Pictures of Seniors from Yamato High School, Year 1960.
Do you know any of these people?
If so, please email me or contact them so that all the of 1960 can be found.
Please help us find those who we can not locate. # indicated those that have been found.

Butterfly Katana 1960 Year Book Cover Dragon

Rebecca Stephanie Anthony Dolly Kirby James
Rebecca F. Allison Stephanie A. Barton Anthony R. Bayer, Jr Dolly Birkholz Kirby P. Bowman James H. Brauer
Barbara James Sandra Linda Carolyn Helen
Barbara J. Buddington James V. Carroll Sandra Casey Linda B. Chapman Carolyn F. Copeland Helen M. Crawford
James Anne Mary David Susan Patricia
James G. Dawson Anne Duckworth Mary E. Durham David Eakin Susan R. Ensign Patricia I. Francis
Marilou Mildred Barbara June Ellen Anita
Marilou Galley# Mildred A. Gelard Barbara UNKNOWN June L. Gower Ellen Grant Anita Greenblatt
Chip Vonnie Joanne Donna Billy Sandra
Edwin (Chip) Harris Veronica Hoops# Joanne L. Johnson# Donna McKean Billy K. McKinney Sandra MacMillan
Michael Joseph Melvin David Patricia James
Michael L. Moneymaker Joseph K. Maruyama Melvin Nelson David Peacher# Patricia G. Porter James R. Pritchett
Ellen Jerry Lowell David Robert Michael
Ellen M. Scanlon Jerry Scribner Lowell R. Short David G. Sims Robert G. Smith Michael Sowers
Juanita Charles Jeanie Robert Karen Judith
Juanita H. Starks Charles Stevens Jeanie R. Stobie Robert F. Tate Karen S. Terry Judith Turner
Enno Margot James
Enno Von Tautphoeus Margot D. Watson James E. Wiese

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