Pictures of Seniors from Yamato High School, Year 1971.
Do you know any of these people?
If so, please, email me or contact them so that all the of 1971 can be found.
Please help us find those who we can not locate.# indicated those that have been found.

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Nick Stan Melody Dave Jim Brad
Nick Arabinko Stan Avans Melody Bandy Dave Barnes Jim Bayer Chris Bradley
Cindy Teresa Cindy Glenn Jean Bob
Cindy Capell Teresa Casey Cynthia Chapman Glenn Chong Jean Cody Bob Cook
Greg Kani-san Mary Ellis Joefus Barb
Greg Crabb Nancy Crabb Mary Dansby Glenda Ellis Joe Erickson Barb Foote
Mary Yogi Dale Toni Randi Byronious
Mary Fujihara Dave Gaddie Dale Gelineau Toni Gentile Randi Gile Byron Gricius
Termite Arfy Rick Mike Cathi Don
Wayne Hall Andy Halliday Richard Hamasaka Mike Harlow Cathy Hemming Don Hidani
Jeannie Nancy Debbie Cookie Herb Kaz
Jean Hogue Nancy Houston# Debbie Inge Valerie James Herbert Johnson Mike Kazmarski
Ricky Leola Johne Dave Meyerhoeffer Sue
Ricky Korte# Leola Lapides Johne Mattson Davin Mehring Nancy Meyerhoeffer Sue Miller
Kenny Louie Ed Mu Flo Onti
Ken Miyazono Louie Moratti Ed Mueller Pat Mullaly Florence Nakao Ray Ontiveros
Doiley Sheri Shirley Pat Jack Crazy John
Debbie Ormond Sheri Owen Ray Parrish Pat Pepe Jackie Peterson John Pyle
Marcus Becky Sandi Chuck Dale Jim
Mark Richardson Becky Roberts Sandi Scavera Charles Schmeling Dale Scott Jim Smith
Smitty Gidget Rooster Chuck Karen Debbi
Robert Smith Gidget Snow Alan Soose Chuck Spicer Karen Sugiyama Debbie Sullivan
Sue Cheryl Kathy Steve Mike John
Sue Sutton Cheryl Toyota Kathy Urata# Steve Walsh Mike Wargo John Welles
Bill Sony Not Pictured:

Patricia Blevins
Walter Chapman
Sue Peterson
William Wing# Sony Wong

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