this is a memory being made. Some little girl wrote, not just once - but twice, "I Love Travis." Someday when this little girl is old & gray, she will attend a reunion and search for Travis whose name she wrote on the sidewalk so many years ago! She will then know the joy that comes with, "Recaputuring our Past!"

Saturday 09/30/2000 1:01:59pm

130Name: Nancy Houston
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Comments: OK, Class of '71...have you read the challenge from Wally Maroney? (arrow down a bit below)...Obviously, Wally's overconfidence shows that he's swept up into WWF, the Smackdown and the Rock...let's see if we can't give him something else to talk about at the next reunion by showing him what strength in numbers is all about!!! Besides...maybe we can show them all that we have some cool Rakishii and Too Cool!!! Everyone bring your yellow shades! we don't really want to Bite You...don't know where you've been!!

Tuesday 09/26/2000 6:32:47am

131Name: Carol Bettinger Porter
Location: Outside of Hilton Head, SC
Comments: It's great to hear about this website! I was always curious to see which way we all went all those years ago. I did attend a reunion in Colorado Springs and some of us got on the phone and tried to get a number for Dixie Ragsdale so we could all say "Hi!". Needless to say, to no avail. The Internet has really changed things! Thanks to the creators of this site, it is very well done.

Sunday 09/24/2000 11:42:23am

132Name: Colette E. Corbin
Location: Sisters,Oregon
Comments: Well here we go again! Bill has been moved(re-located,transferred) to Az. I am closing up the ranch in January for 6 months and joining him for the winter-summer there. I'm no dummy (even though a blond,got-cha) but I really do hate sounding like my mother. All the years of listening to my dad say "how would you like to live in..." I seem to be continually packing up boxes in my civilian life and they say military people are always on the move.. I am not giving up the Oregon home so in the summer I'll be back and all are welcome. In the meantime our apartment is right next to the Holiday Inn and all are welcome to get out of the winter's cold. Hey, life isn't that bad after all. oxoxoxoxo

Sunday 09/24/2000 1:28:17am

133Name: Patti Nowicki-Suzuki
Location: Michigan state
Comments: It's very exciting to read all about Yamato high's alumni. It was one of the best years of my life. Hope to get in touch with old friends.

Saturday 10/07/2000 6:12:55pm

134Name: John Bennett
Location: Johnson High School
Comments: Went to Johnson High School 69 to 71 .I am interested in the allreunion in Las Vegas in 2001.Could you send me the infromation about it. Did not finish school in Japan finished in Tucson,Az. 1973 Thank You John Bennett

Saturday 10/07/2000 7:45:59am

135Name: Bob Clifford
Location: NW, US
Comments: Ooopps!! My previous guestbook entry is referring to TACHIKAWA AFB. Bob Clifford--'65

Saturday 10/07/2000 7:33:09am

136Name: Bob Clifford
Location: Northwest U.S.
Comments: Yo!!!!! Need a little help refreshing my memory: What was the name of the place (big hangar-like building, across the street from the eastside PX) that had Japanese concessions (sold motorcycles, guitars, vases, tatami mats, etc.)??? I want to say it was called the "Shoppers' Mart", but I could be way off. ****Does anyone have any photos of the O-Club swimming pool? (Or the other pools?) Life guards, parties, babes, whatever. If you wouldn't mind having them displayed on the web, I would be interested in a scan (include names and dates). Thanks, Bob Clifford 65 (About Wally Maroney's previous entry (and challenge): has anyone come up with the OFFICIAL numbers of the breakdown of how many attended from each class the last reunion???? LET US KNOW!!!!!

Monday 10/02/2000 6:57:28pm

137Name: Janice L. Shapiro
Location: Newburgh, New York
Comments: Okay. I finally did the official sign in. Hi to all my friends from the class of '72 and '71. I saw Leola in May and had a great time. I'm planning to go to Las Vegas for the reunion and I wouldn't want to miss the Liberace Museum. I hope to see Tim Boyan, Mike Wargo, Debbie Ormond (where are you?), Irene Iriye, and all my other Yamato buddies. I attended the 92 reunion in San Diego so, Bill Forden, you'd better recognize me this time! Love to everyone and this site is fabulous! (Does anyone remember Mike Hicks?)

Wednesday 10/11/2000 10:54:06am

138Name: marsha cook (rickey)
Location: oklahoma
Comments: just found this page and marta and I are so excited at finally finding some of our old classmates. We will definitley be at the reunion. Marta and I came back to oklahoma after graduation.,and have been here ever since. My kids are all grown and I am not suffering from empty nest syndrome. I've been married 22 years . Well if you want to chat some more please e-mail me.

Tuesday 10/10/2000 10:47:32am

139Name: Annette Roberts (Bowers)
Location: Tuscola Illinois
Comments: Hello fellow Green Park brats. Looking for anyone who attended Tachikawa Junior High in 62 and anyone living at Green Park. Found out that it is now a park with soccer fields. Attended Chofu 63-64 "WIPEOUT" and Yamato 64-65 after moving to Tachikawa. Anyone remember the Miller girls? We lived on F-Wing 3rd floor.

Tuesday 10/10/2000 10:18:43am

140Name: Bob Pratte
Location: Minneapolis
Comments: I attended Yamato High my freshman year--can it really be 1962-63, and Tachikawa Jr. High before that. Lived at Green Park for most of my stay in Japan (1961-64). Like the rest of the Green Park residents, I got switched to Chofu High for the 1963-64 school year. Would love to hear from classmates.

Sunday 10/08/2000 11:17:08pm

141Name: Carolyn McClendon (Moses)
Comments: I've enjoyed reading some of the messages in the guestbook. I've recognized a few names, and am anxious to attend the reunion in Las Vegas to see if I recognize a few faces.

Saturday 10/07/2000 8:27:42pm

142Name: wally maroney
Location: california
Comments: just wanted to say that this little warrior finally got off his butt and paid his dues. couldn't handle the guilt. or was it the fact that i couldn't access the yhs site. i especially enjoyed being able to choose my own password. or so i thought. our most gracious webmaster had better ideas. now i have one that gives me fits every time i try to log in. can't remember it for @#%$!! maybe if i were russian i would have better luck. i am not complaining most knowledgeable webmaster. you must have a master plan. later-warrior wally

Tuesday 10/24/2000 0:02:22am

143Name: Howard Feltham (HOWIE)
Location: Torrance California
Comments: I can't believe that I was able to find a few class members from 1966 & 1967 at this site. This is fantastic (WOW). If any of you remember me (Talk to me). Home phone nunber is: (310)-373-5798, and my E-mail address is: I live in Torrance California, south of Los Angeles Calif. I was able to visit with Andy & Coleen Yoshida (Yosh & Coleen, 65 & 66) about 6 months ago. They are doing well and have not changed a bit. Believe it or not I work for a Japanese Car Manufacture (Toyota Tech. Center USA INC.), I don't ride motor cycles anymore (if you remeber me I was into motor bikes), but I still like the Japanese machines. Remember BCJ, If you look for my picture in year book, you won't find it (pg. 44, blank). Good luck to all, Regards Howard.

Monday 10/23/2000 11:04:34am

144Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie (Class of l960)
Location: Antioch, California
Comments: Finally! David Peacher-Talleagle, I have been looking for your name to appear on the reunion attendee list. David was my classmate and wonderful friend from Yamato. Come on you guys, let our webmaster, Loren, know you are attending so we can see who will be there. Seeing your name on the list, just might encourage other Yamatoites to join us in Vegas. And Colette (Eckard) Corbin, I don't know you, but you definitely speak my language. Yes! I agree the upcoming is reunion is more exciting than Santa! :-) Can you imagine still having your majorette uniform after all these years! So.......everyone get signed up, time passes quickly!

Saturday 10/21/2000 1:52:26pm

145Name: Colette E. Eckard ( Corbin)
Location: Sisters,Oregon
Comments: Isn't this absolutely the most wonderful experience re-connecting with everyone! I'm more excited about the reunion this year than Santa Claus. Everybody get out there and call everyone you can and uncover all those warriors who are still "illusive." I missed the last one and don't want anyone to have that "sinking" feeling about being left out. Remember when no one invited you to the prom.. ?? It isn't that different. I may not be able to wear it(zipped) but my Captain's majorette uniform is coming along with me and that's worth a look see.

Wednesday 10/11/2000 11:22:51pm

146Name: Toshimi (Eddie) Hashimoto
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Comments: Hi Warriors! At Yamato High School I was mostly known as Eddie and for some people Hashi. I am still alive and kicking, and contact for Class of '67! My brother Steve Hashimoto told me about this WEB site! So any one who has graduated in the year of 1967, I would like to hear from you or call me at (562) 691-4754

Wednesday 10/11/2000 3:21:06pm


Monday 10/30/2000 4:39:30pm

148Name: Martha Corum Walker
Location: Satellite Beach FL
Comments: Hello to everyone. I attended Yamato in my freshman year (60-61) and lived at Green Park. I was at the reunion in Vegas last year and had a wonderful time. It was so nice getting reacquainted with Shalah Lightfoot and Richard Hoops and Vonnie Hoops. I am looking forward to the next one. If anyone remembers me, please email.

Sunday 10/29/2000 11:51:29am

149Name: george yanase
Location: los angeles
Comments: Hi everyone, just to update you, Don Trent found and posted a couple of dozen photos from the early 70's of Yamato alumni on my Yahoo picture clubs. Kadee Hill has posted numerous photos as well. All are welcome to join the clubs and to post pictures from your days at Yamato.

Wednesday 10/25/2000 7:52:44pm

Location: VERO BEACH, FL.

Wednesday 10/25/2000 7:07:57pm

151Name: Mike Burton
Location: Irvine, CA.
Comments: Attende Yamato from Jan. 1973 to June 1973. Then my senior year at Yokota.

Wednesday 10/25/2000 3:03:07pm

152Name: Jim Ranes
Location: Austin, Texas
Comments: Hello classmates. How time flies when you're having fun! And I've had a lot of fun with my life. I've been married for almost 34 years. After I left Japan, I attended and graduated from Arizona State University and received a commission as a 2nd Lt. in the USAF. I was a Signals Intelligence Officer. After the AF, I was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency where I worked overseas for the next six years. I was involuntarily "retired" as a Case Officer, GS14. I spent the next 20 years getting an MBA, rising through the ranks of several energy companies (even becoming President/CEO...they were not terribly selective then.) Since 1994, I've been retired and thinking about what I want to do when I grow up. I have three grown children, with the youngest daughter, age 24, in medical school in Boston. My wife, my English Springer, Abby, and I travel around the U.S., Asia and Europe for fun, and sight seeing. We have homes in Austin, in Maui and a 40 foot diesel bus/motorcoach to tool around in.

Saturday 11/18/2000 8:27:51pm

153Name: Bob Mutu
Comments: Alumni! Just got back from a month in Southern Japan letting Michelle meet here mothers side of the family. She is five months old now and a really cutie! I was able to connect up with Ken Swensen for a day trip around what is left of Tachi and Yamato....not much. The only things recognizable at Yamato were an old tower, the track( part of a park) and an old electric power station building. Tachi west was leveled except for a few scattered buildings and has been turned into a huge park accessible by walking only. I took lots of pictures and am posting them to the My Family site. There are some shots of the american Village, which is pretty much intact, and the S series houses outside the laundry gate. About 20-30 of these still are standing and in use(Mine was one!) Take a look! Arigato to Ken for showing me around.

Sunday 11/12/2000 7:59:20pm

154Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie (Class of l960)
Location: Antioch, California
Comments: I just checked the attendee list and saw my friend, Beverly (Corum) Singleton and her sister Martha Walker. We laughed so much and so.......hard at the last reunion that my stomach was hurting! I haven't laughed that hard since the reunion. So......I am way overdue! Come on guy's get signed up! I can't hardly wait to turn "17" again for a few short hours.

I wonder what this next reunion will be like, now that the mystery of how everyone look's is over. Maybe this time I can settle down long enough to get to know them on an adult level. This time when I walk into the "celebration" room, I will know my friend's! I will sit at the correct table, I will arrive early instead of making a spectacle of myself, I will have a very expensive zipper put on my outfit, I will dance my little (did I say little?) toes off, I will listen to the people speaking on the microphone, I will eat my dinner, I will take more pictures and I will (without doubt) have a fabulous time. This time I will not look for anyone in the lobby when I arrive, I will not call my girlfriend on my cell phone, I will not dress in disguise, I will not wear false fingernail's, I will listen carefully to the messages we are given during check-in, and I will bring less luggage. In fact, I plan to blend into the woodwork, and you won't even notice that I am there, in other words, I will act NORMAL! :-)

Saturday 11/11/2000 8:53:01pm

155Name: Brenda Adkins Class of 68
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Comments: Hello! I'm looking for Becky Dean. Has anyone heard from her? Found Fred Price and Suzi Lesnewski! They told me how much fun the 1999 reunion was. I'm planning on attending 2001.

Thursday 11/02/2000 0:46:51am

156Name: Jim Short
Location: Highland, Ca.
Comments: Me again. I signed in right above Martha, and failed to even acknowledge her, how very rude of me! Hello, Martha, I will e-mail you very soon. It is so late now that I am off to bed, been on the computer for hours. Jim

Thursday 11/02/2000 0:36:59am

157Name: Jim Short
Location: Highland, Ca.
Comments: Hello to all you old Warriors, I haven't signed in for a while, been surfing all over the place. I went to Yamato and Yokota 70's picture clubs and it is a very good site, I of course didn't know any of the people that were shown but there was some pictures of the Yamato campus and it was a good nostalgia trip!! Has anyone here ever heard from or know anything about Jim Herring he would be Grandpa Herring to most of the people I've seen write in, but there are a few of us old timers from '58-61, that are still alive and kicking, and can even use a computer. No offence Loren, I didn't remember but Ann McConahay reminded me we were in Mr. Chases' home room class at Green Park, let's see that would be 1958, wouldn't it? Oh, yea, I knew you as Buddy. Dan Iki was in our class too. Ann had a whole list of the graduating class`from Green Park, and reminded me of a few of the teachers names. Man, did that bring back some memories that have been tucked away in the back of my brain. Lying dormant for 40 years. Anyway, if you knew Herring or me e-mail me, we can talk. Sayonara, Jim

Thursday 12/14/2000 6:42:49pm

158Name: Neil Alterman
Location: Fairfax, Virginia
Comments: As we enter the Holiday season, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Yamato Warriors a most wonderful holiday, and a happy and healthy new year. I will be on vacation for the next two weeks, returning just in time to celebrate the New Year. I have not met many of you who have been part of my life as a Warrior, but I still have a feeling of kindredship. To those I know and love, may this be a joyous season, and I will talk to you when I return.

Monday 12/11/2000 8:04:58pm

159Name: colleen johnson
Location: worthington OH
Comments: Yamato 65 - 68

Sunday 12/03/2000 11:43:27am

160Name: Colette Corbin
E-Mail: sparkey @5pillars,com
Location: Sister,Oregon
Comments: Does that Japanese song move you to tears or am I the only "softee" out here in the great Pacific Northwest? How in the world can something that you can't even understand conjure up such an emothion base within one's soul? Just imagine what the reunion will do for each of us as we touch, feel, and speak to comrades from long ago..can't wait!! So everybody get a ticket and get over there!!

Monday 11/20/2000 6:05:01pm

161Name: Mike Skidmore
Location: Yamato 69
Comments: Bob Mutu, the pictures you took of Tachi and Yamato during your trip back to Japan are Great!!! Thanks for taking the time to take,scan and post them at the MyFamily web site.

Friday 12/22/2000 8:42:24am

161Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie, Class of l960
Location: Antioch, California
Comments: This is directed to, Howard Feltham (Howie, YHS'66). When you said those days seemed like yesterday, you were speaking my language!! This is exactly how I feel. Glad to see you are going to attend the reunion in July. Come on gang, when Christmas is over let’s get your names listed on the attendee list. Let Loren know, he is pretty busy being a “Digital Cowboy” these days, so remind him if he forgets!!!

I just came across some more Japan slides, which I will be posting on">, so get in and see them and get excited, it will make you want to go back in time. You need an invitation and password to get in, let me know and I will be more than happy to send you an invitation. GET INVOLVED-GET EXCITED!!!

Wednesday 12/20/2000 1:46:52pm

163Name: Howard Feltham (Howie, YHS'66)
Location: Torrance Calif.
Comments: I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and of course a Happy New Years. Hope to start seeing more people surfing into this sight. The class of 66 did real good in football, we were the far east champs, and if that was not enough we had "BCJ". I am not braggin, just remembering. Like the Tachie Movie Theater, Teen club, the bus trip to Yamato HS every morning. The memories are great, and I am sure that the other years did well also. Those times are gone, but it seems just like yesterday (sounds like a song). I hope to see you all at the reunion in Vegas. Regards Howard.

Wednesday 12/20/2000 0:28:56am

164Name: Phyllis Sims Thiot
Location: Vinemont, Alabama
Comments: I enjoy this Yamato Warrior site so much! Thanks to Loren and all of you who work so hard giving your time to all of us. I see we need to find more Warriors from the Class of '61. To all of you, have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year. I hope to see you in July!

Monday 12/18/2000 12:00:02am

165Name: george yanase
Comments: The Southern California Yamato Alumni held their First Annual Torilla Fest at the El Torito Restaurant at the Block At Orange Mega Entertainment complex. For a detailed account and photos of people like Rick Taylor, Stan Yamauchi, Eddie Koga, Jimmy Tucker, please visit my pics club. Happy Holidays!

Monday 12/18/2000 2:18:22am

166Name: Judy Noakes Madison
Comments: I just wanted to wish all the Yamato Alumni's a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See all of you in July @our class reunion. Judy Class of 63

Monday 01/08/2001 3:02:34pm

167Name: Mary Garrett
Location: Arkansas
Comments: Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. We had a really bad ice storm which began the day after Christmas. Look forward to seeing you all in Vegas.

Monday 01/01/2001 12:13:11am

168Name: David G. Wilson
Comments: Class of '61

Sunday 12/31/2000 3:06:08pm

169Name: wally maroney
Location: california
Comments: greetings fellow warriors: have a safe holiday season. see ya'll in vegas.

Wednesday 12/27/2000 2:39:31pm

170Name: Jim Ranes
Comments: Hi Loren, My name disappeared from the sign in registry. I know I paid the dues...would you put me back on? Thanks and have a happy holiday. Jim Ranes

Tuesday 12/26/2000 10:51:04am

171Name: Barbara Willmarth Callahan
Location: New York, NewYork and Jupiter, Florida
Comments: Class of 63, I attended Yamato from 1959 to 1962 for my freshman through junior years, then returned to the States. Just learned about this site from Jeannie Criswell Dale.

Sunday 01/14/2001 9:16:35pm

172Name: Ron Childers
Location: Seattle
Comments: Was glad to see the note from Jim Short awhile back.Starting to see some names I remember from 62. Found some pictures of Jim Herring and his girl friend, also a picture of Ron Webster and Dana Keene I think.Would like to hear from some class of 62. I found Jim Arnold living about a block from me. Remember him and his brother Bill had a band.

Sunday 01/14/2001 7:09:13pm

173Name: George Garman
Location: Palm Beach, Aruba
Comments: It's been awhile and so much has happened. Welcome Betsy and Martha. The results of the Reunion 2003 poll indicate that the Caribbean maybe a place to hold the next reunion. I'm associated with the Radisson Resort and Casino in Aruba. I would be happy to look into some very attractive rates if there is an interest. This is the finest Radisson Hotel in the World. Over $60,000,000 was spent last year and it is the finest resort in Aruba. Let me know and Ramona and I will see you in Vegas in July.

Sunday 01/14/2001 4:15:37pm

174Name: Tom Peters
Location: East Texas
Comments: Class of '61

Thursday 01/11/2001 8:04:52pm

175Name: Polly Price Figueroa
Location: San Diego, CA
Comments: Hey fellow Warriors! Well checking the guest book today paid off. We have been searching for the Stouffer girls for years. Betsy & Martha welcome back to YHS! Betsy check your email. We have all been trying to locate you both. We hoped to find you before the last reunion but now you can meet us all at the next one in Vegas July 13-15. George Garman, Fred Price, Bev Molter, Maura Benton, Gidget Whitesel and of course me and many others are all looking forward to seeing you both. The 1999 YHS reunion was fantastic and the 2001 will be even bigger & better. GO Mighty Warriors! Martha if you have an email address write to the guestbook so we will know how to find you.

Tuesday 01/09/2001 6:28:40pm

176Name: Betsy Stouffer Rock
Comments: My sister, Martha, and I are interested in chatting with friends from Yamato days. We lived at Tachikawa AB from 1963 to 1967 and both attended Yamato High School, classes of 1968 and 1970.

Saturday 01/20/2001 7:01:45pm

177Name: george yanase
Comments: Shinnen Kai; Yamato Alumni New Year get together in West Los Angeles It was a wonderful and warm homecoming that Merrill Nunally and I received by some of the veteran members of the So Cal chapter of the Yamato High School Alumni. Mostly class of '72. among them were Ken Sakamoto, Bobby Sakamoto's big brother. Irene Iriye, Glenn Iriye's big sister, Susan Sera, Joyce Fujimoto, Jim Kimoto and friends of Yamato, Steve Deignan(Narimasu) and Terri Kawasjee(St. Maur)near Yokohama. Needless to say the ladies only seem to have remained as lovely as ever. And tiny! I don't think either Irene or Susan were 5 foot tall. But despite their short stature, their openness and friendliness to the youngsters of Yamato were indicative of their very big hearts. Merrill and I were welcomed into a close knit group who have been getting together for a very long time. As the menu was real Chinese food, it took some doing to get Merrill to partake of the seven courses set before us. Being the type who subsists on mostly tortillas, he was certainly taken aback at the seemingly endless platters of food being brought before us. But being Merrill, he soon mastered the trick of spinning the turntable with one hand to get to the calimari while consuming the char-shiu and kung-pao shrimp on two plates before him. Soon that glass turntable was flying and hitting rpm's it was not designed for. Irene could only look on aghast as the copious mound of chinese broccoli disappeared along with the asparagus down the esophagus of Merrill Nunally. For someone who only had a rudimentary skill with chopsticks, Merrill soon displayed a dexterity previously unknown to even asians. He was spearing crispy duck and shrimp without even looking, while eyeing my sparsely laden plate. My hand narrowly missed being skewered by one of his lightning fast spear thrusts at the calimari. Eventually Merrill was forced to stop, there was simply too much to consume. Fortunately, the staff had been forewarned about Merrill's appetite and were on hand with extra fortune cookies in case the mango pudding for dessert wasn't enough to cap off his dinner. My thanks to Susan Sera-Hirano for inviting us to join in and to the Shinnen Kai group for their hospitality. It would appear that there is talk of combining the El Torito group and VIP Seafood group for a blowout sushi fest later in the year before the Las Vegas reunion. George '75

Saturday 01/20/2001 1:28:34pm

178Name: Brenda Pickle
Location: Bristol, TN
Comments: Haven't been connected for a while. Have missed this site. Can't get into the other parts because my password DOES NOT WORK!!!! Anybody else having this problem? It just says Incorrect Password. Guess Neil will have to check it out for me. Anyway, good to catch up on the news. Sorry to hear about Loren. HE HAS DONE MORE THAN ANYONE to get us all together. Let's all let him know just how much we really do appreciate him and all of his work. Without him we would not have this or have had such a wonderful reunion in 99. What is with those complaining? Just what is there to complain about????? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Can anyone help me understand this???? Love to you all. Warriors need to stick together. I still plan on being in Vegas in July. I still plan on having name tags for those who are attending. If you want to help me make them or anything else, contact one of us on the committee list. Of course, I need my password to even get the names off the list of those attending. Let's keep in touch. Email me or SOMETHING!!!! By the way, I was class of 63.

Thursday 01/18/2001 10:36:03am

179Name: Larry LaChapelle
Location: Fayetteville, GA
Comments: Just got into the site and really looking for Jeanne McLeod. Saw her last in 66 and was just wondering where she was. Would like to find Jeanne Hooker also, guess I had a thing for Jeanne's.

Monday 01/15/2001 10:49:24pm

180Name: Chuck Jordan, Class 63
Comments: Been a long time since I sign on....haven't been able to get on as I haven't paid my dues....moved and lost the address, again.....send me where and how much to pay my dues, please. Thanks, Loren for let me look in again. Later.

Monday 01/22/2001 10:07:46am

181Name: Larry La Chapelle
Comments: Well Loren looks like you are making it official and signing off as the WEBMASTER. We all owe you a great deal. I hope someone has the knowledge and wisdom to pick up this responsibility. As for me I am clueless and do well just to e-mail. Would someone please pick this up. Thanks again Loren Larry'63

Monday 01/22/2001 3:37:47am

182Name: Jim Short
Location: Highland,Ca
Comments: Loren, was sorry to read that you are no longer going to be our webmaster. I for one would like to apologize for the nasty letters that you have gotten. I cannot imagine what anyone would have to complain about. I would like to thank you for all that you have done for this site and for the opportunity that you have afforded us all to be in touch with our past and to get in touch with long lost friends. I wish you the best in whatever you will do to fill your many hours of freedom that you will now have. Thanx again for your many hours that you devoted to us. Good Luck in the future to you and your family. Please stay in touch with us, don't disappear on us now that you are not our webmaster. Jim Short

Sunday 01/21/2001 3:48:50pm

183Name: Wayne Durham '61
Location: El Paso
Comments: Loren, thanks so much for all of dedicated time and effort in putting together this site and making the last reunion such a blast! May the electronic illiterate consider their ways and invest in a web etiquette class before surfing this site.

Sunday 01/21/2001 9:55:49am

184Name: wally maroney
Comments: greetings warriors: two things to share. i guess many of you are aware of Fed Bill 602P. the one that wants to put a surcharge on all email. email your state representative to voice your concerns. secondly, i want to say that it saddens me to hear that our webmaster loren is stepping down due to the negative feedback he has received. get real people. if it wasn't for him many of us would not have been able to reconnect after all of these years. a little gratitude is much in order. in case anyone didn't notice, the last reunion was a huge success and maybe loren had just a SMALL PART IN THIS SUCCESS. my hat goes off to him. i will miss his tireless efforts and strange sense of humor.

Sunday 01/21/2001 6:12:14am

185Name: Mike Moneymaker, Class of 1960
Comments: Hi, I don't know who you are, specifically, or what unfortunate happenings have occurred in your job as webmaster, but I want to thank you for the work you did in trying to keep YHS alive on the net. I'm sorry if the job became untenable or otherwise too much of a burden for you. Best of luck in your future endeavors, Mike Moneymaker, Yamato '60

Thursday 01/25/2001 7:18:42pm

186Name: Larry La Chapelle
Comments: Having read it again you said 64, I wasn't even there then. I'm thinking of the 62 game when we beat them 50-0. Sorry, I just jumped on that one too fast.

Thursday 01/25/2001 7:08:11pm

187Name: Larry La Chapelle
Location: Fayetteville, GA
Comments: Hey, I remember that Zama game, it rained like hell and I caught a touchdown pass on the left side line and ran it in. By the way I posted some pictures on the Yamato '62 album.

Wednesday 01/24/2001 7:00:07pm

188Name: Steve Holland '65
Location: Gilroy, Calif.
Comments: Howdy I have a video of the 1964 Yamato Warriors Football Champions playing Zama. The score was 33-0 Is there anyway to show it at the reunion? I may make copies if anyones interested. Steve

Wednesday 01/24/2001 7:24:10am

189Name: Chuck Jordan, Class 63
Location: Frazier Park, CA
Comments: Loren, just wanted to THANK YOU for all of your hard work, time, sweat, and............tears. Without your efforts, the ability for all the YHS graduates reconnecting MIGHT not have taken place.....I know that it has allowed me to recontact friends from Japan that other wise I would not have been able to contact. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Your friend and school mate, Chuck Jordan Class of 63

Tuesday 01/23/2001 10:00:02pm

190Name: Marie Arnold Rogoway

Sunday 01/28/2001 2:26:49pm

191Name: Mary Garrett
Comments: I also want to thank Neil for taking over. I agree that Loren did an excellent job. Why would anyone want to complain?? beats the heck out of me. Thanks to you both. See you in Vegas.

Saturday 01/27/2001 8:09:30pm

192Name: Neil Alterman
Location: Fairfax, VA
Comments: To all who have written to me, called me, or telepathically contacted me, I am taking on the role of webmaster with Loren's help and blessing. I think we owe Loren a major vote of thanks for all he has done to bring us together. I hope to continue to do that. If you are sending me changes to make be aware that I have a full-time job and cannot devote as much time to the website as Loren has so lovingly given. I will make requested changes as quickly as time permits. If you have a conmplaint about something, I don't want to hear it! This site was set up for the enjoyment of Yamato Warriors and to help us find each other. The complaints are what drove Loren to leave. I am still collecting website dues and will get them posted as quickly as I can. If you have a suggestion to improve the site, I am willing to listen and discuss it. This site means a lot to me, and has been instrumental in locating people all over the world. We need to continue doing that. God Speed and Go Warriors!

Saturday 01/27/2001 5:32:43pm

193Name: debbie roche
Location: LA
Comments: Thank you, Neil, for agreeing to temporarily take on the job as Webmaster. And a special thank you to Loren for having done the job for so long. I can't imagine what they had to complain about, much less be nasty about. I am very thankful this site exists and I know many others are as well. Thanks again.

Friday 01/26/2001 4:22:45pm

194Name: Larry La Chapelle (63)
Location: Fayetteville, GA
Comments: Looks like Neil is a good one for the job. If you guys from 63-66 will remember, after graduating Neil worked in the Admin office for awhile. He took care of us then also.

Friday 01/26/2001 6:12:41am

195Name: Mark Noggle
Location: Tokyo
Comments: Class of '73...friend of Ron Gsell and Joji Hollins. If anyone has a 28-year memory, would appreciate hearing from you.

Tuesday 02/06/2001 11:31:11pm

196Name: Patrick Rose
Location: Enid, Okla, 73701
Comments: More than a flood of emotions, smells, colors and utopian memories. If we only knew how close we were.....Relive as a start! Hope to see all soon. Pat

Tuesday 02/06/2001 10:10:36am

197Name: wally maroney
Comments: hey's time to start the hype. only six months til the next blowout. start looking up old aquaintances. and last but not least, go neil go, go neil go!! way to take bull by the horns. the term "bull" can be intrepeted in many ways. VEGAS-JULY,2K1---BE THERE!!!!!

Monday 02/05/2001 6:56:54am

198Name: Larry La Chapelle
Location: Fayetteville, GA
Comments: Some great pictures of Tachi and Yamato, as it is today, have been posted. The Laundry Gate looks just about as bad as it did in the early '60's when I went out it almost every day to go see Jeannie McLeod or Jim Perkins. Larry '63

Tuesday 01/30/2001 8:22:17pm

199Name: don trent
Location: home of the superbowltimore ravens
Comments: looking for lucille thompson from the 70's... have a message for her....

Monday 01/29/2001 4:53:39pm

200Name: Tom Billingsley
Location: Toronto,Canada
Comments: I have a new e-mail address. It is I am from the class of 1965. It is great to finaly find this site. I am hope to attend the class reunion. I would like to hear from yoy all. It has been along time. Tom Billingsley

Saturday 02/10/2001 10:54:42am

201Name: steve coolidge
Location: clark , colorado

Friday 02/09/2001 9:13:28am

202Name: george yanase
Comments: For all of the folks who might have lost or can't find their annual, the 1973 Yamato High School Yearbook is now online. Click the link above and join the club to view.

Thursday 02/08/2001 10:32:55am

203Name: Mike Talmont
Location: Fort Worth,Texas
Comments: Thanks to Caroline Hamasaka for telling me about this site. Looks great! My brother(Ed)and I attended Tachi Middle School and Yamato High School '66-'70. I saw a lot of old friends in Torrance,CA. Thanks to John Roussin and George Yamakido, for taking me to the reunion, I drank too much but I had a great time. I hope to see a lot of you in Las Vegas. I'm working for OSHA still and keep busy coaching the Azle Wrestling Club. Drop me an e-mail sometime.

Wednesday 02/07/2001 6:10:20pm

204Name: Cheryl (Skipton) Runyon, '64
Location: Richland, Washington
Comments: I agree with Wally...let's start emailing and calling our classmates...especially the ones that didn't make the last reunion! For those that have that telephone/address list - USE IT! Let's find some more of our Yamato family and let them know about this web page and the reunion. See you all July 13-15 - also my 34th wedding anniversary - we sure timed that one right! :-)

Monday 02/12/2001 4:20:25pm

205Name: P.Margo (Siegfried) Bavry '65
Location: VA. Beach VA
Comments: Hi all warriors from '65 and other years too. It has been so long and I never thought I would ever hear or see anybody from YHS again!This is a lovely surprise. I am hoping to be able to attend the 2001 reunion and Cindy O. urged me to put together some sort of newsletter soooooo class of '65 let me hear from ya'll. I need to know what you are doing, where you live and anything else you would like to include. Oh don't let the name change thing scare you- I always disliked the name Pat and I am now known by my middle name-Margo Also if you know the wear abouts of any of our teachers let me know that too.

Monday 02/12/2001 2:05:10pm

206Name: Mike Skidmore
Location: Broken Arrow Oklahoma
Comments: I scanned a copy of the Tachikawa Air Base Map, if anyone would like a copy, email me and i will send the file to them.

Sunday 02/11/2001 1:58:37pm

207Name: Patricia Margo Siegfried Bavry
Comments: I have been looking for anyone in the class of '65.

Saturday 02/10/2001 5:10:20pm

208Name: Libby Blackstead
Location: Las Vegas - Home of Reunion 2001!
Comments: I can't wait to see everyone again! I hope that between now and then we will be able to gather up more missing friends. Dave Gaddie gave me info on Doug Sailor and Chris Pinkava so I'll be working on them. Where in the heck is Chumley??? My thanks to Loren for all he has done in the past for the web site and all of us. Without his hard work and efforts many of us would have never had the opportunity to reconnect. Thanks again Loren!

Saturday 02/10/2001 2:13:32pm

209Name: george yanase
Comments: One of our members has posted current pictures of Tachikawa and Yamato, things sure have changed. Also maps of Tachi and Yamato as they are now, with points of reference to show the old gate locations in case you can't remember your way around.

Friday 02/16/2001 11:56:00am

210Name: Paulette Peacher-Lathan
Location: Reno, NV
Comments: Just surfed by to let all know that reunion info is updated with reception and dinner prices. Deadlines to make reservations at hotel is June 12th. Deadline to get money to me for all functions is June 30th. We do not want to collect money at door. There will be a raffle this year to help with next reunion. One item is a quilt and there will be others - $5 a ticket. Dinner will not have beef because if one or two persons want it, everyone has to pay an additional $5. Let's get excited now Warriors and get your money in early. See you in July 2001.

Wednesday 02/14/2001 7:54:31pm

211Name: Donna McNee Hawkins
Location: PA
Comments: I'm looking for Jim Nara, may have been class of 1963. He had an older brother named Ron and I think a younger sister. Last I heard they were in CO.

Wednesday 02/14/2001 7:52:27pm

212Name: Terri Sutton Springfield "73"
Location: Boaz, Alabama
Comments: Been a LONG time since I last read the guestbook! Sorry to read about Loren. I think he did a GREAT job and can't figure out what the bitching was about?? Anyway, THANK YOU LOREN-for all you've done! We can never repay you for the bounty of blessings you've given us by reconnecting us with the past. love to you and yours-Terri

Tuesday 02/13/2001 9:43:17pm

213Name: Paulette Peacher-Lathan
Location: Reno, NV
Comments: just to let all of you know - the reunion page has been updated. Deadline to register with hotel is June 12th. Deadline to get monies to me for registration, reception, and dinner/dance is June 30th. I want to encourage all of you to start sending your money. We really don't want to collect money at door. Hotel needs final head count for functions by June 30th. Let's GO WARRIORS. This is our big event. Next reunion is 2004.

Monday 02/12/2001 8:01:01pm

214Name: Christopher Pinkava
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Comments: I was astounded to hear that this site existed. The Class of '73 was truly a blast. The names and pictures brought back great memories from long ago and far away. I hope to get to the reunion.

Monday 02/19/2001 2:54:34pm

215Name: Marliss Hazlett Uhrich
Location: Sacramento CA
Comments: Well... its been a long time since I have stopped in. Mike S. Thank you for the map of Tachi. My brother and I had a great time trying to remember where everything was. I noticed in reading the guestbook that there are not that many class of 72 writing. Are they all in hiding like me? I plan on making the reunion and hope to see everyone.(wondering if I can still find that cheerleading uniform.hmmmm Hey Irene... you still have yours? LOL)Any hoots... good to see all is well and that the reunion is still on. Email me if you remember me. Love hearing "You Have Mail" Marliss (72)

Monday 02/19/2001 4:25:33am

216Name: Diz Rease
Location: Layton, Utah
Comments: hey, if anyone remembers diana shaw and cheryl McCabe and can tell me how to contact them drop me a line, and Pat if you see this drop me a line too, I lost your email address...Diz

Monday 02/19/2001 4:22:49am

217Name: Diz Rease (73)
Location: Layton Utah
Comments: Hey, its great to see some of the old crowd if anyone remembers me drop me a line...Diz

Saturday 02/17/2001 9:47:27am

218Name: Libby Blackstead
Comments: Almost about Allen Hirai, anyone have a line on him? I also need to get back in touch with Fred Montgomery to remind him. Later.....

Saturday 02/17/2001 9:44:31am

219Name: Libby Blackstead
Comments: The good news is, Eddie Koga sent me Chumly's e-mail address! He is living in Tokyo again and working as a record producer. Sounds like he is doing great, I hope he'll make it to the reunion. I also left a message for Doug Sailor with my e-mail address and hope he contacts me soon. The numbers for the 70's are growing!!!

Sunday 02/25/2001 6:38:16am

220Name: diane roberts atherton '64
Location: Taos, NM, "Best of the West" Skiiing
Comments: Thanks Neil for responding so quickly...good to hear from you. Good to hear that the reunion plans are coming along, and, that it will be a fun time just like the last two.

Saturday 02/24/2001 10:43:11pm

221Name: Candace Belden
Comments: I am interested in hearing from anyone who might remember me from the class of 1961. My brother told me about this alumni association.

Friday 02/23/2001 2:42:30pm

222Name: Leola Lapides
Location: Aptos Hills, CA
Comments: Hi fellow Warriors. This is a great site. To be honest, I rarely visit it because it's so time consuming! Thank you, Loren and Neil, for keeping it going, past and present. I'm just now planning my summer, and I was wondering if anyone else from the class of '71 is planning on attending the reunion. I communicate intermittently with Tim Boyan ('70), Janice Shapiro ('72), Andy Halliday ('71), and Irene (Iriye) Sato ('72). They are all doing so well; I'm hoping they will make it to the reunion. Has anyone ever heard from or about Samuel Solomon? Well, I look forward to meeting many of you this summer....Leola ('71)

Thursday 02/22/2001 7:16:43pm

223Name: Nick Paoni (Class of 65)
Location: Gulf Shores, AL
Comments: Hey guys & gals from Yamato its been a long time since the good ole days hasn't it! Well I found this site any just wanted to say Hello to all yall. If you feel like dropping a mail- feel free I'd love to hear from you. Bye for now. Nick

Wednesday 02/21/2001 1:30:24pm

224Name: diane roberts atherton, '64
Location: Taos, NM "Home of the Ancient Ones"
Comments: Hi everyone, So sorry to have Loren step out of the picture....he did a beautiful job! As for the complaints....did those complaining forget this is not life and death? this is a website for those who wish to find friends...i am amazed at what he had to endure all in the name of doing a good thing and making it possible for others to enjoy a piece of their the touch of a finger....I applaude his efforts and his friendship....the last reunion was a big success! thanks to Loren and the reunion committee...EVERYONE pulled of a major positive wonderful event!!!!! the next one will be just as great....may the naysayers please stay neil...i have tried to email you but i have had the email i have told Loren im sure it is the operator(me! LOL) but even getting into the site and using the existing email address has been unsuccessful...maybe it is me, and maybe it isnt so i thought i would let you know....please email me back so i can get the problem resolved. thanks....did you see where Vonnie had my last name the same as yours? what a riot.....take care...

Thursday 03/01/2001 1:02:27pm

225Name: Neil Alterman
Location Fairfax, VA
MESSAGE TO ALL: Please note that you no longer need the userid - password to get into the website. I now understand why Loren quit as abruptly as he did. As much as I enjoy this website and the goal of bringing us all together, there are many of you out there who are very belligerent and don't understand that this website is not my life. I have been inundated with requests for an IMMEDIATE response to userids and passwords. I have decided that we no longer need them. Please note that you came straight into the website from the initial splash page. We will continue to accept your $10 per year payments, but they will be considered as a contribution to keeping the website going. The money will be used to replace or upgrade the server on which the website is located when that is needed. It is also used to pay for our domain name which Dan Iki has been handling. Thanks, Dan. To those of you who have been supportive of my efforts, I greatly appreciate it. To those who have hassled me, I am too much of a gentleman to say what I want. I will continue to serve as your webmaster. I will make changes as they become necessary or are identified. To Patty Suzuki, thanks for identifying the changes needed on the 72 graduates page. Those changes were made and are now in place. I will still call on Loren when it becomes necessary, so he is still around. Hopefully, I will see many of you and meet many of you at the reunion. Now go out and find other Warriors.

Thursday 03/01/2001 12:04:09am

226Name: Pam Mathis Williams
I am happy to be a part of the great Yamato High School family! Hello, everyone.

Wednesday 02/28/2001 10:57:32pm

227Name: linda singer collins
Location: Roseville, Ca
Hi everyone, Marylou and I just got back from a fun trip to Las Vegas. We checked out the Monte Carlo, it is really nice. They have a web site, check it out!!!! Hope to see you there in July..... Hurry & make your reservations...

Wednesday 02/28/2001 8:57:31pm

228Name: Nancy Houston
Location: Jacksonville, FL
CURE Campaign: Hi everyone! This is a request for your support and sponsorship of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation 2001 Walk for the Cure. Over 16 million people in the USA have diabetes. One out of three has or will be affected by this debilitating disease which is the leading cause of kidney failure, adult blindness, non-tramatic amputations, nerve damage, heart attack, and stroke. By 2025, the World Health Organization estimates 300 million people will have diabetes. Daily insulin injections provide life support, but insulin is not a cure and does not prevent the onset of serious complications. JDF is the #1 nonprofit, nongovernmental funder of diabetes research worldwide and was named one of the nation's Top 10 charities "you can trust" and one of only two charities so named in the health field. 84 cents of every dollar goes directly to research and education. I have made a commitment to "Walk for the cure" on March 10th, rain or shine. JDF needs your help to support the research for a cure. If you would like to participate, please make your charitable contribution payable to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and send me an email for a mailing address. If you would like to get involved in your own community call 800-JDF-CURE or visit their website at Thanks for caring enough to read this message about a worthy cause.

Wednesday 02/28/2001 3:29:13am

229Name: Linda Parrott-Jessup '75
E-Mail: or">
Location: Salinas, CA
Attended Yamato 71-72, Also attended Tachi Middle School and Green Park Elem. Its great to see some familiar names from the past! And hats off to those who created this great web site!!!

Friday 03/02/2001 10:15:02pm

230Name: Candace Belden Palmo
Location: Junction City, Northern California
I attended YHS from 1959 until I graduated in 1961. I'm amazed how I can still remember and picture most of the people from my class and others. My brother, Joey (as he was called then), told about this site. Bill Booth, if you see this, I know he would love to hear from you. I am particularly looking for Wendy Meng, Grey Smith, Jerry Scribner, Trish Houston, Ginny Carroll, Carol Wikowski and Paul Mauryana. Actually - anyone who remembers me. I live at a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center. Have been a nurse, midwife, nurse practitioner and organic farmer in my past. I am not married now and I have a 30 year old daughter who lives in Seattle. I don't know about attending reunions, but I look forward to hearing from people.

Friday 03/02/2001 8:12:12pm

231Name: Nanci Willis Rinehart '66
Location: Lakewood, CO
Chris Towne Drucker and I were talking about the culture shock we experienced when we returned to the ZI in the 60's and the continuing impact military brat-isms have on us to this day. Was it such a great surprise, what was going on in the world, to the rest of you, like it was for us? Does the world still seem topsy turvy at times? I sometimes feel like some kind of strange bird unless I'm talking to another brat. Only another brat could understand some of the difficulties that we had in blending in when faced with antimilitary sentiments, racism, the hippy culture and lack of national pride, to name a few of the things we were confronted with upon arrival. We would like to get together with other brats to discuss the impact of these things and how we each dealt with them at the reunion if you're interested. Any feedback?

Friday 03/02/2001 0:47:31am

232Name: Michael Gnapp
Location: Sacramento
Hey, you guys are doing a great job! It's really great to see people getting together again after thirty some-odd years. I went to Yamato in 61 and 62, then,like so many others, was sent to Chofu, where I graduated in 65. Played in a band called The Others and the Tachi teen club was a regular gig for us, and a favorite. Had as many friends at Yamato as I did at Chofu--Andy Yoshida, Mike Thompson, Mike Carlos, Elwood "Zim" Zimmerman, etc. Still playing music, but in adult (as opposed to teen) clubs. You guys are the root of all my evil. Got me wasted at the 61 Homecoming and I ended up the next morning at the Tachi AP jail. Thanks. Lots of good (if foggy) memories. Warrior women were the best!

Thursday 03/01/2001 10:00:12pm

233Name: Gerri Sorrells '69 aka Geraldine
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun. I went to YOYOGI from kindergarten thru 7th grade when Washington Heights closed and we all went separate ways. My path took me to CHOFU. Come see us at Thanks for taking off the password. I enjoyed your Class of '69 pictures! To YOU who went to school with me -- you look just like you did when we were in 3rd grade! Ganbatte, webmaster! You are very much appreciated.

Thursday 03/01/2001 4:16:57pm

234Name: Mark Richardson
Location: Vacaville, California
Class of '71, Sorry that I won't be able to attend the 2001 band is booked 7/14 & 7/15. I'll be there in "green & white" spirit though! Feel free to send me an e-mail.

Sunday 03/04/2001 10:41:01am

235Name: Doug Halliday (69)
Location: Farmington Hills MI
I know this is soon but after reading all of the messages and not finding a better place to ask this question. Does any one know where Brad Hamilton is, Class of 69 at chofu. He and i ran the Collegiate Club at Tachi for awhile, and generally ran amok everywhere, what a memory! Looking for Brad, last I heard he was a navy seal out of coronado island. I know he has to be retired by now! Hey I am still married to Heidi Mold, class of 1973, We are at this time planning on the reunion in July. I fly internationally for the airlines so my schedule will be the decidiing factor in my attendance but I know Heidi will be there! See Ya there! Doug

Sunday 03/04/2001 9:44:49am

236Name: Douglas Halliday
Location: Farmington Hills, MI
I graduated in 1969, my picture was not in the senior pages, must have skipped that day, although I am in the content of the yearbook. Checkout those sexy legs in the tennis section. I will try and come up with a picture, although not many were taken at that time. Doug

Saturday 03/03/2001 11:32:09pm

237Name: Chuck Spicer "71"
Location: The beatiful Ozark Mtns. S.W. Missouri
A lot more names are showing up since Vegas "99". Love it !!!!!! Will be there in "01" Warriors Rule !!!!! I also agree with Rick Taylor and Wally, Chofu sux!!!! John, Doug, Sony, Mike W., Ron W., Bippy, Rousin, Donna, Libby, Lowe, Alsop, Ron Coder, Suzy & Mike Y., The Suttons, And to all the rest of you that i may have temporarily missplaced in my memory ( the 70s had that effect) Peace Love and Rock on Y'all, See you in Vegas in 2001.

Saturday 03/03/2001 3:24:55pm

238Name: Bill Arnold

Saturday 03/03/2001 10:59:48am

239Name: wally maroney
Location: calif
recently reconnected with bill forden. anyone wanting his address give me a holler. also, to the class of 73, my list of names is growing. if any of you have any new names to add to the mix, email me. to all of you 73'ers who i haven't had the chance to hook up with, email me!!! thank you, your humble class rep.

Tuesday 03/06/2001 4:30:10pm

240Name: Stephen Card
My picture wasn't in the yearbook and I was yearbook Photographer.....

Tuesday 03/06/2001 1:45:57pm


Monday 03/05/2001 7:45:56pm

242Name: John Brushwood
Location: Orlando Fl
Where did all the years go? I miss the days when a dollar would get you 360 yen. Would like to hear from more Warriors. See you at the reunion.

Monday 03/05/2001 12:08:06am

243Name: Pat Rose '72
Location: Enid, Ok
We didn't know we were in Heaven, did we? I'm fine and Shannon is in Calif with a husband and 2 boys. Since leaving Tachi and the best times on earth, I've come across Ruth Benfield, Bruce Lawrence, Marsha and Marta Cook, Dana Johns, Janie Cooper and her brother (from Johnson AFB). Hope to see and remember many more during the next reunion. Except for M & M Cook and Shannon, I haven't kept in touch with anyone from Yamato. Thanks to Don Trent and probably others for locating me and turning me on to this site. I hope I get some feedback! 72 Warrior Pat Rose

Sunday 03/04/2001 9:10:31pm

244Name: Dennis Read '64
Location: jacksonville fl
I found about this site from Diane Roberts Atherton awhile back but just got around to signing in. I was at YHS from '59 to'62,before rotating back. What ever happened to Ron Richardson, Kenny Foley, Barry Mccloud, Kathy Smiley, Amy Tabata, Freddy Correl and a lot more I could name? Trying to get to the reunion,but dont know if i'll make it.If we know each other get in contact with me! Dennis

Friday 03/09/2001 4:42:28pm

245Name: Henry Ahern
Location: referred from">
Yamato HS 1961-1962

Thursday 03/08/2001 10:55:21am

246Name: Sheila Davis
Hi, Gwen, I will let Stewart know about Jamie Ross. I've been busy and haven't had much time to be on line. Now that I don't need a password perhaps I'll visit more often. I don't think I'll be going to the reunion this year. Stewart and I had a good time at the last one. I don't know if he is going either. Mark Noggle, I remember you from Grant Heights, don't know if you remember me. Live Long and Prosper

Wednesday 03/07/2001 10:41:38am

247Name: Gwenyth Jett
Location: Copperas Cove, TX
Howdy!! Everybody getting ready for the union? My bags are packed--not really, gotta do laundry first. I know I'm ready to play and have a good time!! Gwen

Tuesday 03/06/2001 9:37:46pm

248Name: Julie Melby

Tuesday 03/06/2001 5:31:09pm

249Name: Mickey Gibson Class of 70
Location: Houston, Texas
HOWDY FROM HOUSTON..I fell into"> last night and was stunned to find YHS listed. Then I nearly fainted when I saw Marta Cooks name. I emailed her and heard back today, she gave me this address. I attended YHS in 67 & 68 as a freshman and sophmore. I just finished reading the guestbook and the memories are incredible. Jim and Bob Ontiveris, if you need drummer, let me know. Would you believe I still have the tape recordings of our group at the "BATTLE OF THE BANDS" IN THE TEEN CLUB.I have a daughter and two grandson (who would have guessed). Am looking forward to the reunion. Enough for now. I have tears in my eyes.

Sunday 03/11/2001 7:51:31am

250Name: Larry La Chapelle
Location: Fayetteville, GA
Just had a great visit from Richard (Hick) and Shanna (Wellinger) Gilg. They drove in from Hot Springs, AR. Relived old memories of Yamato, the Teen Club, the "Submarine" site and some of the teachers. WOW, I had forgotten so much, but with their help I recalled alot. Still searching for the McLeod's, Jeannie or Gerald.