Pictures of Non-Graduates from Yamato High School.
Do you know any of these people?
If so, please email me or contact them so that all the of those that attended Yamato High School can be found.
Please help us find those who we can not locate.

Patricia Roland Larry Mutu Kathy Bayer Margaret Conway Penny Foreman Amy Tabata
Patricia Roland-61 Larry Mutu-63 Kathy Bayer-64 Margaret Conway-64 Penny Foreman-64 Amy Tabata-65
David Klinger Donna Wolfe Patricia Marchand Paulette Haug Masha Boyer Dee Dee Bennett
David Klinger-65 Donna Wolfe-65 Patricia Marchand-65 Paulette Haug-65 Marsha Boyer-67 Dee Dee Bennett-68
John Clifford Beverly Moltar Gidget Whitesell Kay Young Ben Threat Janie Wilkey
John Clifford-68 Beverly Moltar-70 Gidget Whitesell-70 Kay Young-70 Ben Threat-71 Janie Wilkey-71
Rick Cooper Lou Padgug Terri Sutton Jeff Gant Ken Cozine Mona Adams
Rick Cooper-71 Lou Padgug-73 Terri Sutton-73 Jeff Gant-74 Ken Cozine-74 Mona Adams-74
Richard Inazaki Sherri Sutton Dan Volonakis Dave Toda David Nowicki George Yanase
Richard Inazaki-74 Sherri Sutton-74 Dan Volonakis-75 Dave Toda-75 David Nowicki-75 George Yanase-75
Julie Melby Karen Trent Steve Gant Tom Cozine Barney Shiroma Grace Gale
Julie Melby-75 Karen Trent-75 Steve Gant-75 Tom Cozine-75 Barney Shiroma-76 Grace Gale-76
Raymond Mayeda Merrill Nunally Jim Short garrett polhamus carolyn wright dave brandman
Raymond Mayeda-76 Merrill Nunally-75 Jim Short-63 Garrett Polhamus-67 Carolyn Wright-64 Dave Brandman-65
bob pratte lani waller sharyn ferris Bonnie Trudeau Your
Bob Pratte-66 Lani Waller-69 Sharyn Ferris-66 Bonnie Trudeau-63 Your Name Your Name

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