“Amazing Grace”

May the Light of the Candle
Guide our Fallen Warriors
to their Final Resting Place,
and Bring Peace to All of Us.

Candle of Rememberance




Harry Tabata, Ret Major, USAF
Graduate of Narimasu.

Complications of Diabetis, July 8, 1999.

Susan Rowe Ensign

CLASS OF 1960.

Vehicle Accident April 28, 1985

Pat G. Porter

CLASS OF 1960.

Deceased while attending Nursing School 1962

Stephaine Barton
CLASS OF 1960.

MENINGITIS, Early 60's

James Dawson

CLASS OF 1960.

Cancer, Late 60's


Anita Greenblatt

CLASS OF 1960.

Anita passed away May 5, 2003 after a courageous six year battle with cancer. She was a R.N.with a BSN from San Diego State University. She is deeply missed by her family
and the many friends whose lives she blessed.

Clarence (Butch) Burkett

CLASS OF 1961.

Name: Clarence Poe Jr Burkett
Birth Date: 30 Nov 1942
Home State: Wyoming
Home City: Portsmouth
Casualty Country: United States and Territory
Casualty Category: Non-battle Dead
Casualty Status: Non-hostile Dead: Died Out-right (current), No Previous Report (previous)
Casualty Date: 16 May 1973
Cause of Death: Injuries Sustained In A Vehicle Accident (vehicle Major Cause)
Vehicle: Rotary Wing Aircraft (type); Government (owner)
Position in Vehicle : Co-pilot
Report Date: 17 May 1973
Component: Other
Officer Branch: Aviation
CommSrc: Other
PostProm: No
Personnel Catagory: Active Duty Army
Military Class: Warrant Officers

Lowell R."Bud"Short

CLASS OF 1961.

Deceased August 17,2000 after a fight with cancer.

Phil Loofbourrow

CLASS OF 1961.

Deceased December 31, 1997

Patricia "Pat" Roland

CLASS OF 1961.


Jacqueline Ann Wolfe
CLASS OF 1961.

Deceased July 1993 from complications after a routine surgery

Milton Cooper

CLASS OF 1961.

Deceased November 5, 2001

Carol Bettinger Porter

CLASS OF 1961.

Carol Bettinger Porter died on June 22, 2011! She died at the home of her son in Okatie, South Carolina.

(Carol was buried in Colorado Springs.)

Neil F. Alterman


Neil suddenly passed away on February 24th 2006 at the University of Maryland Medical Center. . He died of complications that occurred after surgery. Beloved husband of Ellen K. Alterman; devoted father of Aviva Baker, Sandra M., Shana M., Priya M. and Sonia M. Alterman; brother of Cheryl Kaplan and Stephen Alterman. He is also survived by two grandchildren Abigail and Zachary Baker. He was only 62 years old. Neil often spoke of his love for his Alumni Association and fondly remembered his high school years on Japan. Neil F. Alterman was
Born in New York on Jun. 23, 1944 and resided in Fairfax Station, VA.

Frank Tennyson


Killed in an Automobile Accident in late 1962 or early 1963 in California

Charlotte Blake - Pleggenkuhle.


"My mother passed away away June 5, 2006 from a year long struggle with cancer. She will be greatly missed. I know she had many fond memories of Yamato High." by Charlotte Blake - Pleggenkuhle's daughter Cari Briese

Joe Wilson
CLASS OF 1962.

Killed in Thailand, January 1969

Kathy Cutter

CLASS OF 1962.

Deceased 1984, Melonoma

Carl E. Hardy

CLASS OF 1962.

Carl E. Hardy Memorial Page

Deceased January 21, 2004 complications of
liver cancer. Carl had been fighting cancer for nearly three years.
Carl will be buried in Alabama according to his wishes


Dennis "Mike" Kelly
CLASS OF 1962.

Deceased December 10, 1994, LTC, Army, Retired

Walter Hershall "Hersh" Bagley, Jr

CLASS OF 1962.

Deceased July 1980 due to complications from diabetes at Deek Park, WA

Sandy Correll
CLASS OF 1962.

Deceased early 90s liver cancer.

Muriel M. Haug


Deceased June 16, 1999, Lung Cancer.

Neil Gudjunis
CLASS OF 1962.

Edward Gudjunis, of Mountain home, died Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2006. Neil was born in Hempstead, N.Y., on July 3, 1944, the oldest child of Wasco and Helen Gudjunis. He grew up in a military family and lived on various Air Force bases throughout the United States. Neil graduated from Mountain Home High School and attended Albertson's College of Idaho. It was here that he formed lifelong friendships and graduated in 1967 with a BA Degree in Business Administration. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in Boise and received his basic and advanced training at Fort Dix, N.J. Neil attended Officers Candidate School for Combat Engineers at Ft. Belvior, Va. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Transportation Corps and was assigned to a Movement Control Center at Ft. Lee where he was responsible for the coordination and movement of all men and material in the First Army Area. He served in the Republic of South Vietnam as a Motor Transport Officer. He received the Bronze Star and was honorably discharged as a first lieutenant. Neil attended the University of Hartford, Conn., in graduate studies in Business Administration. He became employed by Hartford Insurance Company in 1971 and operated as the Marketing Representative for the Lubbock, Texas territory. In 1981, he was employed by Aid Insurance Service as Senior Marketing Representative in southwest Idaho. Neil eventually moved back to Mountain Home where he was able to enjoy his parents' company and hunt upland game birds with his favorite dogs. It was here that he reconnected with his college sweetheart, Janet Tomita. For the next ten years they traveled many places, enjoyed old and new friendships, and shared a love of family. Neil will be always remembered for his quick wit, wise advice, and his love for baseball, his family said. Neil is survived by: his mother, Helen Gudjunis; sister Lynn Vedovato; brother-in-law Joe Vedovato; companion Janet Tomita.

Don Jensen


Retired AF Brigadier General, Deceased 5 November 1999.

Donald J. Becker

was killed in 1969 in a motorcycle accident in Seattle.

Linda Lou Singer Collins


A resident of Roseville for 44 years, Linda worked in the city's finance department and as a teller of Bank of America, Roseville Square branch, for 20-plus years. She volunteered at Grand Oaks Bingo, where she enjoyed playing the game, and also helped run the gates and admissions at Placer County Fair. She enjoyed arts and crafts, loved trying her luck at Thunder Valley, and traveled extensively, having planned many trips and cruises for herself and friends. Linda is survived by her loving sons Rob (Mary Ann) Collins and L. Scott Collins. She also leaves behind her grandsons Zackery and Benjamin Collins, her brother Terry Singer, and many friends.


Peter Bettinger
CLASS OF 1963.

Died November 26, 1996 in Austin, Texas of MS

Bill Bieler
CLASS OF 1963.

Motorcycle accident 1969 0r 1970, in Arizona.

Jim Herring
CLASS OF 1963.

Died May 24, 2004

Jim Koprock
CLASS OF 1963.

Leukemia, 1963


Jeannie Loofburrow
CLASS OF 1963.

Died August 20, 2002, after a long battle with cancer

Larry A. Stephens

CLASS OF 1963.

"Sgt. Larry A Stephens was killed by enemy fire in Laos on January 29, 1969.  Larry was an Army Green Beret, Team Leader of RT New Mexico, assigned to the Studies and Observation Group (SOG) the most secret elite US Military Unit to serve in the Vietnam War.  The circumstances surrounding Larry's death is featured in the book Secret Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines with the Elite Warriors of SOG."

I think it only fitting that Larry get the proper acknowledgement for his service and this extraordinary commitment!  The mission in which Larry and his Team were killed on, the author of Secret Commandos, John Plaster (member of SOG) was bumped from it.  Because SOG was such a secret group, Larry's family for years never knew of the real circumstances behind his death and the mission's he was involved in.

Bill Thompson


Sandra J Webow

CLASS OF 1963.


John Randall Greene Jr.

CLASS OF 1963.

Aug 20, 2010


Gloria Lynch Uchida

CLASS OF 1963.

Gloria Lynch Uchida passed away in the early hours of Wednesday, March 2, 2005. Those of us in the Class Of ‘63 for whom Gloria was our Miss Yamato know very well what a wonderful person she was, but as Gloria spent all of her high school years there she also touched the lives of many others with her sweet and generous spirit. Our hearts go out to her mother, Setsuko Lynch, to her husband, Randy Uchida, to her son, Andrew, and to the rest of her family, both here and in Japan.
Link to Memorial Page


John Stowe
CLASS OF 1964.


Stephen Carbonaro
CLASS OF 1964.

Illness, May 1988.

Gloria Goode

CLASS OF 1964.

Gloria Gayle Goode Philips, beloved daughter, wife, mother and grandmother passed into the loving arms of her Savior, Jesus Christ, on Friday, February 17, 2012, at the Lighthouse at Altenheim Hospice, Round Rock, Texas. Gloria was born on February 4, 1946, in Houston, Texas, to Bernice L. Goode and Gayle Gandy Goode. She spent her youth as an United States Air Force family member, residing in Atwater, California, Orlando, Florida, and Tachikawa Air Force Base, Japan. She attended Crockett Junior High in Orlando, and graduated from Yamato High School in Japan in 1964. Following high school graduation, Gloria attended the Church College of Hawaii, in Laie, and later the University of Texas, in Austin, where she married Ronald D. Phillips, her life long partner. After college, Gloria supported her husband as an Army wife, during his twenty-six year military career in the U. S. Army, living over eleven years in Germany, and in various military bases within the United States, while raising two beautiful sons, Ronald Scott and Steven Gary Phillips. On retirement, Gloria moved with Ron to Flower Mound, and later to Pflugerville, Texas, where the family still resides. Gloria was a long time member of the St. Mark's Methodist Church, Augusta, Georgia, and active in the First United Methodist Church, Round Rock. The greatest joys of her life were her grand children whom she adored, and connecting with friends and classmates from Orlando and Japan. Gloria leaves a legacy of love, laughter, friendship and grace. We thank God for sharing this beautiful soul with us. Gloria was preceded in death by her mother, Gayle Gandy Goode. She is survived by her father, Bernice L. Goode (Longview, TX); husband Ron Phillips (Pflugerville, TX); sons Ronald Scott Phillips (Arlington, TN) and Steven Gary Phillips (Pflugerville, TX); sisters Glenna Goode and Gina Goode (Frisco, TX); grandchildren Connor Phillips and Kendall Phillips (Arlington, TN), and Victoria Phillips (Pflugerville, TX); and neices/nephews Lauren Ashley Phillips (Los Angeles, CA), Taylor Phillips (Midland, TX), Evan Bogner and Marcy Bogner (Frisco, TX).

Link to GlorIA Goode Page

Bruce Stevens

CLASS OF 1964.

August 10,2009

Warren Miles

CLASS OF 1964.

Warren had a massive heart attack. He was married with 2 daughters and a son. He was 52
when he died in 1998.

Bruce Stevens

CLASS OF 1964.

August 10,2009

Martha Corum

CLASS OF 1964.

October 11, 2010

Diane Roberts Atherton Pacheco

CLASS OF 1964.

Click on photo for more.

Born 8/4/46      passed 03/25/10  

Diane has left us after a year long struggle following surgery complications.  Even with her amazing will and strength, limitless love from her husband, Tony, and the best doctors, nurses and medical care at the University of Utah Hospital, she could not go on...............she is now at peace.
She was only at Yamato for a year (class of 1964) but found friends for a lifetime there.  She was a cheerleader, voted "most athletic", had that fabulous smile and wonderful laugh.  She was a Navy nurse in Hawaii and continued on to have a lifelong and stellar career in the nursing field.  She completed, with pride, her Master's degree, 2 years ago.  At her hospital in Pocatello, Idaho, it was by her design and inspiration that a new women's center was built. She was a professional photographer, jewelry designer, creator of beauty everywhere she went.  She leaves a grieving husband, Tony, her brother, Lonnie, two sons, her mother and 3 granddaughters.  She had so many people who called her "my best friend" and I am most certainly in that group.  I will remember with great joy all of our photography expeditions in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah seeking out that perfect light.  We will all miss her so very much.  Sharon Wolfe

from her brother, Lonnie "Butch" Roberts-

26 Mar 2010....talked to Tony this morning...he has Diane with him and is on the way back to Pocaetllo with her.  She was cremated on 25 Mar 2010 in Salt Lake City, UT, after losing the fight against an unknown cause, and after living the most wonderful 6 years of her life.  The last 6 years were spent with new love, new life, and new enthusiasm, all because of the person who felt the same way....Tony.  She finally found her soulmate, and enjoyed life to the fullest extent possible, making his heart and soul hers.
She will always be in his heart, and always a part of his soul, for he is the vessel of her love that has reached out and touched so many lives.  All my love, sis, and may your journey bring the joys of everlasting happiness and peace for tony and for you.  May all of your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances remember you in their hearts, their dreams, for you are forever going to missed by us all.  Loving you forever, your brother, Butch



Dr. Lee Porter, Ph. D.


who took her own life. Lee had a PhD in Geology and Paleontology and taught at Washington State University and Arizona State. Lee's research projects took her to the wilds of the Alaskan Yukon in search of the sabre tooth tiger (she has exhibits at the Smithsonian in her name) and to Russia, Tajikistan and Afganistan. She learned the languages, won over huge resistance from the authorities, and travelled mostly alone in this part of the world.

On the acknowledgement page of "The Mammoth Hunters," the author Jean Auel ("Clan of the Cave Bear") writes "I am grateful to Dr. Lee Porter of Washington State University, and to whatever fates put her, with her American accent, in our hotel in Kiev. She was there studying fossil mammoth bones, and meeting with the very person we had been desperately trying to see. She cut through all the red tape, and arranged the meeting".

We will miss her very much.

Karen Peterson

CLASS OF 1965 (Attended YHS 62-63)

Karen attended Yamato as a freshman in 62-63, graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1971, and spent the rest of her life in Ogden, Utah as a homemaker and friend to the dispossessed, the disenfranchised and the just downright unlucky. She died of a heart attack on July 5th, 2003.


Sally Ann Minter


Sally was a model in Tokyo, appearing in several magazines. She was a self employed fashion designer in Atlanta, Ga.

She died on April 26, 2004

Jim Stressman
CLASS OF 1965.

Deceased Auto accident, August 8th 1998, in Flagstaff, AZ, USA Survived by His two children Dawn Stressman and Amber Stressman. He was a boilermaker at the time and traveled for work. He had just been working in Farmington, New Mexico and was on his way back home. He was coming through Flagstaff to get back to Phoenix and it was sprinkling. He lost control of his vehicle and crashed.

Gary Speight
CLASS OF 1965.

Deceased, August, 2000.

Marshall W. (Bill) “Snoopy” Purcell
CLASS OF 1965.

Deceased Auto accident, December, 1991.

'Gayle Gillespie

Deceased September 2012 broken her neck on a freak accident, had successful surgery, but complications took her life about a month later.

Michael Kossakoski

Deceased March 10, 1997 due to complications of diabetes.

Millie Sacks (Millicent M. Zacher)

Deceased November 29, 2004 Kansas.

Millie was born April 12, 1947 in Wichita KS the daughter of James S and Ruth (Nelilson Roacha) Sacks. She graduated from ACCHS in 1966. Millie Sacks, '66, attended Yamato High as a Freshman in 1963. She had 2 sisters who also attended Yamato that year, Rhoda Sacks,'64 and Elaine Sacks, '66.  Millicent "Millie" Sacks-Zacher, age 57, of Effingham, Kansas, passed away on November 29th, 2004.  They lived at Greenpark. She worked for St. Joseph Care Center in Kansas City, KS as an activities director. She was currently employed with McDonald's in Atchison,KS. Millicent was a family person who enjoyed pulling pranks and was a wonderful cook.

Millie married George Edward Zacher, they were married for over 22 years. Additional survivors include her children Marlena Wheeler and her husband Tom of Effingham KS. Bradley Sobrepena of Kansas City KS, Patricia Zacher of southern MO, Lisa Zacher of Florida and Margaret Grady of Wisconsin. 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Brothers and Sisters Rhoda Thorpe, Elaine and her husband Don Anderson. Hope and her husband Bill McDonnel, James and Carole Sacks and Alice and Dave Diebott. Aunts Rhoda K. Sacks and Margaret Shrader and numerous nieces and nephews. She was preeded in death by son Charles and her parents.

Kurt Smith


Passed away in Kaneoe, Hawaii on January 27, 2005 from a heart attack following complications from diabetes. He is survived by his loving wife of 32 years, Debroah Maclean Smith, also a Yamato Alumni, Class of 67. Kurt is loved and missed by his best friends, Greg, Steve and Mike.


Deceased December 23,1965, Dayton, Ohio.



Ronald Eiji Furukawa was born April 4, 1949 in Tokyo, Japan. He lived and practiced optometry in Fairfield for 25 years. He passed away on Friday, Sept. 26, 2003. Ron was a graduate and assistant clinical professor of the U.C. Berkeley School of Optometry. He was an accomplished photographer, cook and scuba diver. He is loved and will be missed by his children, Erin and Eric Furukawa; his mother, Eiko Ogawa Furukawa; his sister, brother-in-law and niece, Kris, Dave and Keani DiBerardino; and Sheila Flynn Furukawa, his wife of 24 years

Galen Nash





Ken passed away on 12-10-2002 in Honolulu Hawaii at the Queen's Hospital. He became ill in late September 2002 and was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the gall bladder and liver. He is survived by his wife Takako and his three children, Eric, Traci and Derek, his father Kiyoshi all of Kauai; and his sister Kiyomi of Fresno CA.

Donnie Benton

Deceased during a military mission on April 18, 1985 off the coast of Honduras and Nicaragua.

Robert Schultz

Deceased due to complications of an illness in the early 1990s.

James (Jim) Yuchnitz

Deceased February 20, 1993 due to complications of cancer.

Sue Smith-Hoshimiya

November 2, 2oo4

Tom Boyan

Deceased 1995 following an Illness.

Keiko Barley

Deceased February,2001

Suzy Fussell
CLASS OF 1970.

September 14, 2009

Chris Corbin
CLASS OF 1970 (Rotated out in his Senior year)

Deceased August 16, 2003 Respitory liver and kidney failure precipitated by Hepatitis C (contracted in the Orient) and alcohol.

Clayton Ono

Clayton Ono Memorial Page

Clayton passed away after a long battle with diabetes. After over 10 years on dialysis, he had a kidney transplant in Nov. of 2002. But last August, it failed and since then, he was constantly in and out of the hospital due to fevers and infections. He passed away peacefully on December 14, 2003. He was on dialysis and was legally blind but worked until pretty close to when he got his transplant.

Jesse Hankins
CLASS OF 1971.

Deceased October 1999, after a battle with cancer in San Jose, California

Dave Mason
CLASS OF 1971.

Murdered, April 19, 1987 California

Christopher Ducan Corbin
CLASS OF 1971.

Christopher left Yamato High School with his family in September of 1970 and moved to Boling Air Force Base in the Washington D.C. area. Christopher attended a public school and graduated from Temple Hills in June of 1971. Following high school, Christopher attended Towson State College and graduated in May of 1976. Christopher was a salesman all of his life and worked for “Cort Rental Furniture” in the Virginia, MD, and D.C. area. Before his early retirement, he incorporated his own company “DC Designs and Furniture.” Christopher traveled extensively and often visited his sister, Colette Critchfild (Corbin) in California and Oregon. Christopher loved to fish and he spent many, many hours hunting and fishing with his father....until his father’s death in 1955. His sister Colette said, “He loved to fish and fish some more!” During the fall, he loved to go crabbing and surf fishing at the Chesapeake shore. His niece Blaire Critchfield-Carr and nephew Brock Critchfield remember their Uncle saying, “"Uncle Chris was the comic who could make anyone laugh no matter what they were upset over.” Christopher had many girlfriends through the years, but never married or had children. In August of 2003, Christopher became very ill, slipped into a coma and taken to the hospital. While in the hospital, he suffered terribly and no longer recognized anyone. Christopher died 3 days later of heart failure.....he was only 50 years old.


Robert (Bob) Gant
CLASS OF 1972.

Deceased December 21, 1997, after a long battle with cancer in Houston, Texas

Larry Grant
CLASS OF 1972.

Deceased 22 September 1988 of a heart attack while living in Pennsylvania

Geryl Owen

CLASS OF 1972.

September 20, 2012

Gery had lung failure and a massive heart attack at home early the morning of September 20, 2012 in Star Lake, Washington.  His wife Michelle was with him.  His daughter Nichole is in her PhD program at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland Oregon.  His daughter Nathalie is in her Master's program at Portland State University and son Matthew is a Sophomore at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. Siblings are:  Sheri, Carol, Theresa, Paul and Michael.  He left a very large whole in this close family.

Jeanne Young
CLASS OF 1972.

February 11, 2009

Margaret "Maggie" Toda
CLASS OF 1972.

Link to comments click photo

On March 7, 2007, Maggie suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage from an aneurism. Maggie was driving when she lost consciousness and crashed into a telephone pole on Yokota AFB (where she worked). She was rushed to the hospital on the grounds of Tachikawa AFB, where she was put on life support in intensive care. Maggie was in a coma since the incident, and lost her fight on March 25, 2008.

Gary Miyazono

CLASS OF 1973.

GARY Born in Tokyo, Japan on June 2, 1955, to Eugene and June Miyazono. The youngest of their two sons, Gary lived in Japan until he was 18 years old, then moved to San Diego, CA and has resided there until his passing on Saturday, January 17, 2009. Gary enjoyed fishing, golfing and the company of his friends and family. A wonderful husband, father and friend who will be missed by all who knew him. Gary is survived by his wife of 25 years, Amelita, his two daughters, Nicolette and Naomi, June, his mother and his older brother, Ken.

John J.Yoshida
CLASS OF 1973.

Illness, September 1991

Rick Taylor
CLASS OF 1973.

Died of a massive heart attack, March 7, 2002

Robert R. Schafer

Deceased January 26, 1998 peacefully at his home in Middleton, WI at the age of 75.

Stanley Arlton

Stanley Arlton, 81, of Fergus Falls, MN, died Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007, at MeritCare Hospital in Fargo.

He was born on May 6, 1925, in Mitchell, S.D., to Alexander and Clara (Stensgaard) Arlton. He attended Mitchell Public Schools and graduated "Most likely to succeed" in his high school class. He studied at several colleges including Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell and Pacific Lutheran College in Tacoma, Wash.

He received his undergraduate degree from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, S.D., and his master’s degree in math from Western Connecticut State University. He had near majors in physics and German.

In 1943 he was inducted into the U.S. Army as a high-speed radio operator and traveled from San Francisco on an unescorted transport ship to Calcutta, India. During a drive on the famous Burma Road to Kunming, China, he was injured and hospitalized. After the atomic bombing of Japan, his unit was returned to the United States in April 1946. To celebrate his return, he embarked on a 5,500-mile bike trip from Tacoma, Wash., through Utah, South Dakota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maine, Quebec, Michigan and back to Sioux Falls.

After the war, in 1949, Stan joined a work-study project in Germany and helped convert a former Nazi slave-labor camp into a summer youth camp. Being an independent person, he got on his bicycle again and toured Switzerland and England.

Stan studied music and composed pieces, one of them being a Christmas Cantata: The Birth of Jesus. He sang in the University of Washington opera "Dido et Aeneas" and directed many choirs during his lifetime. He had a great interest in mathematics and designed and produced a novel circular slide rule that was flown on the first Apollo moon mission as a computer backup.

He always enjoyed solving complex math problems. His first teaching position was at Tripp High School in Tripp, S.D., where he taught math, physics, chemistry and English while also serving one year as the school principal. He directed both church and community choirs. Stan loved teaching and his students.

He is remembered by many of his former students for his highly successful choral programs and sponsored student trips to Chicago museums, Mexico, the Badlands in South Dakota, cave explorations and trips to many concerts. His last teaching assignment was at Hillcrest Academy where he taught mainly physics and computer science. Here again he enjoyed being assistant director for the community choir.

Stan loved travel and sought an overseas teaching assignment that resulted in four years of teaching at the Yamato High School (Yamato Air Force Base) in Tokyo, Japan. His students excelled in math competitions and he and they climbed Mount Fujiyama. He took his young sons on trips to Mexico, Guatemala, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and France so they could learn more about the world.

He made several trips to Norway to learn more of his ancestral heritage, the last being to Gudbrandsdal, central Norway, in 2005 where he visited the home built in the 1600's in which his mother was raised. He was surprised by a celebration for him by relatives who still occupy the house.

After Stan retired from teaching, he continued to be very active in the things he loved in Fergus Falls, including photo and book clubs and adult Sunday School. He spent many hours writing and studying in the seminary. He was known for his many witty poems. He could write poems about everything and anybody. He was a selfless person and always gave to those around him in whatever way his talents could contribute.

He is survived by two sons, David and Paul Arlton of West Lafayette, Ind.; a brother, Roland of Lennox, S.D. and nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents and two brothers, Paul and Dean Arlton.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Stanley Arlton Hillcrest Academy Fund.


Allan Peterson
Faculty/Principal (1961-1963)

Deceased September 5, 2001 after a long battle with cancer.

Walter E. "Bud" Peik

Peik Walter E. (Bud), Born January 12, 1929, in Sumter Township, Minnesota. Died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart condition on February 8, 2004, at his home in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Most of his adult life was spent as a teacher/principal in the Department of Defense Dependents Schools in Southeast Asia. Walter grew up on a farm near Brownton, Minnesota. He graduated in 1947 as valedictorian of his Brownton class. He attended Hamline University and completed his degree in Education at St. Cloud University. He received a Masters Degree in Library Science at the University of Minnesota in 1965. He served in the U. S. Air Force during the Korean War and continued in the Air Force Reserves until 1963. Walter was a teacher in Slayton, Silver Lake, and Mahtomedi, Minnesota and St. Cloud University before his overseas career began. He returned in June 1993 to Hutchinson, Minnesota where he was active with the McLeod County Historical Society and Regional Arts Council. He was also active in DODDS retirement group and the Kerlan collection at the U of M Library. Walter was preceded in death by his parents, Erwin and Mildred Peik. He is survived by his sisters, Doris Mielke Adams (John), Vernamaree "Puz" Nelson (Bill); nephews and nieces, John (Wendy) Mielke, Deborah (Ben Jackson) Mielke, Dan Mielke, Leah Nelson Rogers (Geoff), Sarah Nelson Bower (Larry); ten grand nephews and nieces, a great grand nephew and niece, and many family and friends.

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